How Much Traffic Can You Get From Search Engines Such as Google, Bing and Yahoo?

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If you have been working online for some time you probably understand the importance of traffic to your business.

Yes, traffic is your #1 goal if you want to build your own business online. It starts with building a website and ends with turning it into your main source of income. Without traffic your business will die.

All website owners are striving on the internet trying to drive traffic to their websites and only small part of them are lucky. When I say lucky I mean applying the right techniques and finding the right place to learn.

Most online marketers fail to succeed and the reason for that is their desire to get instant results. Their desire and impatience drives them to take wrong actions, which leads them (their websites) to getting banned by search engines.

But if you work consistently on your website, are patient and apply the right techniques your can get a massive traffic from search engines.

First off, I would like to point out that your main concern must be for major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo because they send about 70/75% of all web traffic to any website. Small search engines or directories are of little help in terms of traffic.

To get traffic you need to create content about your product or service. The amount of traffic you want to see depends on how much content you have on your website. But you can get some good traffic even with one page ranked in top 10 on Google.

Our main concern is Google because if you have your page ranked on Google it will be automatically ranked on Bing and Yahoo as well. So, if you are lucky and your page appears on the first page of Google you can start seeing a massive traffic. But it doesn’t happen all the times.

The amount of traffic depends on the keyword (combination of words) you’ve chosen for your page. Some keywords can bring you a few thousands of visitors a day and some keywords just a few visitors.

I once created a discussion on Wealthy Affiliate (online business community) and the same page appeared on Google’s first page the next day.23-01-2014 22-22-43

But the keyword I ranked for didn’t bring me any traffic at all because no one searched that term (keyword) in search engines. If you have just one page that brings you a few thousands of visitors a day it is not a real business because you can lose your rankings for that page any time.

The key to a long-term success is to have as much pages ranked in top 10 on major search engines as possible. The more pages you have the more traffic you will get.

If you have 100 pages of content of which 30 pages ranked on the first page of Google under different keywords, your traffic may vary from a few hundreds to a few thousands of visitors a day.

It is a huge traffic that you can leverage and turn into a solid income. I can show you what kind of traffic you may have just from one keyword.

On the image you can see a keyword “How to get traffic” that shows monthly searches for this keyword (11614) or a keyword “website traffic” with monthly searches (177138).

23-01-2014 19-33-52


If your page appears on the first page of Google under “How to get traffic” keyword, your monthly traffic may be 1975 visitors and if you rank under “website traffic” keyword, your monthly traffic may be 30144 visitors.

The traffic I’m talking about comes from one keyword only. If you rank under many different keywords, your traffic will be much higher. Remember that the more traffic you have the more sales you can make on your website.

Remember that your main concern should be getting your page to appear on the first page of Google, because about 90% of all searches made on Google end on its first page. Most people (searchers) don’t go beyond Google’s first page.

But this doesn’t mean that if your page appears on the second page of Google you will not get any traffic. Just keep in mind that the difference in traffic between the first and second pages is huge.

From the said above you may understand now that having your page appear on the first page of Google should be your main concern. But in some cases it is not enough.

You should try to get your page appear in the first 3 positions on Google or on the first page at least. The reason is that the pages that appear in the first three positions on Google get most of the traffic.

And the most important part of it is to make captivating titles for your articles. If you can write an interesting and helpful article and give it a captivating title you’ll be able to get a good amount of traffic even if you are not in the first 3 positions.


How can you get that traffic?

  1. You need to learn how to optimize your website, learn search engine optimization techniques (legit ones only) that will boost your website rankings. If you use wrong techniques you will lose your rankings and your entire business. If you do something always think long term and never run after instant results. Think big and build your business for years.
  2. You need to choose the right keyword tool such as Jaaxy. This awesome tool can help you find the best keywords to rank for in terms of the competition and traffic. It will show you exactly which keywords to choose due to a low competition and which keywords to forget due to a high competition because trying to rank for a too competitive keyword is in most cases a waste of time.
  3. You need to create content for your website.


Finally, I hope you find my article helpful in regards to the question raised here. Content should be you main concern if you want to drive serious traffic to your website.

I know that it is hard to create content since it requires from you hours of hard work but it will pay off when you see free traffic coming to your website each and every day.

How much traffic you want to see depends on how much time you are willing to spend for your success. Remember that if you want to see a massive traffic to your website you need to create as much content as possible.

To accomplish that task I highly recommend you to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate – # 1 online business community in the world. Wealthy Affiliate helped thousands of people across the globe including me to build a successful online business.

Trust me, if you follow the certification course at WA and take action you will be able to change your life. I’m a premium member of WA and know this program from inside. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave your comments below to discuss it further.





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