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October 23, 2014 6 Comments

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Owner: Rob Walker

Price: $49

Verdict: Scam

There are many programs out there on the web promising people easy money and Commissions Black Ops is one of those programs. Rob Walker promises that you can copy and paste 3 words and start making money. The idea of easy money is so widespread on the internet that most people fail to find real information on how to build a business online.

Unfortunately, Commissions Black Ops is one of those programs that instead of helping people tries to scam them out of their hard earned money. I’m going to outline the main reasons why you should stay away from it.

Commission Black ops is a piece of software (called Dashboard) that promises to automate making money process for you which should be the first red flag because internet marketing is based on hard work and patience before you see real results. Any program that promises you fast success with minimum efforts from your side and complete automation is most likely a scam.

According to Rob Walker, his software is going to automatically create a website for you, add products and you just need to grab your money.

The software is going to automatically add a unique content for you (to your website) to help you get high rankings on search engines because search engines love that kind of content.

I can honestly tell you that it is a lie. Search engines hate the type of content created that way. It’s called a duplicate content and will never get even decent rankings on search engines.

Three “magic” words that you need to enter to start making money are your hosting username and password and the domain name of your website. This is the first upsell because Rob is going to offer you a hosting through his affiliate link.




Inside Commissions Black Ops

There are three upsells in the program:

Commissions black ops VIP coaching – $147

Commissions black ops turbo websites – $49 per month

Traffic nitro software – $77

In addition to all these “great” offers, Commission black ops is going to deliver about 27.000 visitors to your automated websites for free. This is another red flag for you because that kind of traffic is absolutely useless and untargeted.

You need targeted traffic that comes from search engines or social media called organic traffic. In regards to Commissions black ops, it is unclear where that traffic comes from. Remember that any piece of software promising to send massive traffic to your website is most likely a scam.

In his promotional video Rob says that he is going to show you a software that changed his life and financial affairs.

black ops software



If you are new to internet marketing, then know that this is a lie because there is no software in the world that can change your life and make you rich that fast.

To be successful online you need to learn the basics of internet marketing, build a website, create unique content for your website, market your website by applying the right techniques and finally make money.

All this requires hard work and patience and if someone promises you fast success with little or no effort from you side then know that he is lying to you.

Another example of Rob’s misleading technique is showing you fake earnings of $55,042 within 48 hours! By showing these numbers he is trying to catch your attention and convince you that if you buy his software you will start making same amount of money.


black ops



What you need is just copy his steps! First of all, I am sure these are fake numbers and there is no any proof that he has really earned that amount of money within 30 days.

And even if he’s earned, it doesn’t mean that you can make same amount of money.

I’m sure if you buy this software and apply those techniques you will not see anything close to those numbers. And the rest part of his video is even worse than the previous part in which he says that his “awesome” piece of software have bought him two new houses and luxury cars and for which there is no any proof as well.

He says that his software will change your understanding of making big money online which is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t help laughing looking at the images below. I don’t think you need my comments.

black ops millionaires



So, let us have a look at the pros and cons of the program:


Pros and cons of the program


He admits that Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are the main sources for traffic

8 weeks money back guarantee



He uses misleading techniques in his video

He gives false promises of high earnings that are not easy to reach

He promises that his software is the key to your success while it is not true

He uses techniques that can destroy your entire business online

There is no free trial for this product before you decide to buy it or not

There are no any proofs for his success or fake numbers

I don’t think there is any quality support

He doesn’t explain on his website what you are going to do with his software


Commissions black ops or a Call of duty black ops?

Finally, I wasn’t able to make secure payment and have got the message below, which is a clear sign to stay away from the program.

20-03-2014 0-45-11

I don’t think it is a good idea to buy that software. I prefer playing call of duty black ops game instead of buying that software. If you want to build your own business online I can honestly recommend you the best place on the entire web – Wealthy Affiliate – #1 training centre for internet marketers. You can try for free before you make your decision or read my full review of the WA below.




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  1. Simco says:

    I made 20,500 IN BLACK OPS ITS NOT A SCAM

    • Rufat says:

      Simco, I really doubt you made even $20 with Black Ops. Here are my arguments:

      1. It was removed from Clickbank. If it was successful it wouldn’t be removed.
      2. The domain is not working. It’s a huge red flag
      3. If you’re making $20.000 in 30 days, why then you’re wasting your time reading sites like mine?
      4. I know a thing or two firsthand and how hard it’s to make even $1000. Sorry, I just don’t believe you.
      5. Like you I can tell that I’m making $50.000 every two weeks without doing anything. Does it sound reasonable?

  2. Simo says:

    What black oops is awesome. Darren little helps people succeed
    Make $20,000 first month

  3. Patrick says:

    Fantastic review. As I read through this, I find it amazing that ANYONE would fork over money for this so called opportunity. You did a great job of pulling back the curtain and exposing all of the faults.
    I love the overall look of your site as well. Very easy to follow and lots of great information.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Patrick for your comment. I agree that anyone can easily fall into programs like Commissions Black ops because they use deceptive methods to make folks believe that making money online is as easy as copying and pasting the info while it’s not true at all. Just imagine that Rob claims that he has invented a software that can completely automate the whole process of making money which is absolutely laughable. He also makes such ridiculous claims that you can make thousands of dollars with minimum efforts from your side. He even goes as fas as to promise to send you 27.000 visitors for free. Anyone who has some experience online can easily recognize this lie. And even if he send this traffic, it will be absolutely useless and untargeted. Plus there are a few upsells which makes this program useless in my opinion.

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