Make Money by Posting links: Does it Really Work?

October 23, 2014 6 Comments

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Posting links and ads is being heavily promoted and advertised on the internet as easy money making opportunity. The idea behind this program is simple. Post links and ads here and there on different blogs, forums or social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) and get paid for your efforts.

To participate in this program as promised by their owners, you don’t need to have your own website, any previous skills or specific knowledge. Just post links and ads for 5/10 minutes a day and then grab your money. The idea is very attractive and looks promising.

But first of all you need to create your PayPal account to be able to get paid. Also, you need to create your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube accounts because you are going to use all these social media sites to post links. If you search for this topic in Google you will come across absolutely different types of information.

One of the well known ways of making money online through ads is participating in Google AdSense program. The program automatically rotates ads on your website or blog and you make money only if someone clicks on that ad. It doesn’t make a sense for you to participate in this program if you don’t have your own website with a high daily traffic (a few hundred unique visitors a day at least).

And even if you have your website and daily traffic you shouldn’t expect too much money from this program. Most website owners don’t like AdSense program because those ads distract their visitors and you can even lose your visitor very fast. As for posting ads on other websites you will never be able to turn it into a good income stream. This is at best a waste of time.


Posting links and ads – not a good idea

The same applies to posting ads and links. As for posting ads it is not a real way of building a real business online because serious business can be done through creating unique content on your own website, through interacting with your visitors and earning their trust. Just by posting ads you can never make serious money because ads once posted are out of your control and besides that you should post them on large networks to be able to get a few clicks at least.

As for posting links, some companies pay for it to get more links pointing to their websites and through those links they hope to improve their ranking which means more money. But the problem is that number of links pointing to your website is not a critical factor anymore. That is why posting links is a waste of time.


Posting links and ads – How does it work?

So, you get paid by a particular website or network of websites for posting links on different blogs and websites. Actually your job will be visiting a lot of blogs every day, reading articles, posts, leaving comments and posting links provided by the advertiser who is going to pay you for posting links.

To leave valuable comments on blogs and websites you’ll need to spend some time to read the material available on those blogs and sites or otherwise if you just leave useless comments for the sake of adding your link most likely it will be deleted.

You also get paid for posting links on YouTube. Now you might be thinking that you will be posting a lot of links on YouTube thus getting a few clicks a day and making a lot of money. Please be aware that it will not work because most probably your account will be banned from YouTube. It is a waste of time as well.

You should know that YouTube belongs to Google and Google ranking algorithm applies to YouTube. YouTube is a place for posting good helpful videos that people can benefit from, and not for posting useless spam links.

You get paid for posting links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites. First of all, you need to create your account on those social sites and then start searching for groups related to the products you are going to promote. If you post your material without getting into the subject you will be spamming sites and no one is going to click your links.

This way you can never build a real business. Most people hate spammers and I’m sure so you do. Even if you use fake accounts they can block your IP address.

As mentioned above, backlinking strategy was important a few years ago when Google ranked websites based on the number of quality backlinks a website had. It doesn’t work anymore. Google changed its policy because many low quality websites used to buy a bunch of links to make their sites look authoritative. Of course getting backlinks still works but it is not anymore among main factors to rank a website.

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An example of a company that pays for posting links is Please look at the image from their website which says that you need no experience, you need 5 minutes a day to make money. You don’t need a website, sell anything or deal with customers!!! Do you really believe that you can make money with this program??? If you don’t believe me, then go and try it.

Most companies pay you not just for posting links but if someone clicks those links and buys a product. That makes the whole process even more complicated.


Final word on posting links and ads

Finally, you should keep in mind that you are not paid for the number of posted links. You will be paid only for the links that stay there where you posted them. From what I explained to you above I hope you now understand that most of your posted links will be deleted and only few links can probably stay.

I don’t think it does make a sense to spend your valuable time on this kind of activity keeping in mind that most of your efforts is a waste of time. To make money by posting links or ads is not a promising way of making serious money at all. You’d better build your own real business, that will stay and work for years to come, providing you with a solid monthly income.

Remember that you can never make any serious money if you don’t have your own website! Don’t jump from product to product. Read my featured articles to understand how online business works.

If you are serious about starting your own business online I can honestly recommend you # 1 online business community in the world – Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review of the WA or if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Rufat
    “All that glitters is not gold.” Costume jewelry can glitter the same way. The key is being able to tell the difference and that comes with education and understanding.

    I think that sometimes some people just prefer to take the easy way out, regardless of whether it’s ethical or not and when money is involved, some people can become very unethical. At some point, this might border on being “spammy” as some individuals involved might think they can just copy and paste a generic comment on various websites, under the guise that they’ve done what they were required to do.

    That sounds risky and the consequences won’t be in the best interest of the company utilizing the “service.” Instead of getting involved in posting links and ads, I think these individuals would do better to start their own little online venture around something that they have a passion for, or a hobby or something. This way they make their own money on their own time and they get an opportunity to provide helpful information to others.

    The more quality information out there, the better and the cool thing is anyone can get started online once they have the right opportunity and training.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Vanessa that when it comes to making money online most people prefer to choose some tricky ways that border with unethical actions such as making bold claims, false promises. This is what we can see in this particular opportunity that promises to pay folks for posting links and ads here and there. This is of course not a serious business model and I’m sure no one can turn this activity into a full time business.This is just a fast way to failure. I also agree that instead of getting into this type of shady programs it would be much better to start a real business based on your personal knowledge, interest and experience where you can help folks and make money from it. The only thing required to get started is go through quality training and get support whenever you need it.

  2. Stefan says:

    HI Rufat

    As you said, quick money was always a great temptation of mankind. Many lores and myths talk about it. I’m thinking of the Greek King Croesus who gifted with the problematic priviledge that everything he touched turned into gold. IN the end run the risk of starving himself to death.

    Gold or money, in the eyes of the avarage human, is an energy flowing in return to another good or service. In that sense it’s an expression of a natural law. The same thing is true for online business. I can confirm that with Wealthy Affiliate I’m on my way even if I haven’t earned anything yet after three months. But the feedback and analysis I got from WA and google etc. is encouraging. The site traffic is increasing.

    So I’ll recomment it to you if you are competent in a nich, self disciplined and perseverant.


    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Stefan for a comment. I understand and agree with you that money has always been a great temptation for mankind and programs like this one that promises wealth through posting links and ads is doing a great job by luring folks into buying their “amazing” product. I’m happy to know that you are on the truck to your success with WA.

  3. PAULA says:

    Thank you for this review, I have heard of it before but didn’t realise it was that hard to make money, Nowadays it’s so hard to post links as it just gets marked as spam, maybe years ago this would of been ok but not now in 2015. There are so many waste of time and effort programs out there and thanks to sites like yours we can hopefully help people out by not wasting their valuable time.
    Best wishes Paula

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Paula for leaving a valuable comment on my post. I totally agree that there are tons of programs out there that are nothing more than wasting a time and efforts doing wrong things in the wrong direction and posting links and ads is among such programs. I absolutely agree with you that the idea itself is dated and it could in some way work a few years ago but not now in 2015 and even it does look ridiculous. In fact, many people have no any experience in internet marketing and many programs including this one may look appealing, especially because it doesn’t require much time or effort and that’s why many folks buy into this type of offers. All this stuff as you exactly mentioned is wasting your time and will be marked as spam immediately, not to mention help make any money at all. Thank you again for your comment. I really appreciate it.

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