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Product name: Push Button Cash Site

Product owner: Daniel Young

Website: pushbuttoncashsite.com – by invitation only 🙂

Price: $47, after discount $27 + upsells

Verdict: Scam


Push Button Cash Site by Daniel Young is promoted as a program that can help you make a lot of money with little to no effort from your side. And it’s pretty obvious from its name which means that you just need to push a button and your cash site from Daniel will start earning you money on autopilot.

The idea is not new and there are tons of similar programs on the internet and I review them every single day and all I can say is that majority of them fail to deliver even a small part of what they promise and Push Button Cash Site follows the same way.



The main idea behind Push Button Cash Site

The main idea behind Push Button Cash Site is pretty simple. Once you complete the order, Daniel will give you access to his amazing and secret software and the only thing you need to do is just push the button, drive a massive free traffic to your push button cash site and start making your first $150.000 in 30 days.

Pretty simple, right? If you are new to all this push button thing, keep reading and I will shed some light on Daniel’s offer.






Pros of Push Button Cash Site

  • Price is affordable
  • You can get refund from Clickbank


Cons of Push Button Cash Site

  • False promises
  • Fake earnings snapshots
  • No support
  • A few upsells
  • Daniel denies proven facts which means that he is either a dreamer or a liar




Inside the program

1. Though Daniel’s software is promoted as a complete software that you can buy and start using it immediately, this is not true. Most poor products are promoted this way, but once you buy them you realize that it’s incomplete software and you need to buy some other packages to use the software to its full potential.

To unlock its full potential, you need to buy Daniel’s upsells and this is the first thing you should be aware of before buying the software. This is very normal and applies to most internet gurus promoting poor products.


2. Another problem with Push Button Cash Site is that Daniel’s “website” (a sales pitch page) is full of fake earnings snapshots which is extremely misleading and really ridiculous.

Using these fake earnings is a misleading tactic because you can probably think that making money online is so easy as just pushing the button and counting the money. This is not true.





Don’t let those fake numbers blow you way. Trust me, Daniel is lying to you. You will never make money online if you are not willing to put in the work and time. If making money was so easy as jut pushing a button I would be making millions instead of writing this review. I’m making money too but it is not about millions.



3. The good news is that Daniel’s price for his initial product is affordable, but I know of a program that will cost you less and provides WAY BETTER value than this crappy product. You can read about this program at the end of my review.


4. Another good news is that if you don’t like Daniel’s product and there is a very good chance for it to happen, you can ask for refund because the product is promoted through Clickbank and this company is known as being trustworthy in that sense.


5. Another problem about Push Button Cash Site is that Daniel promises that he will send you tons of free and targeted traffic and by doing so he will allow you to make tons of money.

This is not true because on his website he claims that HIS laser targeted traffic has nothing to do with PPC (Paid traffic), SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media, such as Facebook, Google +, etc.


In short, he denies all proven and legit traffic methods accepted by all successful internet marketers on the internet! I can tell you with full confidence that he is either mad or a liar. Most probably he is lying to you.

Anyone involved in internet marketing and having their site up and running and making money know that the best targeted and free traffic comes from search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This is undeniable truth. But to get that traffic you need to have an original quality content on your site and it takes some time before you start seeing the traffic. Daniel’s idea about pushing a button does really look exciting but it’s just not going to work.

I’m 100% sure that the traffic Daniel is talking about is not targeted and most probably it’s about exchange network traffic which is not targeted and useless.


6.Based on my experience I can definitely say that if a program doesn’t explain exactly how you are expected to earn money that means a program is most probably a scam and should be avoided at all costs.


7. Another big issue with Daniel’s program is that there is no real support or active community where you could get assistance when you get stuck at some point. Most people fail to achieve success online because most products promoted online have poor support and Daniel’s product is not different in that sense.


8. Another big issue with Daniel’s amazing software is that it does seem to be not amazing at all because it teaches you unlawful internet practices, such as stealing content from other sites and putting it on your site.

The problem is that Google is pretty smart at detecting content stolen from other sites and even if you do it Google will penalize your site and you will not get any rankings and the traffic accordingly.


9. Inside the members area you will find 8 videos which is supposed to be the main training on internet marketing, but to be honest, it’s really very basic and doesn’t contain enough info if you are new to all this.


10. And the biggest issue is that like I told you above, you need to buy two other upsells to unlock the software’s full potential which is pretty tricky and I’m sure even after buying those two products you will not unlock the potential simply because the product itself is poor and doesn’t provide much value.

And what makes matters even worse is the fact that many people complain of being unable to log in the site’s members area.


Final word on Push Button Cash Site

As you probably guess, I can’t recommend this program due to a massive lie, upsells, some issues within the members area, weak training, unlawful internet practices, weak support and unrealistic idea of making money at the push of a button.

It seems I really can’t find any positive side in the program or maybe I’m a bit pessimistic? 🙂

If you really interested in starting your own business on the internet and making money I can honestly recommend you the program that wins my # 1 recommendation since 2013. Read my recommendation below and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will respond within a day.



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  1. Margaret E. Ammerman says:

    It took my money off my card! Program Didn’t signed me up! I have no dividend❣️I would like to be connected today! No further cost. Please* I live on a very limited income. I am now Widowed. Supporting a child. I gave all I had to spare. To you it may sound trivial. I would love to advance,with the second offer.w When you don’t have it. I can’t Please help me to get started right. Can you??

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Sorry but I can’t help you because I’m not affiliated with Push Button Cash Site. I gave my recommendation within my review and if you follow the link you can create your free trial account. After 7 day trial account you can decide what to do. My recommended program is legit and you can learn a lot of things in regards to building your own online business. It will take time and effort but it’s worth the time. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Christine says:

    According to the Push Button Cash System, there is no other way to market your products. This is totally wrong. There are so many other ways that don’t cost anything.

    One thing I totally dislike is upsells. Usually you don’t know about them when you buy the first product. Then you are led through a funnel and are expected to buy more.


    • Rufat says:

      Of course, there are multiple methods to market your site and what Push Button Cash site teaches is a waste of time. There is no any secret, just the right methods that you need to apply and you’ll get the results

  3. josh says:

    This website is very rich and helpful with information. It warns us as viewers and those who want to have a second income about people out here who are evil and want to get over on those who really want to earn money. Also, everything on this website is easy to follow and very helpful. Good luck in the near future.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Josh for visiting my site and leaving a nice comment. And I’m glad you found my site helpful and informative. I really worked hard to create a lot of stuff on my website for those who are looking for real ways to make money online. I believe if someone is serious they can benefit from my experience.

  4. Chris says:

    It makes me laugh how many of these scam artists are still trying to make it on a ‘push button’ promise – surely we are all past that now?
    There is nothing push button online, well, maybe Angry Birds but that’s about it! 🙂
    Earning any sort of money online takes time and dedication. Great article yet again Rufat!

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Chris, Another great review and another great comment 🙂 I totally agree with you Chris regarding Push Button Cash site. When you are new to making money thing you can easily believe in the idea of making money by pushing a button and when you gain some experience and know how to make money online you start laughing whenever you come across programs like this one. Only a child can believe that they can make money on autopilot. Unfortunately, many naive people are still falling victims to these online scams. It’s very hard to convince someone that scam is a scam and legit is legit. You point them in the right direction but they choose the wrong way and it’s because scammers promise them skies and deliver nothing and we don’t promise anything because we stay honest.

  5. Rufat says:

    Thank you Mallory for stopping by. I really don’t understand scammers and why they make poor products and scam people out of their money. Instead of scamming people, they could make one quality program and then sell for years and help people. Unfortunately, they always choose a different way by scamming people and as I see they don’t seem to change in the near future. But there is always a real deal for those willing to avoid scams such as Push Button Cash Site. And of those real deals is the program that I recommend because I tried it and can vouch for it.

  6. Mallory says:

    I have to agree with you on this one, these points are very valid. Just the outrageous claim about thousands in one day should be enough to put people in high alert, but unfortunately in this day and age everyone is looking for that “something” that is going to get them money with no effort. This is why scams like the Push Button Cash Site are so dangerous, they prey on people’s hopes and dreams of finding a way out of the 9-5 grind.
    Thanks for the review, it was very informative and just one more scam I’ll be staying far away from!
    I’m really glad to hear there is an alternative solution, and free to try. You don’t see much for free these days, and your recommendation seems like the real deal.
    Will be following to see more from you in the future.

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