Zeek Rewards Review – Is It a Scam? Yes

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Owner: Burks

Verdict: Scam


Is Zeek Rewards a scam? Yes! It is a pure scam. I would say it is one of the biggest scams in the history of Internet. Like many other scams, “Zeek Rewards” promises people a lot of money overnight.

Many folks invested their hard earned money in that program, in the hope of a bright future, yet nothing changed.

Actually, Zeek Rewards’s website has since been shut down and it is not surprising because they had some legal issues.

Zeek Rewards was owned by Rex Venture Group LLC. It was closed by SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) due to the reason mentioned above.

Burks, the founder of Zeek made millions of dollars during his campaign but thousands of folks who joined his program got nothing but disappointment. Besides that, Burks had to pay $4 million dollar penalty to the SEC.

Ok, let us see if the program does deliver on its promises.

Zeek rewards consisted of two divisions: Zeekrewards.com, an affiliate “camp” designed to promote Zeek and Zeekler.com, a penny action program. They claimed their program to be as simple as to follow money saver system and make a lot of money doing nothing.

You need to sign up for a free account, get your free websites, drive your friends and folks to your site and once they sign up and bid on auctions or become affiliates under you, you will start making money 🙂


Pros of the program

To be honest, I don’t see any pros in Zeek Rewards because the program didn’t help anyone build a real business online. You should know that their website was shut down.

But they had an affiliate program and some of their active affiliates were able to make money by referring other people (victims) to their site. But that kind of dishonest business can’t live long and that is the main reason I consider it to be a scam.


Cons of the program

In regards to the cons of the program there are many of them. It was based on false promises, many folks lost their hard earned money, the company had legal problems and finally their website was shut down.

Zeek Rewards followed the same way as of that Empower Network, an MLM pyramid scheme. People involved in the program were required to make some investment and then start promoting the program to other victims to get them to sign up.

So, their affiliates referred other people to the program, who made investment and the affiliates earned their affiliate commissions such a dishonest way.zeek rewards

To make money you had to be very active because if you were not active and failed to convince others to sign up you wouldn’t make any money.

The problem with the program was that it didn’t actually offer any real product.

So, you paid Zeek Rewards and had your right to be paid if you could refer other people to Zeek Rewards. It was a classic Pyramid Scheme.

Ok, what to do now? Zeek Rewards disappeared from the scene and does this mean that internet folks are safe now? The paradox of the situation is that SEC shut down Zeek’s website, and this theoretically means that we can all be safe now, without any fear of being scammed again. Unfortunately, reality is different.

New Zeek Rewards, i.e. Empower Network is still making millions of dollars, following the same way, giving same false promises to the internet folks, taking their money and giving nothing in return.

They take your money and don’t offer any product in return: only questionable chance to make money. But the paradox is that this new kind of Zeek Rewards is still working and there is a big question that comes to my mind: “Why are they still working?” I believe it will be shut down as well.

You can read reviews on Zeek Rewards on some websites displaying images with a huge traffic that Zeek’s website received just to convince people that Zeek was one of the best selling sites on the internet.

But they don’t show you another image, displaying a huge drop in Zeek’s traffic that happened due to company’s fall, which is a pattern for such company.


Final word on Zeek Rewards

Finally, I advise you to stay away from that kind of offers because no one can help you if you fall for the scam, such as Zeek or similar programs. Some people who invested $1000 and some even $3000 are still trying to get their money back by making complaint on this website http://www.zeekrewardsclassaction.com/

Unfortunately, complaints are not accepted anymore because the claim portal was closed on September 5, 2013. But it is a good lesson for those who still want to join programs of that kind.

Also, I checked their website at scamadviser.com and here is what I’ve got.



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  1. Stanley says:

    Thank you once again for sharing the scammers to us so that we will be ware of them or similar online companies down the road. Definitely your persistence in researching these scammers will deter them (a fair bit) from cheating innocent people. Thank you for your dedication and time to share this info to us.

    • Rufat says:

      Fortunately, Zeek Rewards was shut down by Security and Exchange Commission and people are now safe from this scam, but unfortunately, there are many other similar scams out there that are scamming people. This is the reality of our world and the only thing we can do is continue our work and expose these scams.

  2. Seviedean says:

    you would have thought that people would have learned by now that any promises of quick riches is going to be a scam…if it was that easy to get rich, we would all be millionaires…thanks for putting this out there, it’s nice to know we have people like you being vigilant and keeping an eye on things like this.

    • Rufat says:

      Unfortunately, most people still fall for scams like Zeek Rewards because they didn’t learn any lesson from their own mistakes. Each scam that I came across on the internet had its own methods to scam people and all these methods work very well because most people want to believe in quick buck opportunities though they realize in their hearts that it can’t be real. But we can’t do anything apart from recommending good and legit programs and the rest is with people. If someone believes that a certain program can help them make lots of money, you will simply be able to stop them form taking action. They have to try a program or two and only then they will realize and learn how to spot scams.

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