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December 14, 2014 32 Comments


Website: http://www.emobilecode.com

Owner: Ronnie C Montano

Price: $49

Verdict: Pure Scam


Emobile Code is another “awesome” program that can help you make money on the internet with little to no effort from your side. Every other program that appears on the internet in the money making niche tries to scam people out of their hard earned money and unfortunately, Emobile code is exactly from the same range of online business opportunities out there.

The owner of the program claims that his system is a revolutionary opportunity for people dreaming of an easy way of making money online. And I almost forgot to mention that he had a gift for you 🙂 Yes, you’re not wrong. A gift that is waiting for you, on their website.


emobile gift


The promotional video starts with convincing words with empty promises like all other scams that I know. Ronnie tries to convince you that someone has made $5000 just in one day! etc…


5000$ in one day




What is eMobile Code?

And I’m going to look into this program to help you make the right decision. So, the main idea behind the program is that once you’ve created your account you will get mobile friendly website to start making money online.

Mobile friendly means that your website can be accessed from any device, PC, laptop, mobile phone or a handheld mobile device. By the way, mobile friendly sites are available everywhere on the internet at a very low price.



Pros of the program:

The only positive feature that I see in the program is that they give you a mobile friendly website. BUT, I’m giving you the tool that you can use to build your very own website and it’s FREE.

Cons of the program:

  • False promises
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • No active forum where you can get help
  • No real support from the owner of the program
  • Many upsells in the program
  • Training is very basic and will not answer most of your questions
  • Useless techniques such as free traffic to your website


 Inside the program:

1. First off, I would like to point out that the training within the program is very basic and if you’re new to internet marketing, you will get completely confused with it. The training doesn’t explain the basics of internet marketing or how you can build your business using legit techniques. Without this knowledge you will surely get stuck and waste your time and money with little or no results.


2. Their promotional methods are really dated and worth laughing at because some of their products even promise that you can start making money in 60 minutes 🙂 up to $500.000


another lie from Ronnie Montano



3. Once you get access to Emobile code members area, you will find there 7 steps that theoretically should help you make money BUT in reality it’s you who is expected to spend extra money because all these 7 steps are actually another upsells you have to spend money on.

emobile member area

emobile-code member area

4. Another stupid thing is that from the very start they want you to pay for autoresponder service which is another $19 per month while you aren’t probably even familiar with the basics of internet marketing.


5. Free traffic to your website technique that they try to upsell you is another stupid thing. Instead of teaching you legit methods how to drive free organic traffic to your site from search engines, they offer you a shady product you have to pay for to drive untargeted and useless traffic that will most likely not help you make any real money.


6. The program teaches how to promote products to people through email marketing, i.e. building a list of subscribers. If you’re new to internet marketing you may probably think that it’s so easy, just send sequence of emails to thousands of people and they will buy your product. Yes and NO.

You can use email marketing successfully if only you know how to do it and if you learn the basics of internet marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. What I know exactly is that eMobile code isn’t going to teach you all those things.


7. To use the potential of eMobile code, if only this word can be used here :), you need to spend extra money, up to $1000 and with the kind of very basic training they offer and no real support, you can hardly make any money.


easy money with emobile code



8. Some resources on the internet report that Ronnie Montano is the author of other crappy products, such as Tube cash code, Mobile Cash code, Easy cash code etc. The common nature of all these products is the same, i.e. they promise exaggerated earnings, with no real support and are basically aimed at making money off you instead of helping you to make money.


Final word on eMobile code:

If you read my article Scam Review, you will easily understand that Ronnie Montano’s product goes directly to my black list. Just, as an example, here is what I’ve found about eMobile code on BBB.org website. According to their report, there are some factors that lowered eMobile Code’s rating and among the factors are the following:

  • 9 complaints failed against business.
  • Failure to respond to those complaints.
  • BBB has not received a response from eMobile and has not been able to verify the information about this business.


BBB complaint about emobile code


There is a major complaint from their customers and the main problem is that after their initial purchase, Ronnie Montano offers some upgrade options (upsells mentioned above) sometimes costing thousands of dollars. Also, most of their consumers claim that Montano’s product is not what they were led to believe.

And here is another important information that I’ve found on scamadviser.com


scamadviser about emobile code

With all this information, I think there is no place for any doubts in regards to this program. When you watch their promotional video you will hear as Ronnie with another paid actor talk about how great the system is and no one else knows about amazing system that Ronnie has to offer to those that are lucky to find and join it… bla-bla-bla.


Long story short, avoid eMobile Code!

You may want to ask, WHAT NOW? My sincere advice would be, read “For Beginners” section on my site to understand how internet marketing works. I know, it will take an hour or two, BUT it is for your own good. Otherwise, you will be surfing the web, jumping from product to product, wasting your time and money.

Also, read my article, Scam Review to know how to easily spot scams.

Finally, if you’re interested in making money on the internet and want to have a website, like mine, I honestly recommend you to read my #1 recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate. This is the best place on the entire web that helped thousands of people build their real businesses online and it helped me build my business too.

And the most important thing is that the owners of WA never promise 6 figures to anyone. If you want to make money on the internet, you must follow the certification course at WA and then apply what you will learn there to your business and I promise you, you will be making serious money.


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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Lee Zhi Wei says:

    There’s always scams like these which exploits the human nature – greed. Many of these promises instant get rich schemes but offers little to no help in setting the users up for success.

    Ponzi schemes is on the rise & you can only expect it to get worse from now on.

    • Rufat says:

      You’re right. It’s really interesting that programs like eMobile code promise easy money and at the same time they never provide nay real support. All they say is just plug into their system and start making thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, what you say is true. Ponzi schemes are on the rise and we should expect it get worse. That’s true. There are thousands of ponzi schemes online, some go away, other appear for scamming honest people and unfortunately when it comes to online world there is no way to stop it. This is like a plague. I mean most of the programs including emobile code don’t even try to help you. Instead they are constantly trying to throw tons of upsells on you. Do they really think they can help you succeed online through selling you many products? I know from my experience that programs that mostly focus on pushing you more other “amazing” products, i.e. upsells, never help anyone build a successful online business. And it’s because their main concern is money, not people. With such an approach they will never be successful.

  2. Alblue says:

    I stumbled upon your website when searching about some negative reviews about this program. Thanks so much for giving such a thorough review!

    It gives me this bad feeling when seeing the over-exaggerating income. I suppose any program that give you a promise for overnight success is always a scam. Sigh.

    I’ll be sure to check your blog for the beginner. Thank you.

    • Rufat says:

      I’m almost of the same opinion about eMobile code. Their claims are too unrealistic and there are too many upsells in the program, support is weak and the training is very basic. All major aspects that make a program worth the time and money are absent here which means this program is not worth our attention. On the one hand I can agree with you that any program that gives you a promise of overnight success should be a scam, but it’s not always the case. Some programs are not obvious scams and provide some value. In this case I add them to my not recommended list. When it comes to emobile, like you say, it’s to bad and that’s why it’s a scam in my opinion.

  3. Mark D says:

    It’s good to see an honest review like this one as far too many people are scammed online. When I first started out trying to make money online, I was scammed several times, usually by fake reviews of people trying to earn a commission for a product they’ve not even used. If these people put the same effort into making a real working product then they’d surely make money long term, rather than scamming people until the word gets around that they are indeed selling a scam product!

    • Rufat says:

      Many people get scammed online and it’s not a secret. I was scammed a few times. You are right, many reviews are compiled by dishonest people. People read them and fall for their false promises. And I totally agree with you that these people instead of creating quality product designed to help folks, they continue scamming people, giving them poor products with poor support that will get them nowhere.

  4. Kim says:

    I am quite intrigued as I always like to research income ideas. Your expertise has me wanting to learn more… Thanks for the info on scams and where to find better internet marketing strategies online; what has worked and what to steer clear of! Reading the fine print isn’t always easy so I like how your site cuts out a lot of the investigating for me!

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Kim. eMobile code is definitely not the best option for income ideas because though the idea of using an email list for increasing sales which is ok in itself, BUT it’s not going to work as easy as they try to explain it to people. To build a list you need to invest time and effort and it it will take months before you build one. As for using someone else’s lists which is called solo ads it doesn’t work as good as you might be thinking. All these strategies may work for some people and may not work fro others. It depends on how you apply them. And results are not always the same. I’m just explaining this because they try to describe it as easy process and that you can start making a lot of money in 60 seconds which is not the case. They are simply lying to you. That’s why I think emobile code is not a good option for income ideas and I recommend to take a look at my recommended program at the end of my review.

  5. Jay says:

    Wow Rufat, emobile code does sound like a total scam! I’m kinda curious… what made you sign up for it in the first place?

    And how long have you been a member on wealthy affiliate for? They really do have a great community, don’t they? Very helpful and supportive. One of a kind platform!

    • Rufat says:

      You are right Jay. Emobile code is a total scam in my opinion. I think it provides very little value or practical methods. They throw upsells before they try to hep you which is the first sign of the program being unethical in my opinion. I didn’t sign up for emobile code. I’ve done a deep research on the program to find out what it’s all about. The program is pretty popular and you don’t actually need to sig up for it to find out how it works. Aside from that, I have a good experience in internet marketing and know what works and what doesn’t. What is being promoted by Ronnie may work for some who has enough experience online and is not going to work for most people. Plus he makes so many false promises and unrealistic claims that I simply had to give my scam verdict on the program. As for WA, I’ve been a member for 2 years now and the program makes me money. It’s not easy of course and have to work on my site almost every day in order to earn the amount of money that makes my business profitable.

  6. Brandon says:

    Hi Rufat,

    Thanks for providing a heads up on eMobile Code. Your review is pretty thorough and the content is pretty solid. The sad side of this story is that programs like eMobile Code wouldn’t exist UNLESS there are people that get suckered in and lose their money.

    Thanks for the warning!


    • Rufat says:

      You are right Brandon, I think the only way is gaining knowledge and experience so we can protect ourselves from falling victims to programs like this one. If we educate ourselves then programs like eMobile code won’t be able to cheat us. For me as an experienced internet marketer it’s very easy to spot scams like this one while for most people that have no any clue about making money online any opportunity may seem realistic and promising. I hope I have enough evidence in my article to help people avoid this program.

  7. Igor says:


    I think I heard of this “program” before. But judging from your article and details you provide, it`s more than obvious scam. I guess majority of affiliate deals out there are just like this, trying to sell worthless programs to people. Very good that you write about it. After all, the proper info is the best way of dealing with junk of this kind.

    Great work!

    • Rufat says:

      I think half of the internet heard of eMobile and unfortunately many people still fall for this scam that tries to scam people. You are right, I’ve been online since 2000 and an overwhelming majority of the programs in the make money niche are absolutely useless and don’t teach people anything worthwhile. Just imagine how useless this program really is. They through tons of upsells on you without any explanation on what to do with them. Instead of throwing these upsells they should explain people how to make money online and what to do with the list of subscribers. If you don’t understand why you should build a list then it doesn’t make any sense to build one. Long story short, in my opinion, eMobile code is just a waste of time.

  8. Paul says:

    Hi Rufat, congratulations on exposing scumbags like Ronnie Montano. I have been scammed by a similar type of scheme in the past where I was asked to buy upsell after upsell after upsell. I think it was called mobile money code and the scammer was a snake called Greg Anderson I believe. He even got his family involved in convincing you to buy, a shameless family.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Paul, It’s really bad that you have been scammed by Anderson. Most programs that I know scam people like and me through endless upsells instead of helping folks. All these programs, such as emobile code or mobile money code are scamming people by using the same strategies. I really appreciate that you commented on my post and shared your experience with similar programs so others can benefit from your mistakes and learn some lessons.

  9. Chris says:

    Oh this is pretty sad – yet another well designed scam that is set out to hit you with constant upsells along the way. I wonder how many people have fallen for it so far?
    The starting price of $40 odd is high enough but the upsells will be killer for those who have already forked out the cash to join.
    Thanks for this review – do you think there are actually any legit ways to make money left out there?

    • Rufat says:

      I think facts speak for themselves. The program is not worth trying out in my opinion. Like you say, constant upsells are really annoying and disappointing because it requires more spending without any guarantees to make any money at all. A lot of people have fallen victims to this program a lot of people will and we can’t stop it. The only way to save people is write reviews and expose scams like this one.

  10. Keye says:

    I really don’t like programs who promises so much return and profits. It’s like it is to good to be true. Also so many upsells discourages me from joining. Thorough and up to date training are also important to me because we need to be updated and armed with the skills and knowledge needed to improve our business.

    • Rufat says:

      I absolutely agree with you Keye. If a program makes a lot of false promises and bold claims like emobile code does, it’s always safe to run away from it. Programs like this one can be spot easily a mile off and the most obvious sign is throwing tons of upsells on you. In my opinion though upsell is not always a bad thing I don’t like upsells because when someone buy a product from you and then finds that they need to buy some other products it looks a bit annoying and disappointing. And like you say, training is the most important aspect of your success online and it always must be easy to follow and a step-by-step one. This is exactly what emobile code fails to deliver.

  11. Chris says:

    Programs like this are very frustrating. I can’t imagine why there are people who want to take advantage of other people by taking their money and worst, giving them false hopes. They are so desperate.

    I know I can easily see a scam when I see one. Right now, anything that promises easy money is for me a scam. And really, free traffic? It is like having a Twitter account and buying followers who doesn’t even want to follow you.

    Thank you for this review. I may see this as a scam in just one look but, admittedly, a lot of people will still fall for this. And your effort to provide and distribute this kind of information online will help a lot of people.

    • Rufat says:

      Chris,they do so because they want a quick buck and they never care about people. I just like you don’t understand such people because they make money through dishonest way and in fact, it’s not a business. I mean to make money by deceiving people is not a business IMO. I agree that the red flag is when easy money is promised and whenever you see it you must run away. Free traffic is another gimmick programs like emobile try to promote to people that have no any clue about internet marketing. No matter if it’s free or paid traffic because what we need is a targeted traffic. Ronnie is not going to send you targeted traffic simply because he has no the keys to traffic. Google and other search engines have the key and can send you targeted traffic. Of course, though we write our reviews and try to expose scams like this one, people will continue to fall for this type of programs. It’s the way of things and we can’t do a lot to change it.

  12. admin says:


    Yep – Another program that offers the WORLD!
    I’ve seen this sort of thing so many times and they all follow the same pattern – Suck people in with massive promises of fortune and while they are not thinking straight gtet them to pay more for the opportunity to do the same to others!
    It’s things like this program that make my blood boil…

    Great review!


    • Rufat says:

      I understand you Anthony very well. There are so many programs that promise the world but fail to deliver even a small fraction of it and emobile code follows the same pattern. Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as internet police and that’s why people like Ronnie Montano bullshit people with stuff like emobile code and unfortunately people believe them. One thing that amazes me is that if most of those people that come across programs like emobile came across the same opportunity in real world they wouldn’t believe it, but they for some reasons believe in such opportunities on the internet. You are right Anthony, they suck people in with massive promises and then lure them into bringing other people and so on… I don’t know when all this crap will stop but it’s still powerful.

  13. Peter says:

    Great review and good work in exposing yet another internet scam. Which could easily be a full time job because of the shear number of them online, Yet they continue to proliferate like crazy. I am very pleased to see you are promoting an awesome training program, probably the best on the internet Wealthy Affiliate and somewhere that anyone looking to learn how to make a living online should check out. I have been scammed and spent many years trying to learn about internet marketing and like you it wasn’t until Wealthy Affiliate that I got the tools and education needed to achieve any sort of success. Nice site and a great review 😉

    • Rufat says:

      I agree Peter and I’m like you full of all these scams that spring up like mushrooms and continue scamming honest people. I can imagine how you spent years trying to find something legit because with so many scams around it’s really hard to know which program is worth your time and which is a waste of time. Programs like WA provide absolutely different experience such as quality training, tools and support, all designed to help folks achieve success. I think though programs like emobile code continue scamming people, thanks to honest reviews that expose these poor products people have a good chance to learn some real facts and avoid these scams.

  14. Jack Cao says:

    All I can say about E-mobile Code is that it is a load of crap. Upsells of one after another, there’s no stop to it. Basically you learn nothing from the program and all you know is to give cash to the owners of Emobile code (not Bill Mcknight by the way). Really, this program is total bull and provides no value, you will be down half a thousand dollars before you even make a penny.

    Thanks for this review Rufat! It’s great to see this type of programs being torn down like that.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    • Rufat says:

      I absolutely agree with you Jack regarding emobile code. They teach people nothing except doing wrong or unrealistic things and then expect unrealistic things from their useless efforts. They try to push tons of upsells on you instead of helping you and that’s really bad. Their training is very basic and not a good fit for anyone starting online. And they don’t provide any support which is very normal when it comes to poor products such as eMobile code. And there are many complaints about this program which proves again that the program is not legit. Th worst part of eMobile code is that some of their upsells are extremely expensive, up to $1000! That’s really ridiculous. Or as you can see, they promise that right after joining their team, you can make up to $500.000! I think with this hype in mind, it should be clear to anyone that eMobile code is not worth even a penny.

  15. edy says:

    Another awesome review Rufat.
    eMobile seems to be suspicious, they are using anonymous service as you proof it.
    This type of making money sure is not legitimate. Too many exaggerated income and false promises.
    The only platform I notice that dont have crazy upsells, no exaggerated income and no false promises is Wealthy Affiliate. Really recommend people who are really serious in generating passive income online to try this free platform!

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Edy for stopping by again and leaving your comment on my post. I agree with you regarding eMobile. It’s absolutely useless product because it not only makes false promises but also delivers zero value to people that expect something legit and real from it. Also, there are many complaints about eMobile on the web, there is no real support + many upsells, which leaves no chances even to try this program for free it was at all. As for Wealthy Affiliate, I agree that the program is legit and never makes false promises to anyone. But unfortunately, very few people take my advice and choose to be scammed again and again.

  16. Albert Glenn says:

    Thanks for the info about E mobile. So how do i get into the business..

    • Rufat says:

      Very easy. Just go to my # 1 program and create your free starter account for the first 7 days. After 7 days you can choose a premium membership if you want to get into the business… or you can stay as starter and go through 10 lessons for free. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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