Instant Payday Tricks: $800 Per Hour or Just Another Scam?

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Instant Payday Tricks








Overall Quality



  • Decent training
  • Money back guarantee


  • Misleading video
  • Exaggerated income promise
  • No supportive community
  • Outdated methods
  • IPT Webpage looks unprofessional


Instant Payday Tricks


Product name: Instant Payday Tricks


Founders: Chris and Kathy or ED Roberts

Price: $37

Overall rank: 2 out of 10


Instant Payday Tricks is program created by unknown people or I would say fake personalities, such as Chris and Kathy.

I know these two people from another program called Easy Retired Millionaire that I’ve reviewed recently.

In fact, these two programs are identical. If you are new to this you will be surprised.

If you have been scammed a couple times you already know by now that programs like Instant Payday Tricks are everywhere and continue their scamming activity.

This review will be very short. In fact, it is a summary of Chris’s new program called ERM.



Short Review of Instant Payday Tricks

Instant Payday Tricks is an old version of Chris’s new program called Easy Retired Millionaire which is a borderline scam according to my research.

The idea of IPT is to teach you affiliate marketing using mainly outdated methods.



Pros of Instant Payday Tricks

  • Decent training
  • Money back guarantee



Cons of Instant Payday Tricks

  • Misleading video
  • Exaggerated income claims
  • No supportive community
  • Outdated methods
  • IPT Webpage looks unprofessional


My Top Recommended Programs

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate

  Program # 2 – Income School




Instant Payday Tricks Review

This program is called a work from home or affiliate marketing opportunity that teaches you to make money online.

It’s a system that is advertised as a system generating income on autopilot. You will earn an income without extra hard work.

The system is 100% automated and will generate income nonstop.

Like ERM it’s full of fake stories, fake income proofs, fake personalities, fake video testimonials and more.

The founder of Instant Payday Tricks claims you will love his latest internet marketing techniques including Pinterest and Youtube methods that made him lots of money.

The reality is quite different. The training for the most part is a collection of disorganized videos that promote outdated methods from 2014.

I really doubt these methods will work for you exactly as they did for Chris or Ed Roberts.




Before you invest $47 in Instant Payday Tricks

I think you must know some facts before you decide to join Instant Payday Tricks.

Because after spending money it may be late because of refund. Sometimes you can get refund and sometimes it can become a big problem.

When it comes to Instant Payday Tricks, I’m not sure if you can get your money back.

That’s why I recommend to avoid this program and save your money.

The main issue with Instant Payday Tricks is that the program uses for the most part outdated methods that can destroy all your efforts online.

You can have issues if you decide to get your money back.

There is no supportive community which is a major issue. It’s a fact that you can’t achieve success online without quality and timely support.

The program is full of fake and false info, such as fake personalities behind Instant Payday Tricks, fake video testimonials, exaggerated income claims and finally super misleading video that you can watch below.






Instant Payday Tricks Training

The training of Instant Payday Tricks is unclear. On the one hand Ed Roberts shows Pinterest training and landing page.

On the other hand my research shows that IPT training is the same training that you find in Easy Retired Millionaire program which you can see below.


instant payday tricks


Step 1: The Emergency Cash Generator

Emergency Cash generator video 1

Emergency Cash generator video 2

Bonus: Copy this EASY method for $100/day income

Forgotten traffic plans

Effective list building blueprint

Clickbank takeover part 1


Step 2: Facebook Article Sharing

The training will teach you how to spam Craigslist website and get your account banned or how to get traffic with methods that don’t work in 2020.

You will learn how to complete online surveys and earn cents instead of dollars.

How to submit articles to article directories and get zero traffic. How to waste your money on solo ad method and more.

Some traffic methods are not bad and can teach you some working methods. Will these help you make money is a big question.

So, it’s not really clear until you waste your $37 and get access to the members area which I don’t recommend.




Effectiveness of Instant Payday Tricks Training

With all my experience in affiliate marketing since 2014 I think you can’t expect any good results from IPT training though some methods still work in 2020.

The overall quality of the training including support which is very important in online business, I think your chances for success are very slim.




Why I gave such a low score to Instant Payday Tricks?

I gave a low score for a number of reasons:

The webpage looks very unprofessional and untrustworthy.

See the screenshot and ask yourself: Do you really believe the founder of Instant Payday Tricks makes millions of dollars?




The training is outdated for the most part.

Chris doesn’t show real success stories.

The webpage video shows some methods using Pinterest.

The founder of Instant Payday Tricks uses Ed Roberts name which is an abbreviated pen name. Why he uses a pen name? Not clear!

The main domain name talks about training, such as “Meditation workshops for improving social skills”. See the screenshot.

They suggest that you sign up with their so called Success Consultant.

The video is very short, about less than 2 minutes and you are suggested to sign up. Looks very fishy in my opinion.




If you go to this domain ( slightly modified you will get to this page that looks unprofessional and fishy.

My overall feeling and opinion about Instant Payday Tricks are very negative and strongly recommend to avoid this program.

It looks like Ed Roberts promises you to copy his success and earn $800 per hour. It’s a total BS.






Is Instant Payday Tricks a Scam?

I think Instant Payday Tricks is a borderline scam for a number of reasons:

The domain name looks suspicious, such as


Before it promoted training from Easy Retired Millionaire.

Now it’s not clear what you get for $37.

The founder uses his pen name instead of his real name.

Both programs use tricky methods to get you into Instant Payday Tricks program.

I would strongly recommend to avoid it.




Final Review of Instant Payday Tricks

  • Misleading video
  • Exaggerated income claims
  • No supportive community
  • Outdated methods
  • IPT Webpage looks unprofessional
  • Overall score: 2 out of 10





Any Legit Programs Better than Instant Payday Tricks?

For legit programs I recommend two my favorite programs:

Program #1 – One week free trial account/Premium Yearly – $495

Program #2 – $450 Premium Yearly then $200 each year after that

These programs provide:

Quality training on affiliate marketing Quality and timely support Tools for your business

I believe if you stick to any of these programs, take action and give it some time, you will be successful.



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