Ways to Make Money Online at Home: Success at all Costs or Ethical Guidelines First?

October 23, 2014 5 Comments

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Millions of people turn to the internet every year, looking for real ways to make money online without having any idea of what internet marketing is, or how to start an online business on the right foot.

Only few people can achieve success online, but most of them waste hundreds if not thousands of their hard earned money online without any success only to walk away from a highly competitive web zone completely disappointed.

And this happens because alongside with many legit businesses there are thousands of scams one can come across on the internet and most people do not know which of them are legit and which are scams.

And it is not strange because the internet is so magnetic and promising, that most people are ready to believe anyone who promises them to solve their problems or make them rich overnight.

But anyone who turns to the internet to make money must keep in mind that there is much competition in that zone and it requires knowledge, time and experience before you achieve success online. Without knowledge and experience I highly recommend you to not buy into false promises, magic formulas and stay far from get rich scheme programs.


Truth about making money online

There are many scams on the internet and deep research is required before you buy someone else’s product or program. I’ve been involved in online marketing for over 10 years and within this time, I’ve come across many online scams. But when I started, I didn’t have any idea how internet marketing worked.

Just like most people I was looking for a magic formula and secrets to making money online because I had a strong passion to become another success story. Every other website that I visited, promised me an immediate success, and I’m sure the same is probably happening to you.

Only after months of browsing web and jumping from product to product I finally realized that there was no any magic formula of immediate success that I could use to become successful.

But I discovered another formula and I’m going to share it with you: To be successful online you need three things: get trained, be patient and work hard. If someone tries to convince you that to make money online you need to find a magic formula or a button to instant wealth then know that he is lying to you. You will never become rich overnight.


Making money online and never changing strategy

But what surprised me the most was the internet scammers I had come across. What I mean is that they haven’t had real websites.

To be exact, most of them had a squeeze or a single page website, filled with hyped text and attractive snapshots of their fake 6 figure profits, and the reason for that, was to convince visitors to buy their product.

They promised that if you bought their product, you would immediately start making a lot of money and they even offered their fake guarantees.

Today scammers are doing the same things. On their “websites” (actually a sales page) they never tell that before you start making money online you must gain some knowledge first. They never tell that you need to be patient or work hard.

They never mention this. They never tell you all the truth about making money online or that they worked very hard before they started making serious money online.

They just promise to make you rich overnight and offer their guarantee. And only after buying those crappy products, you realize that you have been scammed again. And then you continue to look for another product, jumping from product to product…moral principles

Once you pay and get that kind of product (an eBook most of the time) and open first two pages, you find the opposite to what you have been told before.

As I said, first two pages normally start with words similar to these: “your success will be based on your background, dedication, desire and motivation. We make no guarantees regarding the level of success you may experience”.

So, the problem of such approach in my view is that on their sales pages, all those so-called internet gurus tell absolutely different things. They promise that to achieve success you need no experience, and no matter what your background is. The only thing required from you is to follow step-by-step instructions and you will be successful.

It is not strange at all because when you land on internet guru’s website, his only goal is convince you to buy his crappy product, and he doesn’t care whether his methods and tactics are ethical or not.

I just want to ask all those internet gurus: If you’re honest, why don’t you tell all the truth on your websites? But I can tell the truth. Because the only thing that bothers you is to sell your crappy product.

That’s why, most internet gurus use all possible means to convince their visitors to buy their product. It is not an ethical way of making money.

If you sell a product and you are honest, you must explain all the pros and cons of your product and let your visitor know what he can expect from your product. And it is up to him to decide to buy your product or not.

The same thing is happening today. Most websites that you come across on the internet today have a promotional video, and that kind of technique works much better than a text copy. Many strategies change over time, however, being honest is the best and always will be, the one constant, never changing strategy that works at all times.

I’m sure, the internet community will change and it must change. That kind of “websites” should be penalized and shut down because they do not educate or help people. They need quick money, our money.

If you want to learn how internet marketing works and build a business online then read my review of Wealthy Affiliate below – my # 1 ranked product among thousands of other products out there and if you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave your comments below.



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  1. Tim Verdouw says:

    Advertising on your blog and affiliate marketing are two best ways to make money online in my opinion. Building niche blogs and sites and then promote affiliate products.

    • Rufat says:

      Sure, it’s the best and proven way to make money. It’s still popular and I believe it will be so for many years to come. Thank you for your input.

  2. Patriciacups says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this amazing site needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the advice!

  3. Rufat says:

    Dear Calvin,

    Glad you liked my writing. This is the strategy I’m following on my website. I always try to be honest with my visitors because I believe being honest is the only way to build a serious business. When you’re honest that means you think longterm. Scamming people out of their money is unethical and never works long.

  4. Calvin says:

    I like this post. If you stab your clients in the back, they’ll remember, and they certainly won’t gush to others about it. I also like how you talked about how strategies constantly change, which suggests to me that principles are more important. You could write an entire post about that, if you haven’t already.

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