The Honest Way to Make Money Online

March 10, 2015 6 Comments


Many folks are struggling online looking for the honest way to make money online and it is no secret that most people fail to achieve even a decent success, not to mention a real success.

It’s really extremely hard to find a program that delivers on its promises because most internet marketers, so called internet gurus don’t focus much on their audience.

Their only and the most important concern is about how much money and a how fast THEY can make. In most cases they pay someone to create a product and then start selling that product to people.


Most products won’t make you even a penny

Most of those products are poor ones and fail to help people in any way to make money. Most self proclaimed gurus don’t provide any support and people are left on their own to figure out how things should work. Aside from that, people that buy poor products with poor support, after buying them start to struggle to get their money back and in most cases they never get them back.


It’s up to you to make it work

The main problem here that forced me to write on this topic is because I really want to help you start your online business and save you from scams that flooded the internet. And it’s up to you to take my advice or continue wasting your time and money on numerous scams and making rich other people that are not interested in your success.


I will show you the honest way to make money online

The only way to find the honest way to make money online is through benefiting from other people’s experience that have already been scammed in the past. Don’t think that you are smart and can spot scams on your own.

Most probably, you will be scammed a few times at least or maybe over and over again until you quit your online dream. Instead of repeating other people’s mistakes, be smart, be wise to stop when you are advised to do so before you wasted hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned money.


Be smart and don’t trust self proclaimed gurus

You MUST understand that those self proclaimed internet gurus give you false promises, they show you beautiful houses, luxury cars, yachts only to get you click the order button on their websites and then leave you without support and completely disappointed.

I’m asking you now: Why do you trust them? Why do you believe in their false promises? Why do you waste your money and energy on programs that fail to deliver you even a small fraction of what they promise you? Do you really like to be scammed over and over again?


Reading an eBook is not the way to start making money online

You MUST understand that earnings snapshots that they show you are in most cases fake and even if they are real it doesn’t mean that you can repeat that success in a month or two. In most cases, those people spent a few years before they reached those numbers but they never tell you anything about it. They only tell that they cracked the code and now want to give you that secret for 10 or $20.

I believe you are smart enough to understand that it’s absolutely unachievable to start making thousands of $ just by reading an eBook on “How I became a Millionaire” or My proven technique that can make you $1000 per day”.

All those proven techniques and secrets to an instant wealth are just convincing words with empty promises and if you want to save your precious time and money, then stop reading or Googling all that BS appealing to people in desperate situation.


Benefit from my experience and learn from my mistakes

I honestly recommend you to benefit from my experience and knowledge and if you are willing to put in the work before you start making money I will show you real and legit opportunity. Before I found it, I tried many programs with little to no result. Whatever I found, nothing seemed to work and I was completely disappointed.

The program I’m talking about can help you start your very own business and it provides the best support that I know on the web. It’s not perfect though, but it’s really the best program that I tried and recommend to anyone.

Many people that I know, have been able to quit their daily jobs within a year or two. It’s not coincidence or their being lucky. It’s a result of following the training course on internet marketing, applying proven legit methods and asking for support from real successful internet marketers.


The program # 1

The program I’m talking about is Wealthy Affiliate – # 1 online business community in the world that helped thousands of people across the web to start their successful online businesses and quit their daily jobs.

WA has the best training, all necessary tools, including website builder, keyword research tool that can help you find keywords that will bring you a massive free traffic from search engines and traffic is the key to start making money online.

They have 24/7 support and you can find a solution to any of your problem within a few minutes. And the most important fact about this community is that it can teach you the honest way to make money online and allow you to quit your job and fire your boss if ONLY you are willing to put in the work in the first year at least.

They never show you beautiful and expensive houses, luxury cars or make any false promises that they fail to deliver. They just show you proven and real methods that work, just do it! This is the main reason why this program is highly reputable on the internet and the community is steadily growing with over 200.000 members now.

Also, most people used to overcomplicate the whole process though it’s very simple and the training inside the community has been designed specifically with main focus on the beginners. The training will show you how to find a product, create a website around your product which is very simple and doesn’t require any specific knowledge from you.

And the best part of it is that you don’t need your own product to make money online. You can promote someone else’s product and earn your affiliate commissions.

The best part of this awesome program is that you can try it for free within 7 days to make sure that no one is going to spam you or take your money giving nothing in return.

Once you try it and see that what I’m saying you is true only then you can make your decision and I’m sure it will be the best decision in your life. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will be happy to help you out.



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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Lee Silber says:

    Rufat,tell me what I must do to make money with you on the internet? How much money do I need to start with your help; and realistically,how much money can you help me make?

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Lee,

      Thank you for stopping by. In order to start making money online you first need an education and learn how to do things properly to get the results you expect. I can’t tell you exactly how much money you can earn online. Some people make a few bucks while others can make thousands of dollars per month. I got my start in this program and can recommend to join it for free to test the waters. If you have other questions please let me know.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Rufat, great article. I have been scammed by online promises and I wish that I would have come across an article like this before learning the hard way.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed in the past. I’ve been scammed too. But the worst thing is that thousands of people are being scammed right now and it happens every single day. And still it’s not the worst thing. The worst thing is that a lot of people when advised, don’t want to take your advice. They still believe in a pie in the sky. They go to sites that promise them cash generating machines making them tons of money on autopilot and they don’t want to learn from your mistakes and benefit from your experience. But anyway, it’s up to a person. My goal is to save them from scams and help them start making money the honest way and I will be happy to know if can accomplish my goal.

  3. Rufat says:

    Thank you Sarah for leaving your comment. I totally agree with you on that. Internet is flooded with scams abut it doesn’t mean that everything is bad and there are unfortunately very few programs that really can help people and really focus on people first before taking their money. Another problem is that many people instead of looking for the honest way to make money online, prefer going to other poor sites. They still believe that they can start making money at the push of a button and when you warn them of that they don’t want to take your advice. Probably they need some time to look around, try here and there, waste some money and only then to realize that there is no button to an instant wealth.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hey Rufat,
    this really is some great advice and I am glad you are sharing your experience here. Sadly there really is a seemingly endless supply of scams out there that are only designed to take away our hard earned money. But that doesn’t mean everything on the internet is bad. There are programs and networks that really do help you achieve your goals and WA is only one of them, and a great one at that. Thanks for sharing your advice!

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