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Product name: Click Money Network

Program owner: Scott Hurtado


Price: Free to join, $29 – one time membership fee

Overall rank: 50 out of 100

Verdict: Legit but…


Click Money Network is a program that is mainly designed for experienced entrepreneurs in my opinion. It’s the first time that I come across a program like this one and to be honest I’m on the fence about it.

An overall quality of the program is good, but from my experience I can tell that Scott’s program is very limited in its nature though some internet marketers have been able to achieve a huge success with what Scot is trying to teach folks.

As I said, in my opinion, Click Money Network is not for beginners because it requires a solid experience in paid advertising.

I would say that this program is mainly for those who have money to spend on paid advertising. Anyway, I’m going review this program to see if Click Money Network is worth the effort and time.


The main idea behind Click Money Network

This training is about teaching you how to drive paid traffic to your landing page and collecting email addresses and then promoting multiple offers to your list.

This method is very common and in fact many internet marketers are making money using list building method.

If you plan to buy this course you must realize that it requires a budget which if you don’t have then this course is not for you.

Click Money Network is a good program, but not as good as to recommend it. Moreover, the site is no longer working. Allow me to recommend you another program that is WAY better and I actually tried it myself. And I’m still a member of this program. Take a look at the comparison table to see all the benefits my recommended program has to offer and feel free to join it. Because it’ FREE to join. No credit card required.


Pros of Click Money Network

  • Free to join
  • A couple free training videos
  • Training is not bad
  • Price is affordable
  • Good support


Cons of Click Money Network


  • Requires a solid budget for advertising
  • Requires a lot of patience
  • Trial-and-error method
  • The site is no longer working


Click Money Network explained

As I said above, Click Money Network is about paid advertising. You will learn how to drive paid traffic to your site. There are many ways to buy traffic.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads ( PPC – pay per click), Social advertising (Facebook ads), Display network ( Google display network) etc. Click Money Network is more about Google display network.




From my experience with paid PPC traffic I know that display network is known as content network. And as I know from my experience, if you plan to buy search traffic from Google or Yahoo, choosing content network is not a good idea because content network is NOT as targeted as search traffic.

I don’t know anyone who would recommend using search and content traffic both. By this I don’t want to say that content network is bad or that it doesn’t work. Not at all.

But it’s very well known that search traffic is WAY more targeted than display network traffic. And it’s very easy to understand why.

Because when you buy search traffic, you drive traffic through specific keywords while in case with content network, it’s basically based on the topic that you choose in order to get your ad displayed on other websites.


Is Click Money Network really that good?

I know that some internet marketers have a huge success with this type of traffic, but before they could achieve success they spent months or even years before they could finally crack the code.

So, it’s not easy at all. And from my experience I can tell that any course that costs $29 will never teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful with paid advertising.

It’s simply impossible. Good courses on paid advertising will cost you a few hundred bucks at least and you must be ready to invest that much money if you plan to learn all the secrets of paid advertising and take your business to another level.

Anyway, the quality of Click Money Network training is not bad, but I don’t think it’s enough in order to be successful with paid traffic.


Free access

The good part of Click Money Network is that Scott gives you a free access to his system. After creating your free account you will get access to a bunch of training videos that will give you some brief info on what you are going to learn within Click Money Network members area.




Click Money Network members area

Click Money Network website consists of the following sections:

Library – In this training module you’ll learn how to use Twitter to grow your business. Twitter is one of the best traffic sources to be honest. From my experience I can say that Facebook and Twitter are the best social platforms in terms of getting free traffic to your site.

Also, you will learn some strategies on how to build your email list. This is really important and all internet marketers are unanimous on this. I believe you’ve heard many times that “Money is in the list”. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful without that list.

If you focus on SEO ( search engine traffic) and do it using the right and legit methods you actually can get traffic from Google for years without any fear to get your site slapped by Google update.


Blog – Scott’s blog is a great source of information. You can find a lot of actionable tips and strategies by reading his blog posts. All this information is free BTW. I think it’s a good idea to give info for free because it’s simply impossible to include all necessary info in one training course. I personally have a lot of info and give actionable tips on my blog for free too.


Resources – In this section Scott gives you info about various websites and affiliate networks that you can use for growing your online business. The information is valuable and I think he recommends sites he has been successful with.


Forum – Click Money Network has its own forum which is great because this way you can get support from other members too without waiting for the support from Scott himself. It’s much faster and easier and Scott simply can’t respond to everyone. As I know, there are a few hundred members within Click Money Network forum.




Click Money Network training modules:

They have 7 modules:

Module 1 – Getting started. Scott gives you a brief info about his program.


Module 2 – Building and Understanding a passive income lifestyle. This is mostly a motivational stuff, but Scott gives very good recommendations that are very important if you are new to all this.


Module 3 – Understanding the product. You will be explained how to choose a product and create accounts with multiple sites and promote their products in order to start making money.


Module 4 – In this module you will learn how to set up your very own wordpress website and autoresponder. Information is valuable and recommended.


Module 5 – In this module you will be explained how to use Google display network and make money with it. You can watch 11 lessons on how to set up your first campaign with Google. Also, you will learn how advertise on Facebook.

As I said above, I have some experience with Facebook ads and can tell you that so far my success with PPC paid search traffic is WAY better than with content network traffic. As I said above, it’s because search traffic is highly targeted vs content network traffic.

You really need to go through a long trial-and-error method before you learn how to make your campaigns profitable. It’s really not easy at all. It’s extremely hard to make an appealing ad that will get people to click on your ad.

You can easily waste all your budget with little or no success at all. You need to be very careful with paid traffic. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend to start with paid advertising if you are a complete beginner to internet marketing.


Module 6 – In this section you will learn how to create ads that will attract visitors and get a good number of clicks. But it’s not easy at all if you think so. What worked for Scott may not work for you. Keep this in mind too.


Module 7 – This module is mainly about email follow up with your subscribers. Also, keep in mind that building an email list is a time consuming process. There is no shortcut here. You need to be patient before you can build a decent list and learn how to deal with your subscribers for maximum benefit.


The only advantage of content network is that this traffic is much cheaper than search traffic, but conversions are much lower too. So, it’s really a big question which method is better. For me, search traffic is better. I would rather pay more for a highly targeted traffic and drive real traffic fast instead of playing with ads trying to get maximum CTR.

Another major issue with Click Money Network is that Scott doesn’t provide any education on how to create high quality content and drive free search engine traffic. This is really bad.


Click Money Network website

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Click Money Network website is no longer working which proves once again that this program had no much success and Scott had to stop his project. That’s why, like I said above, Click Money Network is a good program, but it’s by far not the best one out there.




Final word on Click Money Network

I think Click Money Network is a good program, but it’s by FAR not the best program if you are a complete newbie to internet marketing. Because it requires a budget. As simple as that.

Before you start spending money, you need to find a good product that converts well or otherwise you will be wasting all your budget trying to make a sale.

I think paid traffic is not what newbies need when starting their online career. Many people go through paid traffic courses, but most of them fail to achieve any success with it other than wasting a budget.

But the main reason why I can’t recommend Click Money Network is because Scott’s website is no longer working which means his program had no much success.

Plus he didn’t teach folks how to get free search traffic which is a major con of his program. Success most of the time comes as a result of combination of several traffic methods, not relying on paid traffic alone.

I think Click Money Network is not worth the time and effort if you don’t have a budget to spend.


Final glance at Click Money Network

– A couple free training videos
– Training is not bad
– Price is affordable
– Requires a solid budget
– Requires a lot of patience
– Trial-and-error method
– The site is no longer working
– Overall rank: 50 out of 100


Want a better alternative to Click Money Network? Here is my #1 recommended program!

No obligations. It’s free to join.

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