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Product name: Domainer Elite


Price: $97 + upsells

Owner: Jamie Lewis

Overall rank: 50 out of 100


Domainer Elite is a new program created by an internet marketer Jamie Lewis whom I know from another program called IM with Jamie ( that I’ve reviewed recently on my another website.

It’s always better to buy a program from someone who not only preaches something, but who actually can make money. Fortunately, Jamie is making money and actually he is doing what he tries to teach you.

To be honest, Jamie’s programs that I know about, at least two of them, IM with Jamie and Domainer Elite are good and you can learn from this guy a thing or two.

My main issue with this guy is that he makes some promises he fails to deliver on and he always pushes several upsells with all his products.

Domainer Elite is not an exception too. In the promo video he tries to convince you that you can make tons of money by selling domains and you can easily turn $9 into $5.000 forever.

Is this true? Is Domainer Elite really can make you rich? Is it worth your time and money? I’m going to answer all these questions within my review.


The main idea behind Domainer Elite

The idea of Domainer Elite is pretty simple. You pay Jamie and get access to Domainer Elite. Then you find domains, buy them and sell via Flippa and make money.

A domain name is basically a name of your website, i.e. The idea of this business model is completely legit because many people are making money using this model.

The program is not a scam and can make you money. The question is: How much? That’s a big question and depends on many factors.

Domainer Elite is a good program, BUT it’s very specific and it’s definitely NOT for everyone, especially not for newbies. It’s true that you can make money with it. And it’s true that you may not make any money at all. I know people who bought this program and haven’t made any money. It’s not as easy as Jamie Lewis wants you to believe.

But if you’re looking for a high quality program that will teach you how to make money online with supreme support and without upsells, I can recommend you a program I’ve been a premium member of since 2013. And I’m actually making money thanks to my recommended program. It’s free to try. No credit card required.


Pros of Domainer Elite

  • Quality training course
  • Money back guarantee


Cons of Domainer Elite

  • False promises
  • Upsells
  • The Quality of videos is not so good


Domainer Elite overview

First off, before writing my review I did a lot of research and found that Domainer Elite was selling for $19.99 a few months ago. So, the major pros of this programs was the price.

I checked the website and it looks like this price is no longer valid. The price is now $97 which is not affordable for everyone. Plus, there are some upsells inside the members area.

My next issue with Domainer Elite is that Jamie claims to show you his 4 simple steps to turning a $9 investment into $25.000+ per month business by simply copying Jamie’s 7-figure success.




All I can say: Don’t fall for this type of promises. I’m pretty sure that most likely you won’t be able to turn $9 into $25.000 per month. Because I know how to make a buck online and the truth is that it’s not easy.

I’ve seen tons of such claims and promises and most of the time they don’t work. You definitely can make money with Domainer Elite, but it’s not about thousands of dollars per month. This guy gives you unrealistic promises. Be careful.


How does Domainer Elite work?

Domainer Elite software allows you to find domains and sell them for higher price. Finding domains that can be bought for $9 and then sold for let’s say $500 or $1.000 is not easy.

If you do some research you will realize that most of cool domains have already been bought by someone like you. Domainer Elite software allows you to automate the process and find available domains (expired domains, by keyword, starting words, ending words).




He also frequently updates the list of available expired domains so you can take advantage of them without doing a lot of research. Then you buy domains from Godaddy and sell via Flippa or Sedo.

The good part of his program is that you’re provided with domain templates for Flippa listings (product description). You don’t need to do it yourself which is great.

Domainer Elite training consists of 12 training videos that cover many aspects of this business.

  • Finding and Mining
  • Selling and Collecting
  • The Magic Words List

You will learn how to find domains based on keyword research. This part is great. Then you will learn how to sell domains or even how to find experts (brokers) who can do it for you.

You will also get a list of thousands of keyword based combinations that can be used as domains.

In fact, Domainer Elite training comes to 3 simple things, such as domain finding, domain purchasing and selling domains via Flippa.




Here is a list of some of introductory videos inside Domainer Elite members area:

  • Domainer Elite Basics
  • Let’s Sell Some Domains
  • Domainer Elite Presentation
  • Domain Name Sale for ($5.000)
  • A Quick Case Study ($36)
  • Domaining Research Trick
  • Private Mastermind Class (Four videos)

Jamie will also show you where to find expired domains that are still available on the market and which you can buy.

Jamie also tells his story how he sold a domain for $5.000. The story is inspirational, but it doesn’t mean that you can do the same. Anyway, I have to admit that Jamie put a lot of effort into creating this product and he has done a great job.


Domainer Elite upsells

There are also upsells inside Domainer Elite members area.

  • Domainer Elite VIP Webinar Coaching $67
  • Hire One of My Expert Assistants $297

My personal opinion regarding upsells is simple: I don’t like upsells. I like complete products where you pay and get everything. Unfortunately, this is not the case here.

Also, you must understand that you need some budget to invest into buying domains in order to later sell them.


Can you really make tons of money with Domainer Elite?

Yes and No. It’s true that some people have a good experience in this business, years of experience to be exact. I think this program may be interesting to them. For someone who is new to the idea of making money online, Domainer Elite is likely not the best option.

I know that some people are ready to pay let’s say $1000 for a domain name like But it’s not easy to find someone who is willing to pay this amount of money.

For example, I have two websites ( and Both domains are not great, but they sound pretty good and I paid $9 for each of them. And it took me a couple hours to find them.

I mean a little research would be enough to find a good domain name for your business. There is no need to pay thousands of dollars for a domain name.

You really need to find a great domain name that others will want to pay thousands of dollars for and believe me, even if you find such a domain name, it will take weeks or even months to sell such a domain name.

Anything that costs more than $100 is extremely hard to sell in online space. This is something that I know from my personal experience. That’s why, making some decent money with Domainer Elite is possible, BUT making a lot of money is EXTREMELY difficult.

This is what Jamie Lewis doesn’t tell you because he doesn’t want you to know this fact so he can sell his program.

BTW, Domainer Elite is a JVZoo product. I checked on JVZoo marketplace and found that it had a pretty high refund rate which is 20%. This means that the product is far from being perfect.





One thing you should keep in mind that even if Jamie somehow made a lot of money by selling domains, it doesn’t mean that you can copy his formula and become another internet millionaire.

Yes, you can maybe make some money, but you can hardly repeat his success.

I have to admit that this business model, i.e. buying and selling domain names looks pretty simple because you don’t have to build a website or write content for your site.

Just buy a domain and sell it for higher profit. Believe or not, but it’s not easier at all compared to running a website.

For me running a website and making money from it is easier because I know what I’m doing. It’s in my control and I know how to increase the conversion rate of my website, i.e. how to convert a visitor into a customer.

Buying cheap domains for $9 and then selling them for hundreds of dollars is not something everyone can do.

At least it’s out of your control and it’s really not easy to sell a domain, such as for $1.000 because most people prefer to buy something like for $10 instead of paying $1.000 for

It’s not so critical for your business unless you represent a big company.


Final word on Domainer Elite

Domainer Elite is a good program and it can make you some money. But the opportunity is very specific and it’s definitely not for everyone. It may seem super easy to buy and sell domains and make tons of money. In reality it’s not.

I mean buying cheap domains and selling them with a small profit is real. But buying domains for $9 and selling them for hundreds or thousands of dollars is NOT easy. Just think. Is it easy to sell for $1.000 a domain to someone? Not at all.

There are hundreds of other people like you trying to sell domains via Flippa and you have to compete with experienced traders who know the stuff much better.

All in all, the opportunity is very limited because it shows you only one method of making money while there are hundreds of other ways available that are more realistic and newbie friendly.

In short, Domainer Elite is not a scam, but it’s not something I would recommend to everyone. If you’re completely new to making money online I recommend you to try another program that is free to join and I’m actually making money thanks to it. You will find the link at the end of my review.


Final glance at Domainer Elite

  • Quality training course
  • Money back guarantee
  • False promises
  • Upsells
  • The Quality of videos is not so good
  • Overall rank: 50 out of 100


Want a better alternative to Domainer Elite? Here is my top recommended program to make money online!


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  1. Alec Terry says:

    Hi Rufat,

    this whole Domainer Elite thing seems like it wouldn’t be a bad investment in time or money. But i have heard that it can be extremely difficult to make money selling domains.
    I don’t know much about it, but from what I do know doesn’t it involve trying to predict which trends will be very popular in the coming years, and then buying up domains using keywords related to that niche and sitting on them until they become valuable? It can definitely work, but like you I feel that there is a more sure fire way to spend your time and effort, like WA.

    Great review and I am looking forward to hearing more from you soon.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, I think Domainer Elite is a good program, but it doesn’t mean you will start making money immediately after buying it. There is too much hype in this program for which Jamie Lewis is responsible. And yes, it also includes watching for trends and then buying domains which can be profitable. But in reality it doesn’t mean you will be making ton of money. I think this opportunity is very limited and there are other much better ways to make money. But you can definitely try it if you want and see how it works for you.

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