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June 24, 2015 4 Comments

Unstoppable List Building Profits-review


Product name: Unstoppable List Building Profits

Product owner: Greg Kononenko

Website: imondemand.com/unstoppable

Price: $7 + 2 upsells

Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


Everyone knows that building an email list is one of the best and proven methods of making money online and if done the right way it can really make you some good money. There are many courses on email marketing each looking into this method from a different angle.

Some courses do really teach you how to build a list, strengthen your relationships with your readers and grow your online business.

And some other courses, such as Unstoppable List Building Profits though teach you how to build a list but they don’t teach you how to use this method properly and if you follow their advice you will pretty fast destroy your entire business and instead of turning your business into Unstoppable profits you can easily turn it into Unstoppable list of complaints and losses.

In this review I’ll show you all the pros and cons of Greg’s product so you can decide for yourself if you need this product or not.


Pros of Unstoppable List Building Profits

  • You can learn how to build an email list and some other good strategies
  • Price is affordable


Cons of Unstoppable List Building Profits

  • You can easily lose most of your subscribers if you follow Greg’s advice
  • Two upsells


Inside the product

1. As I told above, anyone involved in internet marketing for some time knows that building an email list if not critical but is very important for your online business. You just need to know how to build that list and how to use it the right way.

To be honest, Greg’s product is not bad and you can learn some real strategies. But the problem is that some of his strategies are not for beginners and even may cause some problems if you apply them. To be honest, I don’t think building an email list is something beginners should start with.

If you don’t know why you need this list, how to build relationships with your readers, how to create content that can be of benefit to them then you should forget about email marketing for some time until you learn some required skills.


2. One of the major issues I see in Unstoppable List Building Profits is that Greg teaches you to build a list and then promote new MMO products to that list.

In fact, he teaches you to promote products before they are actually released and it’s true that some internet marketers are making good money on product launches. But it’s not something that any beginner can do and that’s why I don’t think you can benefit from this strategy.


3. There is also another major issue related to new product launches. The idea of building an email list is about building relationships with your readers, through sending them useful info from time to time that can help them grow their business.

They always must feel that they receive from you something valuable and if you do so they will trust you. If you start sending them new product offers every other day for the sake of making money like Greg teaches you, I guarantee that you will lose most of your subscribers very vast.

It’s a fact that 90–95% of MMO products that are released almost every days are scams or poor products and if you throw these products on your readers you are going to get into a big trouble.

Of course if you have your email list you can send some promotions in order to make money but you should be very careful when choosing a product to promote and you can’t do it often and you shouldn’t be too promotive. I think Greg’s advice is not good or actionable.


4. There are two upsells that come along with the main product. One upsell will cost you $17 (Done for you pack) and the other one $9 (Unstoppable Traffic). Both upsells are not a big deal. Especially Greg’s second upsell is a waste of time and money.

I believe you are smart enough to understand that all internet community is struggling for high quality traffic because traffic is the key of your success online. To be successful online you need to bring high quality traffic to your site which takes time and effort.

Paid traffic will cost you money and if you are new to internet marketing and on a tight budget I wouldn’t recommend to start with paid traffic. As for Greg’s traffic for $9 I think you are smart enough to understand that you can’t get high quality targeted traffic for that amount of money.


5. Greg also recommends you to send two emails to your list every single day which I think is not reasonable at all. Just imagine if you receive two emails a day from someone. How long will you stay on his list?

I think you will unsubscribe very soon. The best practice is email your list once or two times a week. I personally prefer once a week, not more. It’s another bad advice from Greg.

Unstoppable-List- Building-Profits-videos

6. Inside Unstoppable List Building Profits’s member area you will get access to 11 high quality videos. All modules are useful and you can learn some good stuff from this training.

Inside Unstoppable List Building Profits you will find 11 modules:

  • Outline of the module
  • Register in the required Facebook groups
  • Create your opt-in gift
  • Setting up your tracker
  • Setting up your high converting squeeze page
  • Your thank you page and download page
  • Follow up message in your autoresponder
  • Tracking and tweaking
  • Secret section
  • Line up your traffic partners
  • The profits module


Final word on Unstoppable List Building Profits

Greg’s product is not that bad and you can buy it if you want. If you are reading this review it’s probably because you are looking for a legit opportunity to make money online or probably you want to learn email marketing or how to drive high quality traffic to your own business, i.e. website.

If you want to learn email marketing I can recommend you one of the best programs that I know. If you want to learn how to drive a high quality traffic to your site or how to monetize your site I can honestly recommend you the program I’ve been part of for almost 2 years now.

It’s one of the best and legit programs on the web. Read about it here below. Or you can contact me if you have some other questions and I will be happy to assist you.



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  1. Viljoen says:

    Hi Rufat

    If someone recommends me to promote MMO, then it is already a red flag. Email marketing or list building is but only a part of online marketing because you still need to be able to get traffic in order to build a list.

    Luckily it is not a very expensive product, so maybe one can give it a go.

    • Rufat says:

      You are right. You need traffic first to a list but once you have a list it will turn to your traffic too and in fact your subscribers will be the most responsive audience. The product is not really expensive and probably is not a bad one.

  2. RSRDP22015 says:


    Great site! There are a many of us out there that need some direction and help with our finances … most importantly … you outline a program and put your name behind the program …

    There are so many scams out there!

    Seems like you have really done your research here!

    P.S. BTW, do you recommend Unstoppable list building profits?

    • Rufat says:

      This is a bit difficult question. In general, Unstoppable List Building Profits is not a bad product. It contains a lot of training videos on email marketing and if you dedicate some time to this program you can learn some good strategies and and give some boost to your business. But some strategies may damage your business if you apply them without a full understanding how to do it the right way. If you are going to send two emails every day and insert various offers, I’m sure you will start losing your subscribers very fast. This can be applied only by experienced internet marketers. Email marketing doesn’t mean sending countless unstoppable offers. You should build relationships with your audience first and then you can send some good offers. Long story short, this product is very controversial and I can’t confidently recommend it. Plus, there other quality courses on email marketing such as autoresponder madness which is expensive but the quality is very good. Anyway, this product is not bad and the price is affordable. You can try it and I think you can learn a thing or two from this course.

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