George Brown’s Predator Review – Watch Out for this Predator

October 23, 2014 4 Comments


Product name: Predator

Owner: George Brown

Price: $797

Verdict: Scam

Predator is a piece of software designed by Henry Brown that allows you to send promotional emails. Actually the system has nothing to do with real business strategies.

The idea behind the software is very simple; The software steals emails from websites like Craigslist or such websites as Yahoo, Google maps and start spamming folks from different email accounts.

Spamming as you probably know is bad and even illegal in some countries. The problem of such “amazing” approach as claimed by George, is that it doesn’t teach you any real business. Instead, it engages you in unlawful internet practices.

As you may probably know George is the author of another crappy product, such as Google sniper. There are many people who are unhappy with Google sniper and Predator as well. And the problem is that it not only fails to teach you any real skills, but also engages you in unlawful internet practices.

The price of $797 for that type of useless software is really high or I would say it’s overpriced. I think that price should be the first sign to stay away from Brown’s offer.

For instance, for half of that price you can get much more value from Wealthy Affiliate – my #1 program to work at home that teaches you how to build a real business online + webhosting + live chat + unlimited support and all this will cost you $359 per year or less than $1 a day.


Can you make money with Predator?

I personally watched George’s video promoting Predator and can tell you honestly that his product is really overpriced and overhyped. He follows the same methods and techniques that he follows when promoting Google sniper.

He says that he’s invented a revolutionary system and that no one could have done it so far and that with his secret system you will make a lot of money if you follow George’s advice. That is not true.

I don’t think you can make any money with Predator. It is a waste of time and money if you are a beginner. And do you really believe you can make money by spamming other people?

predator logo

George Brown’s Predator and money back guarantee

There is a money back guarantee as promised by George in case you don’t like Predator but I know exactly that a lot of people are still struggling to get their money back with no results.


Does Predator offer you any value?

As I said above, the idea behind the system is simple and there is nothing revolutionary about it. You just steal emails from various sources and then spam people trying to sell them useless stuff through your affiliate link.

Do you really believe that you can make money this way? I am sure that the most of your emails you are going to send will be deleted immediately, just like other people and probably you do it every day. No one likes reading spam. In some countries, an internet service provider will most likely ban your IP address.

Another problem with this software, is that it is very buggy both with Windows and IOS, and is going to cause you some problems. Now please ask yourself: are you ready to pay the price George is asking from you? $797 is pretty much and there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all. Most probably will not.

What you can expect from George and his program is that you are going to spend $797 and don’t learn any real business strategies that you can apply to your business. What I can tell exactly is that Predator is really overpriced. It can’t help you in your business except spamming AND you will definitely have problems for spamming.

10-03-2014 14-44-46

Predator’s support

The kind of support the Predator does offer you is another red flag to stay away from the product. There are many complaints that left unsettled. Some people even submitted over 10 support tickets and got no response. Now ask yourself: are you ready to pay $797 if you can’t expect any real support from the product owner?


Complaints about George Brown’s Predator

There are many complaints about Predator software on the web. Here is a proof and I’m sure if you continue the search you will find more complaints. Take a look and you be the judge. This again proves what I’ve said above. You can send thousands of emails and get one or two sales at best.





Final word on George Brown’s Predator

With this software you don’t need to build a website or create any content for your website. All you are expected to do is to spam people in the hope that someone will buy your product. I can tell you with full confidence that you will never make serious money with that type of software.

I’m not saying that no one will buy from you. Most probably, you can make a few sales but this type of marketing strategy (George’s spamming technique) will never earn you any trust and credibility. It’s true that you can make some extra income, if you have your email list, BUT it can’t be done by spamming people.

To be successful online you need to have your own website with unique content, optimize your site for search engines because this should be your first and main concern to bring traffic. You will build relationships with your visitors over time and have your own email list and then you can make some extra income with your list.

This is the right business model that works, but not the Predator that George is trying to sell you. People will never buy from you if they don’t know or trust you and that is an axiom.

That’s why my personal recommendation would be to stay away from this product and if you really want to start your business online you’d better start from the place that has really helped thousands of people to turn their passion into a thriving business.

If you want to build a real business online and start making dollars instead of pennies, then read my review of the Wealthy Affiliate below – #1 program on the web that can teach you internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is my # 1 program to work at home and I hope will become yours as well once you know what it really is. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will reply shortly. Or leave your comments below and we will discuss it further.




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  1. Loretta says:

    Great article… please warn your readers. PREDATOR is out to get your wallet and annoy a whole lot of folks through pure SPAM.

    Save your money. I made my mistake after being taken in by Google Sniper. Predator was one of many many many upsells Brown uses during your so-called training. Training? It is really just one bit sales pitch that has you going deeper into debt with paying monthly fees for upsell services or losing a chunk in a one-time only (discount HA HA) payment.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Loretta for your comment. Sorry to hear that you were scammed by George. In fact, though this guy creates some sort of useful product, in general there is one thing common to his products, be it Google Sniper or Predator: some of the practices he teaches folks are not ethical and in fact can destroy your entire business. Besides that he doesn’t provide any real support and without support you can’t be successful online because it’s very critical factor in an online world. As for Predator, it really doesn’t have any value and in my opinion it’s a waste of time and money. I think with this product you won’t get anywhere, a total disappointment.

  2. Gary says:

    Wow! I had no idea the Predator software was out there. George Brown is the same guy who made Google Sniper. He peddled that for years after it was dead, buried and useless. When will people learn to stop gaming Google and the other search engines and just build an ethical business? Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Rufat says:

      George Brown is an interesting guy. He was able to make a BIG buck on the internet and he knows a thing or two. I don’t want to say that his product, Google Sniper is a complete useless bunch of material. NO, it’s not. You probably can learn something from GS, but the problem is that George teaches people to game the system which can destroy their entire business. Also, he doesn’t provide any real support and that’s why I really don’t think someone can be successful with a product/program that fails to provide quality and timely support. As for his product called Predator it’s completely useless software and if you read my review and you have some experience in internet marketing, you will easily understand that Predator is not going to help you grow business. Instead it will destroy your entire business.

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