Is Infinity Downline a Scam? Get the Facts Here

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Product name: Infinity Downline


Price: $25-$100 plus admin fees

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Overall rank: 35 out of 100

Verdict: Not recommended


Infinity Downline has been around since 2009 and though there are some positive opinions about the owner of this program, Peter Wolfing, there are negative opinions too.

I tend to agree with the second group which I’m going to explain further in my review. First off, I hate programs that make unrealistic claims and promises and unfortunately Infinity Downline is one of such programs.

Their presentation is misleading, compensation plan is confusing, products are very expensive. What else you need to make an informed decision? I think these few facts are enough to get an idea of what Infinity Downline is all about. But I’m not going to stop on this.

According to their misleading advertising, you can invest $25 and start making easy money in the amounts you can’t even imagine. Is that true? or is Infinity Downline a Scam? Keep reading my review and I will explain everything in details.


The main idea behind Infinity Downline

The idea of this program is not unique at all. It’s just another MLM program or to be exact, it’s a mixture of MLM and cash gifting opportunity which is not a good combination to be honest.

There are tons of complaints on the internet about MLMs and cash gifting programs which means Infinity Downline is not the best program you can come across nowadays.



Pros of Infinity Downline

  • You can make some money


Cons of Infinity Downline

  • Expensive membership packages
  • Confusing compensation plan
  • Overpriced products
  • MLM has a bad reputation
  • Cash gifting is illegal
  • No money back guarantee


Infinity Downline

First of all, I would like to explain to you what MLM is all about so you can decide for yourself if it’s exactly what you are looking for. MLM opportunity requires you to have direct face-to-face selling skills.

You have to learn how to build relationships with your audience which involves speaking via Skype or phone. If you are not too much communicative person then MLM opportunity is definitely not for you.

You must be a sales person and willing to convince other people to buy products that you are planning to promote. So, it’s not easy, and plus, products that are promoted by MLM companies are overpriced most of the time.

Especially in case with Infinity Downline, their products are very expensive. Some of them may cost you as much as $7.500. And the worst thing is that there is no money back guarantee here. Are you willing to pay for the product that costs you that much?

Are you confident that you will be able to sell those products? From my personal experience I can tell that selling something that ranges between $10-$50 is not easy, but it’s not super hard either. When it comes to products that cost over $500 it becomes a headache.

You really need a lot of experience to be able to sell such expensive items. When it comes to Infinity Downline and their products that will cost you over $7000, it’s REALLY difficult.

Especially because there is no much value in products promoted by MLMs and there are WAY cheaper products available on the market compared to their overpriced ones.

Plus most MLMs have a bad reputation and most people read product reviews before making a purchase which means selling Infinity Downline products may become a headache.


Your main task as an affiliate of Infinity Downline

Your main task with Infinity Downline is about recruiting other people in the hope that they will join this program. Programs like Infinity Downline never provide quality training on how to recruit others. Most of their training is about teaching you how to recruit people in person.

You have to speak to people every day and try to convince them. There are other methods too, such as using search engines for free and paid traffic, social paid traffic, Youtube.

But all these techniques require experience, investment, effort and time. Plus Infinity Downline doesn’t provide this type of education. You will have to pay for such courses and learn all this stuff on your own.

If you are not ready to do all this then joining Infinity Downline doesn’t make any sense. Aside from that, Infinity Downline is not a high converting program so you can hope for high earnings.

If the program doesn’t convert well, such as Infinity Downline, it means you will be bringing tons of people to their website, but most of them won’t join.

You will simply be wasting your time, energy and money. High converting programs have a good reputation on the internet which is not the case with Infinity Downline. A few minutes of research will be enough to get the facts.


Can you make money with Infinity Downline?

By all this I don’t want to say that making money with Infinity Downline is impossible. It’s possible of course. But it will take time, effort and patience, especially because it’s by far not the best program out there.

I have a friend of mine who joined another program and spent over $7.000 on their expensive products and he finally left that company. And I’m talking about the program that has had a good reputation. The name of the program is SFM ( Six Figure Mentors).




Read his message to me and decide for yourself. Most of the time this type of programs don’t work as they are advertised. Be careful.


What to expect from Infinity Downline?

When you join Infinity Downline, you have to pay $25. This payment goes straight to your sponsor and then you have to pay $25 monthly or more depending on the membership plan that you will choose. If you don’t pay $25, your membership won’t be active.

BTW, they have some training material teaching you how to promote their products through eBay or other methods. As an affiliate of Infinity Downline you will get an affiliate website which is not of great value.

All MLM programs give such a website, but it’s a copy paste material that all other affiliates get too. The only way to use this website is through paid advertising IF you have money to invest.

According to Infinity Downline, you need to get 4 people at least to join under you. But if you think once they’ve joined under you, you will earn a commission, you are mistaken.

MLMs work in a different way. When it comes to Infinity Downline, your second and 4th sale go up to the affiliate who invited you to Infinity Downline. This is how this system works.

And in order to continue earning a commission, your affiliates must stay active members. ID has 3 plans:

  • Self Development – $25/month
  • Business Development – $50/month
  • Wealth Development – $100/month




All your earnings depend on how many people will join under you. If you can’t bring an army of people then you won’t make any money with this program.

When it comes to Infinity Downline overpriced products, you can’t promote them until you buy them, i.e. get the resell rights for those products:

  • Fitness Advantage – $250
  • Wealth Advantage Elite – $1.000
  • Network Marketing Elite – $3.500
  • The Vault – $7.500

And there is no guarantee that you can sell these products. Ask yourself, are you willing to invest thousands of dollars into products you are not confident about. To me it doesn’t make any sense.




And it doesn’t stop there. You still need to buy some other magic packages that you can see on the screenshot below. As you can see, it’s not going to be cheap at all.




And it again proves that MLM programs have a complex structure and confusing compensation plans. BTW, their domain URL is no longer working. The new one is


Outdated info and no free trial

Also, you should know that their videos are outdated and don’t contain updated info regarding the changes in their compensation plan.

They don’t offer a free trial which is not good at all. I think people should have a free trial period before they decide to invest a few thousand dollars.

If you want to know more about MLM you can read my article here.


Final word on Infinity Downline

I think after reading my review, you won’t have any doubts as to join Infinity Downline or not. The program is a mixture of two opportunities that have a bad reputation on the internet.

There are warnings against both MLMs and cash gifting programs from the official organizations, such as SEC and Attorney General. Like with all previous MLM programs that I’ve reviewed, Infinity Downline’s compensation plan is very confusing and even unfair in my opinion.


Their membership packages vary from $25 up to $100 which is very expensive. Their so called products cost between $250 – $7.500 which is not affordable for most people.

Cash gifting opportunity is illegal in almost all states. And the worst thing is that there is no money back guarantee. Are you willing to invest your hard earned money in this program?

I think you will be surprised if I say that Infinity Downline is not exactly a scam, but it’s definitely not a program that I can recommend.


Final glance at Infinity Downline

  • You can make some money
  • Expensive membership packages
  • Confusing compensation plan
  • Overpriced products
  • MLM has a bad reputation
  • Cah gifting is illegal
  • No money back guarantee
  • Overall rank: 35 out of 100
  • Verdict: Not recommended


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  1. Amy says:

    Very thorough review of Infinity Downline – definitely gives you enough information to see that is a scam. I would probably leave the reference to WA until the end though. You might leave the visitor with the idea that you’re trying to sell to them rather than help. Lay out all of the reasons why the other system is bad and then say try this one instead.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for your comment. To be honest, I wouldn’t say that Infinity Downline is a scam though the facts that I laid out here can lead you to think so. I just don’t recommend this program due to many reasons I’ve explained in my review. When it comes to my comparison table, trust me, it’s in the right place because it helped me increase the conversion rate of my site seriously. Most people don’t read content. They leave sites after reading first 2,3 paragraphs. That’s why, you need to show your offer in the beginning rather than in the end.

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