Cobalt Code Scam Review – Should you Invest $250 in this Trading Binary Platform?

November 12, 2017 2 Comments

Cobalt Code Scam Review


Product name: Cobalt Code


Owner: Grant Stone

Price: $250 to start trading

Overall rank: 1 out of 100

Verdict: Scam


I’ve seen many binary trading programs over the past 3 years and very few of them got some kind of a good rating on my website. It’s not because I was strict or wanted to promote another program.

Of course, I promote some legit programs. It’s because they promote useless programs that won’t make you any money.

Instead you will lose all your money. That’s why when you search for make money opportunities/programs online you need to do a proper research. Otherwise you’ll fall for many scams and especially for binary scams.

There are many of them on the internet. Fortunately, I’ve a list of binary trading programs you need to avoid.

I personally don’t like this type of so called business or investment and never recommend it for beginners.

Anyway in my Cobalt Code Scam Review I’m going to show you all the facts in regards to Cobalt Code and explain why you should avoid it.


Short review of the Cobalt Code

The idea of the Cobalt Code is not new or different from any other online binary trading platforms. As promised, the software will do all the work for you and you will make a lot of money on autopilot.

The creators of Cobalt Code promise you fantastic results if you are ready to invest $250 into their program.

Believe it or not but they promise that anyone can make over $12.000 a day with Cobalt Code. And believe it or not but I can say that it is not going to happen.


Pros of Cobalt Code

  • Free account


Cons of Cobalt Code

  • $250 budget required
  • Misleading ads
  • No money refund
  • Paid actors from
  • No official pages like Privacy or Disclaimer


In short, I think and believe Cobalt Code is not worth your time or effort or money. Reading my review will reveal even more interesting facts. I think no money back guarantee is the strongest argument to stay away from Cobalt Code. Instead try my recommended program. No credit card required.





The Cobalt Code scam review

The first red flag that I see in the Cobalt Code is about bold claims, such as making $12,875 a day. Some of their fake members claim to have made close to $100,000 in five days which is a total BS in my opinion.

I’ve been making money since 2013 and believe me, I know a thing or two when it comes to making money online. People are struggling online to make even $500 per month not to mention 2 or 3 thousand dollars.

Making $100,000 in five days with automated software like Cobalt Code is a total BS.

Like many other binary trading programs, the creators of Cobalt Code use the same misleading method, such as showing you Bentley, big houses that you can own.


Cobalt Code video ad


And the only thing that stops you from getting all this is starting taking advantage of Cobalt Code trading platform. I think these methods do really look very cheap and funny.

Anyone who has a sound thinking will realize immediately that this type of misleading methods can’t be used by reputable companies.


Before you invest $250

I would like you to know a few things before you decide to invest $250 in this useless program. First you need to understand why you should invest in Cobalt Code? What does trading binary options means?

What can you expect from trading binary options in general and Cobalt Cold in particular?

Investing money in binary trading programs involves a high risk of losing money. All legit programs clearly explain to people wanting to invest that they shouldn’t invest money they are not ready to lose.

Because most likely that you will lose if you don’t have any previous experience in trading binary options. Second, if you rely on automated software your failure is guaranteed.

When it comes to trading binary options your main task as a binary trader will be predicting currency pair movements. If you rely on your experience and knowledge you can make money.


Cobalt Code explained


If you rely on automated software you will most likely lose your entire investment. In terms of expectations, generally speaking, trading binary options business is real. It’s not a scam.

You can learn all the secrets of this so called business if you are patient and not risky kind of person.

If you are risky then you better avoid this business at all. Because it’s pretty much like a gambling.

When it comes to Cobalt Code, you definitely should avoid it at all costs. With just one single click of your mouse you can lose several thousand dollars with Cobalt Code.

Remember, any binary program that claims to send you binary signals guaranteed for income is nothing more than a dream. There is no way to know winning signals or predict market fluctuations.

People spend years in this business in order to learn the right methods to predict winning signals and yet many of them lose thousands of dollars even after spending years in trading binary options.


Cobalt Code and reality

The creators of Cobalt Code make some claims that we need to check if they are true or not. First, they promise you instant wealth. Second, they advertise it as a free opportunity.

Third, they claim their program will do all the work for you. Fourth, they show you their members as if they are making thousands of dollars with Cobalt Code.

The truth is that instant wealth through trading binary options is impossible. Some legit programs that I’ve seen never give such promises.

Instead, they provide quality training and continuous support and explain to people that it will take effort and time before you can start making a few hundred bucks per month.

The Cobalt Code or any other binary trading platform can’t be free. You can join for free but it won’t give you any advantages until you fund your account. At least you need to have $250 to start trading.


Cobalt Code fake testimonial


They also show you their members as if they are happy with the Cobalt Code and are making thousands of dollars per day. My advice to you: Don’t trust them.

There is no proof that this information is based on real facts. I think before investing your hard earned money you better contact the creators of Cobalt Code and ask them to give you real contact details of some of their real members so you can contact them directly and ask your questions.

I’m pretty sure they won’t give you any information. They will tell you that they can’t provide this type of information because it’s confidential.


Cobalt Code’s reputation

As I said above, you should first contact Cobalt Code team and ask them to provide some kind of proof. You can do it as follows:

Proof # 1

Like almost all other binary trading programs, the creators of Cobalt Code show you screenshots of their members’ income. Ok, I have no problem with that.

But I highly recommend you to ask them for proof. It’s your right to ask for proof before investing your money.

I personally believe all this information is fake. But make sure to check it.


Proof # 2

According to SEC and CFTC most online binary trading programs are scamming people and are illegal. Make sure to ask for proof from the Cobalt Code that they are complying with U.S. laws and have official license and all necessary documents. If not then stay away from it.






Proof # 3

They claim that their program was verified by reputable banks, such as Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC. Ok, I have no problem with that too. But can they provide any proof?

I personally don’t see any proof on their website. Normally, they must provide links to those banks, to specific pages that contain proof. I don’t see any of that. Make sure to ask for proof.


fake proof


Proof # 4

While watching the Cobalt Code promotional video I’ve noticed this. Take a look at the screenshot. They have a grammar error.


misleading video


It’s hard to imagine that these people are making millions of dollars and can’t edit their video properly before releasing it. I think this is something you should keep in mind when making a decision.


Proof # 5

On the Cobalt Code website you can see some photos of Cobalt Code successful members depending on the country you live in.


fake testimonials


If you see them there is a great chance to contact Cobalt Code team and ask them to provide contact info of those members so you can contact them directly and ask them to share their experience with Cobalt Code.

I’m sure they won’t give any info.


Proof # 6

All trading binary options sites that I’ve seen to date, good or bad have had an official pages, such as disclaimer or privacy policy. This is very normal for any site that claims to be legit.



You must have too if you run a website. Surprisingly Cobalt Code doesn’t have any of these pages at all. To be exact, they have but if you click on any of those pages they will take you to the main page.

I think it’s because they are trying to scam people like you. Because they don’t want to tell you that trading binary options involves a risk of losing money.


Proof # 7

They show you their successful members making a lot of money thanks to using Cobalt Code super advanced trading software. That’s ok with me. But I know from my experience that most of these testimonials are created by paid actors for $10/$20. Make sure to ask for proof.


paid actors from



Final review of Cobalt Code Scam

I think even those few facts that I showed here are enough to understand that Cobalt Code binary trading program is not one you should try.

It’s very easy to waste your hard earned money if you don’t do proper research especially when it comes to online trading binary programs.

Before you join any trading binary options program you need to check a few things. First, check if they provide quality support. Then quality training.

And finally if they provide continuous support until you start making money by trading binary options. If you come across a program like Cobalt Code then you better run away from it.

There are too many issues with this program and also consider some other issues you or me are not aware of. If you think I’m exaggerating things then go and try Cobalt Code.

In fact, anyone can give it a try and then come back here and leave your comment. I believe any program that promises a lot of money with minimum effort is going to scam you.

From my Cobalt Code Scam review it’s very clear that this program goes straight to my NOT recommended list of programs.

There are many other legit programs that can make you a lot of money with effort and dedication. I strongly believe it’s much better than risking your money by trading binary options.


Main reasons to avoid Cobalt Code Scam

  • Reason 1: Fake verification with reputable banks
  • Reason 2: Fake millionaires
  • Reason 3: Relying on automated software
  • Reason 4: Promise of instant wealth
  • Reason 5: No money back guarantee
  • Reason 6: The Video is full of BS
  • Reason 7: Paid actors involved
  • Reason 8: Site is no longer working


Final review of Cobalt Code

  • Free account
  • $250 budget required
  • Misleading ads
  • No money refund
  • Paid actors from
  • No official pages like Privacy or Disclaimer
  • Overall rank: 1 out of 100
  • Verdict: Scam


Avoid programs like Cobalt Code! Here is my top recommended program. It’s free to try.


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Pieter Streicher says:

    Hi Rufat,
    Your article on the Cobalt Binary was just in time. I received several invitations to join them with that same video with the bentleys.At a glance it looks very enticing.

    With binary systems i am at a loss and thank goodness for people like you. I am so glad you cover in your article the so called proof every body always show. I never knew you can asked them for the proof. Thanks for the guidance.

    I never knew about the SEC and CFTC and with the 7 step of proofs of mistakes in the video’s(That i would have never picked up) I now know what to look for in the future.

    You are a trusted source of information and i salute you for enriching my live.

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Pieter,

      You definitely should stay away from this program. Unfortunately, most binary trading programs that I’ve seen to date are no different from this one. In fact, you should ask for proofs when you plan to join a program. Always ask for proofs that I mentioned here in the article and if you do so I believe you won’t fall for any other scam like Cobalt Code.

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