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Today I would like to discuss a clone website called Firepa or Zonepa. First of all, I want to point out that there are many websites on the internet promoting the same products promoted at Zonepa or Firepa website.

Actually, these guys that stand behind (Zonepa/Firepa) do not own any products.

They are selling Clickbank products, and ones they are selling are really bad products. But Clickbank has many quality products as well and you can earn lots of money if you know how to sell online.

The products promoted at Firepa should be removed from Clickbank, in my view. But reality is quite different because Clickbank removes a product only if they get a lot of complaints about that product.

I’m sure they get some complaints, but I suppose not enough to remove the products promoted at Firepa. But we must remember that there are real people, like you and me behind every complaint.

Another thing, which is important in my view, is that if promotion of a product is based on false advertising and doesn’t meet certain criteria (fails to deliver on its promises), then it must be banned.

Any product should be sold ethically – the main criteria to be followed. However, ethics isn’t our concern today, because I want to give you more insight on the products promoted at Firepa.

Products promoted by Firepa and Zonepa

All products promoted and advertised at are really bad products and not worth your money or attention. One of the products they are selling is “Earn cash with surveys”. In the product description they promise you to show the best places on the internet where you can make a lot of money by participating in paid surveys.

However, the problem with paid surveys, as I said in my paid surveys review, is that you can make some decent money, but not enough to become a successful internet marketer. In the product description they even promise that you can make up to 10.000$ a month. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

Another product they are promoting is “Earn cash with Facebook and Twitter. That was discussed in my review of “paidsocialmediajobs”. You can make money with “paidsocialmediajobs” BUT you need to have certain qualifications and experience. They promise that you can get paid 35$ per hour.

firepa clone site

Yes, you can, but the problem is that there is no guarantee that you will find such a job due to a high competition in that field.

Any big company looking to reduce its expenses will easily pay a social manager from Asia 10 or 15$ per hour instead of paying someone 35$ from Europe or Western countries.

So, don’t expect too much from this program and think well before making your decision.

Another product they are promoting is Google sniper. Again as I said in my Google sniper review, you shouldn’t expect much from this product either. The owner of the product George Brown teaches some legit and some wrong or outdated tactics which might hurt your website rankings in search engines or even destroy your entire business.

They promise you that with this product you can make a lot of money without spending much time. This is simply not true because if you want to make serious money on the internet you should be prepared to spend time, learn certain skills and apply your knowledge and work hard.

And the last product is regarding making money by uploading videos on YouTube. They promise that there are companies that are ready to pay over 100$ per day just for uploading their videos on YouTube! What a lie! Please read my review of TubeLaunch.


Final word on Firepa

Finally, they claim on their website that they have been helping people for years and changed many people’s ways of living. This is not true at all.

Please be aware that owners of Firepa/Zonepa change the design of their website very often and never stop on that or even redirect their URL. It is obvious, because they do it due to a high number of negative reviews about them on the internet.

I don’t know exactly to which domain they moved their website now but if you type in firepa or in Google you will be redirected to Please read my paid surveys review.

Finally, I do not recommend you to buy any of these products. If you are really interested in making money and building your own business online, then I recommend you to sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. They can teach you how to build a successful business online.

What I recommend you is read the material on my website to have a better understanding of what internet marketing is all about. It is all free and I’ve created it specifically for people like you. If you read it you will understand what real business is and I guarantee that it will save you a lot of money.firepa review

Don’t try to chase after the next magic formula, promising you quick money. It doesn’t exist.

Websites, such as Firepa or Zonepa will never take you closer to achieving your goals. The products they promote on their website are not only far from being perfect. None of those programs (paidsocialmediajobs or paid surveys) can help you achieve your goal.

But the reason for writing this review is because they try to convince you that you can make a lot of money with those programs though it is not true. It all depends on your professional skills, knowledge and experience.

In regards to Google Sniper, it is not a scam but if you follow the tactics taught by George Brown you will destroy your entire business because some of his tactics are absolutely outdated.

That’s why if you are willing to work online you need to start building a real business that will work for years. What you really need now is to focus on getting trained at the right place and that place is the Wealthy Affiliate.WA will teach you how to build your own website, write content, optimize it for search engines and start making money.

If you don’t have your product, WA will show you how and where to choose a product to promote. Remember that you should never trust people who promise you success overnight or promote crappy products, such as those promoted at Firepa or Zonepa.

You might be thinking now: I have no time to build a website because it takes too much time and I want to start making money immediately. I can tell you that building a website is not difficult at all.

You can find a free tool here (just scroll down on that page) and you can try to build your first website using WordPress – most advanced website building platform.

And remember, without your own website you will never make serious money online. Invest some time and work and it will pay off later, in a few months. Here is my website you are reading now, and you can have your very own website as well and make money too.

What WA teaches you is absolutely different from what you will find at Firepa or Zonepa. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Rufat

    Firepa sounds like a real scam indeed but at least you are making a good effort to get the word out about their business dealings. This is great information for new comers.

    I am also a member of WA and I certainly vouch for what you are saying. They are definetly an elite company and highly recommended. Thanks for sharing.


    • Rufat says:

      Firepa is an old scam site that has many duplicate sites. I’m sure they have a new site and continue promoting pure products.

  2. Boniface says:

    Hi Rufat,
    Thanks for that comprehensive review of Firepa/Zonepa. You have really elaborated about how Firepa/Zonepa are scams and that they are out there to defraud people of their money. For instance, I like the argument that online surveys cannot lead to a person getting $35/hr. Again Facebook/Twitter scams have increased. Please continue with the good work!

    • Rufat says:

      This crappy site called Firepa or Zonepa and whatever it is, it has been around for many years now and to be honest, I don’t even know under which new domain name they are now working. Among the opportunities they are pushing on their website most are useless or exaggerated. And in fact, they don’t provide any value, they don’t have any of products of their own, they are not helping people in any way although they claim that they have been helping folks for many years now. I believe this site should be forgotten once and forever.

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