How Much Do Affiliate Blogs Earn?

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How Much Do Affiliate Blogs Earn


This question gets asked really often and especially by new affiliate marketers.

Because when planning to start an affiliate business online you want to know if not only making money real but how much you can earn with a classic blog.

Note, I’m not talking about social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel.

I’m talking about pure blogging which means writing content and driving traffic from search engines, known as SEO (search engine optimization).



How Affiliate Blogs Do Online

Those who plan to start affiliate blogging want to know how much can blog earn with 1,000 pageviews, 10,000, 25,000 or even 50,000 pageviews per month.

In fact, 25,000 pageviews per month means 833 visits per day which is pretty average number for any blog wanting to earn some good amount of money.

But at the same time, it’s not a fact that if you get this amount of traffic you will be earning money.

Some blogs earn around $100 or even less with 25,000 pageviews per month. Yes, that’s true.

I want you to watch the video below to see how affiliate blogs convert at a very different rate.

An affiliate blog can earn $1,200 per month even with 50,000 pageviews.



There is a blog mentioned in the video #2 that gets over 10,000 pageviews and earning $46 per month.

Blog #3 gets 26,000 pageviews and earns only $120 per month.

Blog #4 gets 100.000 pageviews and earns only $5,000 per month.

Blog #6 gets 14.000 pageviews and earns $23 per month.

Blog #7 gets 165.000 pageviews and earns $5 per month.

These are just few examples for you to analyze and think. So, as I said, traffic statistics differ a lot but reasons are no different.

If a blog gets traffic and can’t monetize it properly, something is definitely wrong.


Reasons why some affiliate blogs earn little or no money at all:

  • No affiliate programs for monetization
  • Low commission
  • Promoted products are cheap

Sometimes new affiliate bloggers use wrong methods which is why they can’t monetize their blogs.

For example, an affiliate blog #7 mentioned in the video gets 165.000 pageviews and earns only $5 per month.

This is unbelievable but this is the reality of our world. The problem is that some affiliate bloggers don’t know how to monetize their blogs.

They are successful at writing quality content and driving traffic but they still don’t know how to effectively monetize that traffic.



Understanding Blogging and Monetization

I don’t want to in any way mislead or discourage you by giving wrong information. Most of the time traffic equals money but not always.

In order to understand traffic aspect of online business you need to look at it in complex.

Because traffic is one thing and monetization is another thing.

Sometimes a blog with 5,000 pageviews can make more money than a blog getting 10,000 or even 15,000 pageviews per month.

The easiest monetization method is through ad networks because you actually don’t need to do anything other than drive traffic to your affiliate blog.

But the same time it’s the worst method because you need to drive a massive traffic to earn some good amount of money.

You can do it through ad networks like Google AdSense, Medianet, Mediavine, Monumetric, AdThrive, Ezoic.

If you take this strategy, you need to drive a lot of traffic in order to earn a solid income per month. If you promote affiliate offers you can earn a good amount of money even with a small traffic.

If you use both strategies, ads and affiliate offers, your income can be really high. So, it really depends on the strategy you use and the way you apply it.

An affiliate blog that gets 300 visits a day can approx. earn about $300 per month from ad networks like Ezoic or Medianet.

If you promote some other affiliate offers you can earn another $500-$1000 or even $1,500 per month. Sometimes you can even earn $100 a day. See my income proof here.



Believe me or not, but if you promote good converting affiliate offers you can earn $1,000 per month even with 150 daily visits. I did it. You can see my income proof here.

In fact, you can build an affiliate blog and make money without selling or promoting anything at all. No need to sign up for affiliate programs like Amazon or Walmart.

Especially because those big ecommerce sites pay very tiny commissions, as low as between 1%-3% which is really frustrating for affiliate marketers.

Of course, you can sign up just to diversify your income but you will be doing much better if you join other programs that pay way more than Amazon or BestBuy or the like.

You simply sign up to ad networks like Ezoic and your main task will be driving traffic to your affiliate blog. If you can do it, you can earn a solid amount of money consistently.



Examples of Affiliate Blogs with Income Proof

A friend of mine made $747 in one single day with almost 18.000 pageviews through paid ads. But before that he worked for 5 years on his website.

It was not an overnight success story as many may be thinking. Here is a link to his post. He didn’t even create a ton of content.

He published only 2 articles per week over the course of 12 months and finally came to that profit point.

A friend of mine is making $3.500 per month from 8.000 daily visits to his blog from ad revenue, not to mention his affiliate commissions.

You can read about his success story and statistics here.

Another blog of his earned $1.000 per day from approx. 8000 visits. As you can see, numbers are different. All websites convert at a different rate, and earnings differ a lot.

My website made me over $45.000 with a low traffic, as low as 150 visits a day. My income proof here.

Some websites can make even $10.000 per month with only 450 visits a day to their blog.



Some websites make even around $5,000 with 8,000 pageviews which means 266 pageviews per day. This is fantastic.

Of course, this is very specific niche and type of product and very few blogs can do it, but it’s doable.

A good example of blogs is clearly shown in this video by Income School where Jim and Ricky show different blogs, their traffic and level of monetization.



How to Increase an Income of your Affiliate Blog

Also, one interesting thing should be kept in mind that some bloggers/affiliate marketers work hard to get their blogs to the highest rank possible according to Ahrefs.

Ahrefs ranks sites from 1 to 100 where 100 is the highest rank. Things like Page Authority or Doman Authority don’t guarantee any income.

Some blogs may have a high domain or page authority but generate zero income.

Sometimes blogs with domain authority 60 can be outranked by a blog with domain authority around 25, not to mention the income aspect.

If you have at least around 100 quality articles and still not making money at all this means you need to do more research and change your blogging/content strategy.

Many people want to know if it is important to hire a professional writer or team of writers to create a lot of content for your website in order to get a ton of traffic and make money.

Of course, when it comes to improving your blog content and traffic, we must understand that our efforts don’t always bring the results we expected.

And it’s not always our fault. We follow best SEO practices applying all we know to our content.

Sometimes it does wonders for our blogs and brings a flood of traffic and sometimes it destroys our desire to continue blogging because whatever we do, nothing gets ranked.

But giving up is not a choice for affiliate marketers.

I don’t know if you are new to affiliate marketing or have some experience, but I want to tell you one secret that not everyone knows in this space.

Traffic and income are two different things that don’t always correlate to each other. All websites convert differently.

Some websites get a ton of traffic and convert at a very low rate, as low as generating a few bucks per month. Why?

Because those website owners don’t know how to optimize their websites for maximum conversions.

They just created a blog, filled it with some good content and started getting traffic. But how to convert that traffic into sales is a totally different story.

This requires some special strategy to think of for your blog.

For example, a single blog post can earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars for your blog over the course of one full year.

Sometimes you can simply update some of your old previously well ranked content and possibly improve rankings and income accordingly.

This strategy doesn’t always equally work for all websites but it does sometimes.

As I said above, one single post written a few years ago can generate you an income you’ve never even thought about. This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine and shared his thoughts here.

Generally speaking, you need to do a lot of keyword and niche research and continue publishing the right type of content in order to drive laser targeted traffic to your blog.

Not every affiliate marketer can do this the right way which is why they fail to get massive traffic from Google. The secret is in doing proper research and publishing the right type of content.

Try to diversify your income by implementing both, affiliate offers and ad revenue to your affiliate blog. Try to choose products that pay high commissions.

Try to create your own info product unique to the online market. This is going to be a real money maker for you.

If you plan to earn money from ads, join the right ad networks like Ezoic, Monumetric or Medianet instead of Google adsense in order to increase your ad revenue.

When you reach 50.000 pageviews per month you can join Mediavine network and double your ad revenue.




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