Forever Affiliate Review – Good Program But is by Far Not the Best One

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Owner: Andrew Hansen


Price $97

Verdict: Legit but not recommended


Forever Affiliate, is an affiliate program teaching you affiliate marketing, and how to make money with it. The program was created by Andrew Hansen to teach you legit techniques in accord with Google latest updates, which is very important because applying wrong techniques can destroy your entire business.

That is the main point that makes this program different from many other products. It teaches you how to build small niche websites, get them ranked on Google and make money from it. In one word, it is a good video training course, which is definitely not a scam because it teaches you skills and methods you can apply to your business.

As I said above, the training course includes video lessons broken out into 3 phases, easy to understand and apply. The course doesn’t only teach you general knowledge, it also provides you with step-by-step instructions.

The course teaches you what is called “white hat techniques” as opposed to black SEO. You can try the course for $1 before you buy it, and this is definitely the cool part of the program.

If you are new to internet and affiliate marketing then this course will be a little hard to understand and or even I think you can get confused. There are some upsells inside the program to expect, after completing the course.

There is no support for this product or a community where you can ask a question and get support. In one word, after buying the product, you are left on your own.

The program was designed for those who have some basic knowledge on affiliate marketing and want to advance in it.


Inside Forever Affiliate

In the first phase Andrew will show you how to find profitable markets and monetize on them. He claims to show you specific markets that no other affiliates know. He claims to show you the markets that have no competition and that you will learn how to make tons of money.


forever affiliate



In phase two Andrew will show you how to make sure that the markets you have chosen are really profitable. You need to know this before you start committing your precious time and efforts to something that can be a waste of your time and energy.

He promises that he will show you exactly how to copy his formula and paste it the right way to start making money within a few days after joining his program.

Additionally he will show you how to drive traffic to your mini websites using white SEO techniques. One thing I want to point out here is that starting making money within a few days is NOT true.

In phase 3 Andrew will show you how to increase your profits and automate the process so that you can spend less effort while keeping your success and even taking it to a higher level. He will show you how to get rankings for your pages as fast as possible, teach you some link building strategies.


Forever Affiliate and reality

Now I have some thoughts I would like to share with you which I believe will help you make the right decision. On his website Andrew starts his message with a promise which in my view seriously undermines his entire message.

The problem is that he promises that you need only to open a video 1, watch it… then copy the steps outlined there. Then move to video 2 and so on… and by the end of the course you will be making $300-$3000 a month. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Then he promises that you don’t need spending long hours at the computer trying to “figure this out”.

He claims that his system was designed to work without working on your part at all.

He uses some testimonials to convince his visitors that some of his customers are making $500 per week after two weeks of joining his program.





The problem with that kind of claims is that I’m sure, they are not real. This is a typical sales page that aims at convincing you to buy the product. I have good experience in internet and affiliate marketing and I know exactly not only from my own but other successful marketers’ experience that to make $2000/$3000 per month requires months of hard work but not hours or a few days as Andrew promises you.

There is no such a program, no matter how perfect it’s, that can teach you methods of making money online within a few days. To be exact, it can teach you real methods but to apply them and start making serious money requires time and hard work. Anyone who says the opposite is lying to you.

Yes, I’m not wrong. It takes months to reach numbers mentioned above or years when talking about 5,6 figure income per month. Writing content for your website then getting it ranked on major search engines requires some time and patience.

Even if you get those rankings it doesn’t mean that you can convert your traffic (visitors) into customers. All this requires time, patience and hard work. But I’m not saying that Forever Affiliate is a scam.


Final word on Forever Affiliate

The program is legitimate and really teaching you real methods and techniques that work. The only thing I don’t like about the program is that it does give promises it fails to deliver. So, you can join the program but don’t expect quick results. It will not happen!

Instead of this I suggest you to read my review of the best program existing on the web. The program I’m talking about never gives false promises while producing awesome results. You can join it for free and later if you like it you can upgrade to premium membership.

Compared to Forever Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate was designed not only for affiliate marketers but for beginners as well. To be honest, I don’t know anyone who’s been unhappy with WA.

I’ve been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and know the program from inside. If you still have any questions please leave your comments below or contact me and I will respond within a day.



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  1. Aaron says:

    Awesome site, as a new affiliate marketer, this could prove to be very resourceful. There are many products and people out there who all claim they know the best techniques and strategies. Good to find a site where I can get some feedback and information about Forever Affiliate before making a decision. Any recommendations you would have?

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad you found my review of Forever Affiliate helpful. Forever Affiliate is actually not a bad program and it offers a very quality training on how rank your niche sites in Google and other search engines, explains the difference between white and black SEO which is very important. The program also teaches how to make money online. In general, the program is legit. But there are quite a few issues with the program. Andrew does make unrealistic claims and makes promises such as guaranteeing you to follow simple steps and start making money in 10 days. This is of course not true. Very few people can achieve that. You asked my recommendations and I would like to explain to you the real state of things. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate which is very similar to Forever Affiliate in what they teach. There are thousands of members within WA community and very few people can start making money in the first months after joining the program. And it’s because most people are not willing to work hard and it’s not because training at WA is bad. The difference of WA from Forever Affiliate is that WA does never makes any promises to anyone while Forever Affiliate does so. That’s why in my opinion, Forever Affiliate is legit program but to due to making false promises I don’t recommend it to people. No one likes to be fooled.

  2. adam says:

    hi rufat,
    thanks for the review on forever affiliate. There are a lot of products out there that claim you can start making money in a few days, which is so not true. I know personally as i bought into a few of these type of products for that very reason and didn’t get anywhere. It does take time and your better of spending your money somewhere where you’ll get honest and valuable training like wealthy affiliate as you recommended.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Adam. I agree that there are too many programs that are legit but due to making too many false promises and unrealistic claims I’ve added them to my not recommended list of products. Forever Affiliate is really a very controversial product in my opinion. From the one hand, it teaches you affiliate marketing which is ok. But it explains the process in an realistic way as opening training videos, watching them and then applying and making money. Of course, this is not true. And unfortunately, Andrew goes as far as claims that some of his members start making $500 a week after two weeks of joining the program. This simply can’t be true because I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for many years and I don’t know anyone who could start making such amount of money so fast. It’s really misleading and I think it doesn’t earns Andrew any respect. Compared to Forever Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate never makes unrealistic claims or false promises and that’s why people love this program. Thank you for the comment Adam.

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