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January 8, 2015 4 Comments

CB passive Income




Price: $47, $1 Trial

Product Owner: Patric Chan

Verdict: Not recommended


CB Passive Income is another “amazing” “done for you” system you can use every single day to make a lot of money on autopilot. This is exactly what Patcric Chan promises you once you join his program.

He claims that his program gives you a great opportunity to clone his entire internet business system and that you can start making easy money from the internet. By easy money he means a passive income put on autopilot for you. Just watch his video and start applying SIMPLE STEPS towards your success.


The main idea behind CB Passive Income

The main idea behind this “amazing” program is simple enough. You get 2 websites with your purchase and all you need is start sending traffic to those websites. Sounds great! Right? Actually, those are not sites, but squeeze pages only for collecting emails (get email signups). The rest of the work Patric will do for you and you just earn your affiliate commissions.

make money with CB Passive

clone my system



Pros of the program:

  • You get 2 “websites”
  • Training
  • You can try the program for $1


Cons of the program:

  • False promises
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • No active forum where you can get help from real successful internet marketers
  • Two upsells in the program, one for $47 and the other one for $97
  • No quality training on how how to build a real business online
  • No as easy money making opportunity as you might be thinking
  • The only thing you’re going to learn is how to promote CB Passive Income to others


Inside the program:

1.Once you get your 2 squeeze pages you need to send traffic(visitors) to those pages. The main idea behind creating squeeze pages is to get as many email signups as possible and then start sending promotional emails to your subscribers in the hope that someone will buy your promoted product.

Though this method is absolutely legit but it’s not easy at all to be able to collect emails and then promote a product.

This is not something that a newbie can accomplish successfully because if you’re new to internet marketing, then most probably you won’t be able to achieve real success with this method.

It requires knowledge and experience. Do YOU like when someone tries to spam you with his crappy product?

how CB passive system works



2.Since Patric’s “amazing” program is a “done for you” system, you don’t need to spam your subscribers with any offers because this is exactly what Patric is going to do for you. The way he presents his crappy product on his website, full of empty promises, I don’t think he can be successful at being able to convert many of your subscribers into customers.


3.You will get 2 ebooks with your purchase that will explain how to use the system. You will learn how to open your account at Clickbank, get your affiliate link and start promoting this crappy product (CB Passive income) to other people.


4.CB Passive Income training will teach you how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages BUT it’s not what you probably think. The training covers different methods. One of the methods is through using Squidoo which doesn’t work anymore.

So, this isn’t going to help you. Some other methods will cost you money. Are you prepared to spend money each time you want to drive traffic to your site? I don’t think this is what you’re looking for


5.The most powerful way to drive traffic to your site is through SEO (search engine optimization) and get your site listed in top 10 of search engine search results. This is called highly targeted traffic.

With 2 crappy “sites” that you get from Patric you WON’T be able to bring any traffic from search engines simply because search engines aren’t going to list your sites where you want them to be. Why?

Because you don’t have any original, unique and engaging content on your sites that can be helpful to your visitors/readers.

Only those sites that have that kind of content get a chance to get listed there because search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo want to provide their searchers with the best search results. I hope you understand my point here. Trust me, with those crappy sites you don’t have any real chance.


6.Same applies to social media sites, such as Google plus, Twitter or Facebook. You won’t be able to get a lot of visitors because it requires time and work. And even if you can get some traffic from those sites you won’t be able to convert your visitors into your subscribers simply because you again don’t have any actual content on your sites.


7.Another problem with CB Passive Income is that there are two upsells once you inside the system. The first one is the “Pro” version of the same program ($97) and the other one is the “Fast Cash Series” ($47) which includes monthly payments.

So, watch out! And this isn’t a good sign. This is an old way of getting someone into the system and then start selling them another “amazing” products AND explaining that those two products are a must have to get maximum from the program.


Look at this statement of Patric Chan

Patric statement

Doesn’t it look very contradicting to you? To me, YES.



Support at CB Passive Income

There is no real support that comes with the program and so you won’t be able to get it when you need it. Good support is very crucial for your success and I simply can’t recommend this program because I don’t think Patric is going to help you with every issue you may have. Remember, you aren’t alone with this product. Just imagine, how can he help all his customers? I don’t think it’s real.



Final word on CB Passive Income

As an experienced marketer I can only say that this crappy product isn’t worth your time and energy, not to mention money. You WON’T learn the basics of internet marketing, or how to build a website, how to write content for your website and get it ranked on major search engines, how to drive traffic to your site the proper way, how to earn serious money on the internet.

I would say that this program is a complete waste of time and energy. Plus, there are many promises Patric fails to deliver and this is the main reason that I can’t recommend this crappy product to you. All “done for you systems” are most likely pure time wasters and CB Passive Income definitely falls into this group.

Patric complied his sales page in such a way that if you’re new to internet marketing you probably can think that his product is really amazing.

Even if Patric is a successful internet marketer it doesn’t mean that you can repeat his success. Remember, there is no easy way to make money online simply because making money online isn’t much different than making money offline.

If you’re reading my present review this is probably because you want to make money online. Right? The reason is because you probably find it difficult in real life. That’s why you want to find a way to make money online. But you can make money online if you do things the proper way and learn internet/affiliate marketing from the right source.

Once you do it the right way, making money online can become much easier than you might be thinking BUT still you have to work. Whoever says you the opposite is LYING to you. Anyway, you can always try his product for $1 to make an informed decision.


Ok, What Now?

If you want to start your very own business online and have your very own website, like one you’re reading now I can honestly recommend you the best program that I know.

That program is Wealthy Affiliate – # 1 online business community in the world. WA helped thousands of people across the globe to build their businesses online and it helped me to build my business.

There are no hidden costs or false promises there. WA is an active community of like-minded people that help each other in achieving their business goals. I’m a premium member of that community and once you inside I can help you with your goals and not only me.

There are many other successful and honest internet marketers inside this community that can always help you if you ask them.

And remember, you can try WA absolutely for free. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate below and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out. Or leave your comments below and we will discuss it further.



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  1. Daniella says:

    Hi Rufat,

    This is a very nice article, I really like it as it explains everything we need to know about the best place to create a real business online. Hopefully, there are people like you to guide others who are interested in making money from home or from anywhere else. I was the one who was looking for a reliable training system online to become an entrepreneur and finally found it, thanks to the reviews I have read which helped me to make a good decision. Today I am a happy member of WA and since then I don’t have any regret. This company is the best I could find on the net, I would recommend it to anyone!
    Thank you very much for this helpful review

    • Rufat says:

      Glad you finally found the right program. As you see, CB Passive Income is far from being a reliable program and I’m sure one can hardly make any money with it. The fact that Patrick gives you squeeze pages is good, but traffic still remains your main problem. If you can’t drive it to your website then Patrick’s program is useless for you. Anyway, since there is no content you can’t get SEO traffic and the only way is through hanging on social media or paid traffic. This way you maybe get a couple sales at best. WA is of course a much better alternative to CB passive Income and at least you have a chance to build your own website and your very own online business.

  2. Pitin says:


    For a minute I thought CB passive income can be another way to give you a passive income, I had to read all the way down to see what’s the catch. As usual – UPSELLS. Thanks for this review. I clicked on the next link and you are talking about the Wealthy Affiliate. My friend tried to sign up but I think his country is not eligible for free sign up. Do you think there is a way for him to take a peek of what’s inside instead of just jumping straight to premium? I mean, why would he buy something he is not even allowed to take a look at first.

    Very curious about this.



    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, most MMO products are built in a way to push tons of upsells and make more money out of you. As I can see, Patrick doesn’t want to bring something new and help folks achieve their financial goals. Instead he tries to push the same stuff which is being pushed by others. There is nothing new here, same upsells, same level of support and same promises and no support.

      As for the sign up, some countries are not allowed for creating free account due to a high level of fraud, but if your friend upgrades to a premium account straight away bypassing creating free account he won’t have any problem.

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