Imgur Exposed – Just Another Poor Product from James Renouf

March 26, 2015 14 Comments


Product name: Imgur Exposed

Product owner: James Renouf


Price: $9.99

Verdict: Not recommended


Imgur Exposed is a product that claims to teach you how to make money with little efforts on your part. The price of this product is very affordable to an average internet user, but the only question that comes to my mind is: do you really need this product? I don’t think there is much value in this product, not to mention real strategies on how to make money with it.


The main idea behind Imgur Exposed

Imgur Exposed is a 30-page ebook about that teaches you how to make money by posting images on that website. Basically, is a website on which people share their images, leave their comments. In one word, it’s very similar to And the main idea behind this ebook is that James claims that you can make money with this opportunity.







Pros of Imgur Exposed

  • Get to know about


Cons of Imgur Exposed

  • Nothing special about the product
  • You can find this info on the web for free
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • One Upsell


Inside the product

1. First off, I don’t really think there is much value in this product because it doesn’t teach you any real strategies to make money online. Actually, you can find info about on Google or YouTube for free, especially you can find tutorials on YouTube on how to use Imgur resource. That’s why, to be honest, I don’t think James’s ebook is worth paying for.


2. Also, for your information, James has created another product called Traffic Tree Monetizer designed to help you drive tons of traffic to your website and of course it failed to deliver on the promises too. Traffic tree is a PDF ebook, just like Imgur exposed. As you can see, James has already been known as a “guru” for creating PDF guides that fail to deliver much value.


3. You can also attend his webinar which should teach you some traffic strategies, but actually it doesn’t, and he even fails to show any real facts about how people apply his strategies to increase the traffic to their sites. This again proves that his product fails to deliver on the promises.


4. Like I said in all my previous reviews, most poor products come with upsell and Imgur Exposed honestly follows this tradition. Renouf suggests that you buy another his product for $19. Actually, it’s not a product, just a collection of his images that you can share on Imgur and make money 🙂

Just for your information, he tries to sell you royalty-free images that you can find on the web for free. Just type “royalty-free images” in Google search box and you will find tons of resources on which you can find tons of royalty-free images for free. I don’t really understand why James charges you for this useless product.


5. Using Imgur as a source of traffic is not a bad idea at all. I often share some of my images from my website on Pinterest and get some traffic, not a lot, but still some traffic. You can do the same with Imgur too, but I think Pinterest is way more effective than Imgur at driving traffic.

Anyway, you can try Imgur if you want, but don’t expect tons of traffic. One thing I can tell you exactly: You won’t be able to build your business and make money through using Imgur alone.


6. I’ve already reviewed James’s two products and as I can see, he never creates quality products. In case with Traffic Tree Monetiser, he promised to show people how to drive tons of traffic to a site and has never delivered anything close to that. In case with Imgur Exposed, he promised to show people how to make money and he has never delivered anything close to that.


7. Also, in his ebook James exposes his secret strategy that can help you bring traffic to your site and make money. The secret strategy is about adding your “link” (actually, it’s a logo or your website name) to all images you are going to share on To be honest, there is nothing special about this secret strategy because many people do that and it’s not going to help you a lot.


8. To be honest, I don’t see any real strategies in James’s Imgur Exposed and I don’t think you can benefit from his product. He claims that by following his strategies you will be able to get 1000 views on Imgur in less than 2 hours and skyrocket your business. All I can say is that it’s unrealistic and even if you can get those views it doesn’t mean you can make money, get someone to sign up on your website, not to mention skyrocket your income.





9. All internet marketers know that the best and the most traffic comes from search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo), then YouTube, Social Media (Google +, Facebook, Twitter etc), PPC (paid traffic), Building an email list. You can never build your business simply by posting images on Pinterest or Imgur. It’s just not going to happen.


Final word on Imgur Exposed

Though Imgur Exposed is not expensive product, I really can’t recommend it simply because it doesn’t deliver on the promises or has any real value. I think it’s just a waste of time and money.

But if you want to start your own business and make money online, I can recommend you legit and highly reputable program that I’ve tried and I’m happy with it. It will teach you all you need through step-by-step instructions to start making money on the internet.

They have a step-by-step training, tools and supreme support etc. I recommend you to try it for free within 7–10 days to make an informed decision and if you have any questions you can contact me anytime and I will be happy to help you out.



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  1. Mike says:

    strange how losers hang out together. I’ve known James for about 8 years and he is a stand up straight shooter. You peeps copming on here and whining about “he’s another scammer” are just people that don’t want to do the work. I’ve had 8 or 9 top products over the years and you peeps are the ones we NEVER want to buy our products.

    • Rufat says:

      No, we do the work and know how to make $ online. The main problem with people like James is that he needs to be more realistic and give people real numbers. What works for him may not work for others.

  2. Owain says:

    Sounds to me like you said that James Renouf has just repackaged free information and making a buck off of it. They are a dime a dozen these people. I guess though it is too easy for people to create an ebook like this and sucker someone into buying it. With it being $10 there are always bound to be people buying it which will only make James richer.

    • Rufat says:

      I can’t say that James repackaged free information because his product contains some valuable information, but like it happens with many other programs, buying it doesn’t mean that you can get ton of highly targeted traffic to your website and monetize it. In this sense James of course fails to deliver on his promises. You can’t expect too much from a product that cost you $9. You can’t expect that it will solve your traffic problem. But you can use this method as a means to increase your traffic and there is no way to know how successful you can be at doing it.

  3. Paul says:

    I’m sure glad I found your review. I was about to purchase his new Live Action Profits 2.0 and am glad I didn’t. We sometimes think maybe I’ll learn something that I don’t know and then find out nothing new is offered in the material you bought. The internet is filled with fluff and finding users and honest reviews is extremely difficult.
    Thanks for heads up.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad I saved you from this one. Hope you won’t fall for other scams. I recommend you to take a look at my free program.

  4. G.C.Horton says:

    I think you nailed this. Although I haven’t heard of Imgur before and I have never heard of James Renouf before either, his method of operation is typical of so many scammers.

    If there is an upsell or one time offer, it’s unethical at best and probably much worse. Clearly the 30-page ebook is just a dime sell to lure in a mark and squeeze every penny out of them.

    The best way to avoid online scams is to only get involved in offers that let you try it before you buy it. Your #1 Recommendation does just that. In my experience it’s the best out there.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree. The best way would trying before buying. I bought products many times in the past for which I then was very sorry. That’s why I try products now because I’m full of crap that is everywhere. Glad you are in the same program that I’m part of and I’m glad you are on the right way now.

  5. andrejs says:

    Thank You for saving me time and a few dollars. Maybe that would also never saw this e-book called Imgur Exposed, but who knows. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes sometimes, but it is also a learning process. There are so many scams over internet that sometimes is very hard to see the real value.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad I was able to save you a few dollars. Not too much but anyway it’s still some money. But what is more important is your time because when you buy a product that points you in the wrong direction you waste your time or could spend your time learning something more practical for your business.

  6. Get says:

    Well that was good timing reading your blog as I had come across this product online and was considering giving it a try. That is what’s good about blogs with great content you can get to understand pros and cons first without risking starting something you don’t properly understand. Well done

    • Rufat says:

      I think you didn’t miss out on this opportunity because there is nothing special about. Agree with you and thanks to such a review site I was saved from two useless products and saved around $100. I was about buying them but then decided to do more research and found a reliable site.

  7. Jay says:

    Hey Rufat,

    This definitely sounds like one of those guys who’s trying to sell you some scammy garbage. While there may be some “money making” tips in that book, I definitely would see how you came up with the conclusion that the book wasn’t worth it. They usually never are. But they get you because the 10 bucks just usually isn’t worth getting too upset about. The fact that you took the time to type up this review over such a simple book is pretty awesome! Definitely saving people a lot of frustration!!

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, Jay, I agree that his book is not a total BS and you can learn maybe a few things from James, but in general it contains very little knowledge or practical instructions you can successfully apply in your business. Even if suppose that James had some success with this strategy it doesn’t mean that everyone can achieve the same level of success. I agree that the price is affordable and most likely most people won’t put in a claim because of $10 and I suppose creators of such products hope for such an outcome. It’s not a scam of course, but definitely is not the best option when it comes to making money online.

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