My Income at Home System Review

January 3, 2015 6 Comments

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Product name: My Income at Home System


Product owner: Marc Elrich

Price: $49.99

Verdict: Not recommended at best and Scam at worst


Sit back and get ready to read my review of the program that claims to be called “My Income at Home System”. To be honest, I would call it “My Failure at Home System”.

The owner of the program, Marc claims that with his “UNIQUE” program you will be making thousands of dollars each and every day and that his program gives you absolutely real and incredible opportunities and you’ll be able to fire your boss and become your own boss.

He claims that his program isn’t a scam and that he’s going to reveal you the secrets of his success and he even explains the reasons why he shares this exclusive info with you. Ok, enough bla,bla,bla. Get ready to dig deeper into the program to see if it’s really worth your time and efforts, not to mention money.



The main idea behind My Income at Home System

You can make thousands of dollars by watching TV, taking photos, sending out email and postcards, taking online surveys etc. No previous skills or knowledge required. You can make as much money with the program as you want.

money with income at home system



Pros of the program:

  • Some opportunities can make you some decent money


Cons of the program:

  • Exaggerated earnings
  • Not as easy as you might be thinking
  • No active community where you can get help when you need it
  • No real support from the owner of the program
  • It’s not the proper way to build a real business
  • The program is by far not the best opportunity on the web
  • Marc doesn’t promise you refund
  • Too many false promises


Inside the program

Marc promises that with his “unique” system you’ll have multiple opportunities to make thousands of dollars. Opportunities are following:

Make money at penny stocks

Make money by watching TV

Make money by taking online paid surveys

Make money by sending out mail and postcards

Make money by taking photos

Make money through

Make money at home by completing simple tasks and get paid by 400+ companies

Make money through 12 automated money-making websites

Make money through obtaining resell rights to 80+ hot selling products

Make money by creating phone applications

Make money by exploiting a secret loophole for huge profits


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1.As you can see, there are different opportunities within the program and if you’re new to internet marketing you can probably think that program is really awesome. Trust me, the program is NOT awesome at all. And I’m going to prove it.


2.First off, making money at penny stocks isn’t easy at all. You need to go through serious training course to know how things work but even then there is no guarantee that you will be able to make any money at penny stocks.

Marc guarantees you success but TRUST ME, I know from my own experience what all those guarantees mean and can say you honestly that all this is just convincing words with empty promises.

Do you really believe that you can make $15000 at penny stocks every month? What I can say is that I BELIEVE you’re wise enough to understand that this is another empty promise from Marc.

Thousands of people try to make money at penny stocks and only few are lucky. And this isn’t about thousands… It requires a lot of tries and fails BEFORE you can start making decent money.


3.Making money by watching TV. This opportunity is being greatly exaggerated as well. First of all, you can easily find those websites on the internet, such as Netflix or Viggle etc. And you don’t need to pay Macr for that type of information.

But one thing you should know before you join and that thing is to be able to qualify for this type of job. Marc claims that you can make big bucks with this opportunity but this is not true. Again, I want to believe that you’re wise enough to understand that you WILL NOT be paid big bucks just by watching TV.


4.Get paid for taking online surveys is another greatly exaggerated opportunity. I have my honest review of paid surveys. Please read it because I don’t want to waste my time on it.


5.Make money by sending out mail and postcards is another empty promise. Just imagine, Marc claims that you can make thousands of dollars by sending emails. And not only that! Marc promises that each time you send an email and someone responses to that email, you will earn $525 at least!

Can you imagine this? Just sit and send emails and make thousands of dollars each and every day. If Marc can make money so easily why then he tries to sell you his crappy product for $49? Can you please explain? I would like to ask you, what do you think about it? Please share your valuable thoughts below in the comment box.


6.Make money by taking photos is another crazy claim from Marc. Just imagine, you can make $255 every day x 30 days =$7650 monthly!! Can you imagine this??? I don’t want to comment on it anymore.


7.Making money through is absolutely possible. This is not a lie. But you must have certain qualifications to be able to earn money on Fiverr.

If you have good knowledge of English you can proofread texts and get paid for that. You can write articles for someone else, make videos, create video intros, create logos etc. It completely depends on what YOU can do.

But before you start making serious money on Fiverr you should get and complete a lot of orders and also get a lot of positive reviews from customers to become a top rated seller. So, it’s not easy at all because it requires patience and a lot of efforts to put into it.

Marc promises that you can make $3500 on Fiverr every month. There are hundreds of people that fail to make even a $100 a month at Fiverr.


8.Make money at home by completing simple tasks and get paid by 400+ companies. I have an article on ways to make money online. Please read it and if you find it appropriate, you can contact those companies and you don’t need Marc for that. But their tasks aren’t simple at all and most likely you won’t make $1200 every week. So, it is up to you.


9.Make money through 12 automated money-making websites — each making you $5000!! Absolutely crazy statement and I don’t even want to comment on it. If you’re new to internet marketing, you can easily believe in that offer but trust me, this is absolutely outrageous lie.


10.Make money through obtaining resell rights to 80+ hot selling products – this is true. You can find many products online with resell rights and sell those products as your own products. To find such products you don’t need Marc at all.

Just type “hot selling products + resell rights” in Google search box and you will find many of them. The question is do you really believe that once you find such a product, you can start making thousands of dollars? It all depends on what methods YOU apply to promote your product.


11.Make money by creating phone applications – You probably understand that it’s very specific and depends on what YOU can do and not on what Marc promises you.


12.Make money by exploiting a secret loophole for huge profits – is the worst of all his statements and promises. He claims that he’s going to show a loophole to huge profits and that it doesn’t involve affiliate marketing. I’ve never heard of such crazy statement.

not affiliate



Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most popular methods of making money on the internet. I know many successful internet marketers and have been involved in internet marketing since 2000 and I really don’t know ANYONE who knows about that secret loophole. Do you really believe Marc knows what others do not?


Final word on My Income at Home System

I believe you are smart enough to understand that the program is far from being worth your time and money and you WILL NOT make thousands of dollars as promised by Marc.

One thing you must keep in mind – Marc doesn’t provide any refund and he clearly states it on his website.

money back guarantee

And he doesn’t guarantee that his program will be available tomorrow if you don’t buy it today 🙂


And he promises that you don’t have to do anything, just seat back and wait for the money to flow into your pockets 🙂


Marc claims on his website that his program isn’t a scam yet with all his crazy statements it’s really hard to believe that it’s not.

STAY FAR FROM THIS PROGRAM and you will save your time and money.

If you have ever tried this program, please share your experience and thoughts and I would be happy to hear from you. Leave your comments below if you have any.

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The program is absolutely legit and really awesome due to many benefits it has to offer to its members and the advantages it has over all other programs.

You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate below. You can join it for free and I recommend you to try it because I’m sure you will be satisfied with it because thousands of people already tried it and were very happy with it.



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  1. Nigel says:

    Very in depth review Rufat. I get tired of these products that offer the world and deliver crap. My advice to anyone else reading this review would be to follow Rufat’s advice and check out his No.1 recommendation. I’m a member there and it just plain works.

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Nigel. Unfortunately, My Income at Home is one of those many products that promise the world and deliver very poor product. Can really a reasonable man believe that it’s possible to make thousands of dollars by just watching TV? or is it possible to make thousands of $ by just taking photos? or sending emails? Isn’t crazy? Or they claim that their magic formula doesn’t involve affiliate marketing while the truth is that affiliate marketing is exactly what people are making thousands of $ with every single day. And finally they claim that there is no money back guarantee. How can anyone in the world want to join this “amazing” program? To be honest, I can’t really imagine that someone who has at least some experience would join this program.

  2. Wendy says:

    Wow there sure are a lot of cons for My income at home system. There are a few programs with in it that you can make some money with for example Fiverr. But Wealthy Affiliate seems like it offers way more value to folks who want to make money online.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Wendy for your comment on my post. I totally agree with you that there are many cons of my income at home system and this is why I don’t recommend it to anyone. My main issue with the program is that Marc makes ridiculous claims and a lot of false promises like making $1000 per day. Can you imagine that Wendy? We are in the same community and we understand each other and you know what I’m talking about. Tell me honestly, is making $1000 per day really that easy? not to mention per month? We know that making even as little as $1000 per month requires one full year of hard work and patience. How can someone trust Marc after all this? And how can I recommend it to someone? Some opportunities he mentions are real and I agree with you but it’s not about thousands of $. WA is of course real thing and provides real training training and realistic approach. That’s why I prefer WA over any other program due to their being honest and realistic approach to making money thing.

  3. Jerry says:

    Hi Rufat, this is a very clear read. I wonder if you can make it even businesslike, by deleting your personal statements as crazy this and crazy that, leaving the conclusion to your reader. This could mean there is a little bit more explaining to do. Cheers, Jerry

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Jerry for your comment. I really appreciate your thoughts and when writing reviews I very rarely add statement like crazy as you mentioned. But the problem with My Income at Home System is that Marc does really oversteps all the limits by making ridiculous claims and promises. Most people who fall victims to programs like one are those who have no any clue about what is legit and what is not. They can really believe that they can make thousands of dollars by watching TV or by sending email which is not true. Or to be exact, they probably can make some extra money but it’s not about thousands of $. Some other opportunities he talks about are real but again it requires time and hard work before you can start making goo amount of money. Unfortunately, Macr doesn’t explain all these things because he wants people to believe him in order to make money off them. That’s the explanation of my statements like crazy.

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