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December 22, 2013 2 Comments


Before I move on to the subject raised above, I would like to give a brief explanation of what blogger means. A blogger is someone who blogs, i.e. writes posts/articles, in one word, creates content for his website/blog.

A blogger updates his blog regularly, on a daily or weekly basis. Today anyone who is involved in internet marketing knows that through blogging you can interact with others, share your knowledge with them and finally make money from your passion.

Blogging is very popular type of making money online and if you feel you can be an expert in a certain field then start blogging and turn your passion into a thriving business. Actually a business starts with a beautiful website. Building website isn’t as difficult as you might be thinking. You can start building your site right now by entering your domain name.


How many strategies to apply to become successful online?

So, the question is, do bloggers really make money? The reason I would like to discuss this topic is because most people have serious doubts about it.

The reason for their doubts is because they have been scammed one or two times, some even more, and that is why they don’t really believe that making money online is a real thing.

They need real proof that there are bloggers who are really making money online. And I’m going to prove it today. Just keep reading and I will show some real proofs.

Bloggers apply many different money making strategies, and while some are successful with a bunch of techniques others apply just one technique and make a lot of money.

Some bloggers by applying PPC (pay per click) strategy alone on their blogs became real masters of PPC art and made thousands of dollars. Some bloggers, such as Seth Godin are real masters of word making a lot of money just from regular blogging.

Others mastered email marketing strategy. So, it doesn’t matter how many strategies you apply on your blog but what matters is HOW you apply that strategy.

I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate (#1 online business community in the world) that teaches people how to build a successful business online and I was able to learn real success strategies only after joining this community.

There are thousands of members within WA that are running their own businesses online and at the same time they find time to help other new members to do the same. They help other members, because they want to give back to the community what they have been given.

The founders of WA community, Kyle and Carson, are really great at what they do, and together have created really awesome training program and community. Among members of WA there are some who are masters of Amazon affiliate program, some are Ebay experts or experts in selling electronics etc.

And they all do this through blogging. You can talk to real experts in real time, get practical advice or support within minutes or a couple of hours and apply those recommendations to your business.


Examples of successful bloggers

I’d like to prove you that WA community does really produce successful internet marketers. Let me show you some proofs. My e-friend Nathaniell achieved success with his website

He is really a good guy, an expert in what he is doing, very honest and helpful. He is affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate, i.e. promoting their services and earning affiliate commissions from that program.

There is a rewarding program within WA for premium members of WA. If you make 300 sales per year you will get all expense paid trip to Las Vegas to participate in private training conference.

The price of membership for one year is $359. If you make one sale you can earn 50% commission, which means you earn $22.5 or $175 for yearly membership payment. From July to December 2013 (six months!), Nathaniell made 300 sales and was invited to Vegas. If you still doubt, please click the link and read the post by Kyle (the founder of Wealthy Affiliate)

And the other guy Steve achieved success with his website He is just like me, a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.


As you can see, Nathaniell and Steve were invited to Vegas private training conference. But I’m telling you all this not because Vegas is our goal. We don’t need Vegas, we need to learn how to build a successful business online and Wealthy Affiliate can help you build yours!

Here is another post by another premium member of WA, Vitaliy who’s been invited to Vegas in 2015.

Read Vitaliy’s post if you want to know all the truth about making money online.

Like all WA members, I have my own blog within WA. I created a post and asked to respond all successful WA members just to encourage those who are new to internet marketing. Please read the post here. And here is my story of my first success online.


The right place to start

All they are real people who are making real money through internet marketing and the reason for their success is Wealthy Affiliate (# 1 online business community in the world) and this very site ( is my success story with WA. You can be the next.

I can show you more other websites of successful internet marketers, members of WA, but I think those two will be enough to convince you that what WA teaches its members works! If you still doubt my words then I don’t know what else can convince you. You can join WA community for free and try it before you make a decision.

My goal was to show and prove you that bloggers make money and they make a lot. To do a lot you need to learn and work hard and forget about magic formulas or programs that teach you that you can make a lot of money doing nothing at the push of a button.

To be successful online or become a successful blogger you need to start building your business on the right foot and WA can help you achieve this. Please read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate below.




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    I think you said it right. For those who are serious about making money online. WA is one of the best programs out there if not the best and the best part is that anyone can try for free.

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    I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the only step-by-step service for those who are serious to earn revenue online.

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