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December 11, 2014 2 Comments

pure leverage

Websites: http://www.pureleverage.com/, http://pureleverage.org

Price: Initial price 24.95$ per month

Owner: Joel Therien

Verdict: Scam at worst and not recommended at best


Pure Leverage is part of the GVO (Global Venture Opportunities) – a relatively new pyramid scheme program. The program like all other MLMs is mainly based on recruiting people into the program and building an army of other affiliates under you, otherwise you will make pennies if any at all.

And like all other MLM and scam programs, they promise you that with their program you can finally get your freedom.

Joel even considers his program to be a brand new and revolutionary opportunity to start making money online. If you watch his promotional video on his website and you don’t have any experience in internet marketing, you’re going to believe him and maybe join the program.

But I recommend you to read my review first. I’m going to explore this opportunity right now so you can make a decision whether to join this revolutionary program or not.


The program offers the following:

  • Web Presence & Site
  • Lead Capture System
  • Auto Responder
  • Video: Email & Streaming
  • Live Conference Room
  • Elite Live Coaching
  • 100% Commissions

From the start I would like to point out that the main idea behind the program isn’t about teaching you how to build a real business online. It’s more about selling you some tools that you will then sell to others. And if you’re looking for a way to start making online, Pure Leverage is BY FAR not the best opportunity out there.


Pros of the program

There is a step-by-step guide

Price is affordable for most people BUT if stay on the first level


Cons of the program:

Joel claims to pay affiliates 100% commission while it’s not true. You’ll get high payouts only for the first month referral

Some features are listed on their website BUT not yet available

Support is not bad in general but some complaints do still remain

Pure Leverage Spam – once you create your account you’re going to receive tons of emails about how great the program is and that you should take the benefit from it due to limited number of offers.

False promises about high earnings with little efforts to be applied

Membership price is not just 24,95$ as it is advertised. To earn more you must pay more and upgrade to higher level which will cost you 44,95$ or even 141,90$ per month. This is a common nature of all MLM pyramid schemes. To earn more you must spend more.


I Know of a Program That Blows Away Pure Leverage and is Free to Try, Find Out More Info Here!

Inside the program:

1. Web Presence & Site – Pure Leverage Elite marketing tool allows you to build your very own website to start “making money” on the internet. Joel claims that blogging is the most powerful way to become rich online. This is true. But if you’re not familiar with what blogging is, you may think that once Joel gives you this awesome tool and you create your site, you’ll immediately start making money.

pure leverage tools

You should know that to make money with your blog you need first to write quality content on your site to get it ranked on Google, then drive traffic to your site and then and only then probably start making money. Joel isn’t going to provide you with quality content you should know this from the outset.

2. Lead Capture System – With the tool Joel provides you, you will have access to a library of lead capture templates that is theoretically going to help you capture the name and email of your future prospects. It’s a good option if only you know how to manage it. Even if Joel provides you with tons of prewritten emails it doesn’t mean that you will be successful with this campaign. First, you must know how to drive free organic traffic from search engines to those pages and then benefit from it.

3. Auto responder – Again, it’s not as easy as you might be thinking. You’ll need a few months or 2 years at least before you can build your own list of subscribers. But Joel knows that you are not aware of all these tiny details.

4. Video: Email&Streaming – Joel explains you that with an awesome tool he provides you, you can record your video messages and send it with a click of your mouse to all subscribers AND money will flow into your pocket. IT’S NOT AS EASY AS YOU MIGHT BE THINKING.

5. Live Conference Room – This service is very similar to Google Hangouts. This tool is not going to help you make millions as well. There is nothing new that you can’t find elsewhere.

6. Elite Live Coaching – This is a training that will teach you how to promote Pure Leverage to other people. Again, nothing new. It’s not easy to promote a product to others when the product itself is by far not the best one and with so many negative reviews about the same product that are available on the internet.

7. Turbo Traffic Generation is one of those features that still doesn’t exist. Or to be exact, this feature is reported as being not fully launched yet.

8. Authority Blog which is known as Web Presence & Site within their program has no any value from the Google perspective because for a blog to gain an authority takes some time and it’s a matter of months and not days or weeks. And in addition to that, since you’re going to host your sites on Pure Leverage (GVO) servers, you’re going to run into some problems because of many complaints about GVO hosted sites being down.

complaints about pure leverage



Support at Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage Support – The support isn’t the best in that niche though it has improved lately. Anyway, in most cases before you get an answer to your question it will take a day or two which isn’t good.

Just as an example, I’m a premium member of Wealth Affiliate and whenever I need help at some point I can always PM the owners of the program, Kyle and Carson.

I can post my question and get help within minutes, I can PM members and get help the same day or in most cases in 2,3 hours and finally there is a live chat where I can ask a question and get help within seconds.


Final word on Pure Leverage

Do you think I can recommend the program after all the facts that have been mentioned above? You’re right. Sure, I can’t recommend it and the reason is that there many other good programs that I know and that have a lot of positive features and Pure Leverage in no way can be compared to them. Among them are: Chris Farrell Membership, Affilorama, Bring the Fresh, etc. AND THE BEST ONE is WEALTHY AFFILIATE. You literally will not find any negative reviews about WA on the entire web. Read my review of the WA below and remove all your doubts.

As for Pure Leverage, in their promotional video they use standard methods to convince people like you that once you join their program you’ll become rich very fast. They included testimonials of a few successful out of thousands of unsuccessful members.

If you read my article “Scam Review” you will understand that anyone who promises you tons of easy money with little effort from your side is most probably a scammer. Easy money doesn’t exist. It is that simple.

Pure Leverage is an MLM, multilevel marketing pyramid scheme and all MLMs have a bad reputation. A good example of MLM is the Empower Network and if you read my Empower Network review you’ll find that there is an alert for their business on BBB (Better Business Bureau), a company that helps people find and recommend businesses they can trust. Pure Leverage isn’t different from EN because both are MLMs.

I checked Pure Leverage on scamadviser and here is what I’ve got.

pure leverage scam

As you can see, PL is reported as untrustworthy site and that proves again that their business isn’t legit. Instead of wasting your time on this type of businesses I recommend you to try WA for free. WA never promises six figures to anyone while producing awesome results by helping people build their online successful businesses.

I know many Wealthy Affiliate members that are working hard and making serious money. If you’re willing to learn and work and make serious money then WA is for you. I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and can honestly recommend this program.

But if you’re still dreaming of finding a money-making button then I’m going to disappoint you because that button doesn’t exist. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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  1. Hi Rufat

    I remember long time ago I have watched the introduction video of Pure Leverage and it intrigued my curiosity and I wanted to participate but the registration door was closed at that time.I looked for reviews on the net and I believe all the reviews about this program were coming from the same place.Obviously there were not “personal reviews” but reviews guided from someone.The same content , just a summary of how Great Pure Leverage is and table charts with numbers and profit.I was not convinced.

    Now I came accidentally to your review and I wanted to check out if this product is legit after all.I am fully disappointed of yet another negative review on an MLM company.I do not believe in 100% commissions , how can that happen.?…also email and video marketing takes time (months or years) to be effective , and only if you have a strong knowledge in internet marketing. And I sure do not believe in recruiting people in your “Down-Line” , I have used it and it not worked properly.With any MLM it needs hard work and luck , if your advisors are experts and answer your questions every time you need them and do not disappear from the moment you enter their line and give your money.

    I definitely agree with Affilorama , Wealthy Affiliate and the other networks you mention for someone to start a decent online business.

    Nice expose then , I won’t check out Pure Leverage anymore.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Tasos for your extensive comment on my post and I really appreciate that you found the time to read it. I totally agree with you. To be honest, Pure Leverage is not a complete waste of time because they do provide some sort of training and support and that’s good. Not every program provides training and support.

      But the problem is that there is a big issue with all MLMs because people at the top make money while others make pennies or leave the program completely disappointed. And as you can see from review, there are complaints about Pure Leverage and that’s absolutely normal for programs like this one.

      And I really appreciate that you share some of your real experience with MLM’s most advertised method, i.e. creating a downline which is not realistic at all. I’m too promote a legit program and all I can say is that no matter whether you promote paid or free program. Anyway, it’s really extremely hard to convince someone to sign up even to a free program. You bring hundreds of people to your site and only few of them agree to sign up. This is what I can say based on my real life experience, not just a theory.

      I think taking into account the fact of all MLM’s having a bad reputation, making false promises and complaints about Pure Leverage in particular, joining this program is out of the question and any smart person will easily understand that their promises is nothing more tricky marketing tactics.

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