Is Club Cash Fund a Scam? – The 2024 Review

July 4, 2024 5 Comments


club cash fund


Name: Club Cash Fund

Founded: 2018

Founder: John Stalvey 

Type of business: Cash gifting scheme

Price: $80 sign-up fee

Recommended: No


Club Cash Fund appears to be a questionable money-making opportunity that many reviewers have labeled as a scam.

It doesn’t mean it‘s necessarily a scam but at least it is a questionable program. John Stalvey stands behind this program.

Also, this man is associated with some other low rating programs online, such as GiveOpp Numis Network which was marketed in 2010.

Also, he was associated with Infinite Leverage System, with Traffic Authority, then with Finish Line Network. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to Club Cash Fund:


automated system


Business Model

Club Cash Fund operates on a cash gifting scheme, where participants pay an $80 fee to join and then recruit others to do the same.

The fee is distributed among the recruiter, their recruiter, and the system itself, following a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure​ (Legendary Wallet)​​ (Affiliate Unguru)​


Recruitment Focus

The primary way to make money with Club Cash Fund is through recruiting others.

This structure resembles a pyramid scheme, as there is no  actual product being sold, just the promise of income from new recruits​.

In fact, you are going to sell an opportunity itself rather than selling a real product. 


Lack of Product

Unlike legitimate MLMs that offer tangible products or services, Club Cash Fund’s focus is solely on recruitment.

This raises concerns about its legitimacy and sustainability​. In fact, you buy an opportunity not an actual product when you join Club Cash Fund.

From my experience, I can say that this type of program never stays online for long. 



false promise

Risk of Loss

Many users have reported losing their money after joining, with little to no return on their investment.

The scheme relies heavily on continuous recruitment, which is unsustainable in the long term​.

Users join programs like Club Cash Fund, continuously invest money in hope to earn some money but most of the time it never happens or happens for very few members. 


Association with Questionable Programs

As I mentioned above, John Stalvey is associated with many low quality programs most of which were shut down.

This is a warning signal when someone launches multiple programs and then appears again in a new program. 


Questionable Money System

The system works as a questionable money system that requires you to pay around $80 and then get back some cash in return that will be sent to your regular mail.

If you persuade someone to join the program and he pays $100, you will earn $20 in commission.

So, your income begins when you start recruiting others into the program. In short, the program works as follows:

The sequence initiates when a Club Cash Fund affiliate contacts you (whether in person, via phone, through social media, email, SMS, or another means) regarding an “exciting opportunity”.


scammy website


It Looks Scammy

Club Cash Fund website looks very scammy in my opinion. Take a look at the screenshot. There is no “About us” or Contact page” or “Privacy Policy”.

This is definitely a warning signal for anyone thinking seriously before investing money into a program. 


stupid simple system


False Claims

On their website they make false claims like: “Here’s How to Get Free Money in your mailbox on autopilot.”

From my experience I can say that whenever you see such false, scammy claims, run away from the program. 


No Skills Acquired

The last thing that I would like you to pay attention to is that when it comes to Club Cash Fund you are not going to learn any practical skills in this program.

In fact, you WILL NOT learn anything. You will be just recruiting someone to pay money and they will probably pay you back.

No real business, no real skills that you can apply in the future if Club Cash Fund gets shut down. This is a big warning signal for you.


scammy signup


Final Thoughts About Club Cash Fund

Given these points, it’s advisable to approach Club Cash Fund with caution.

There are numerous reports and reviews suggesting it operates in a manner similar to pyramid schemes mentioned above which are often illegal and unreliable. 

For more legitimate ways to earn money, consider opportunities that offer real products or services and have transparent business practices.

Cash gifting system or more likely a scheme like Club Cash Fund is NOT an advisable way of making money or type of business. Actually, it is not a business at all. 

It’s highly questionable with many negative reviews online. Out of thousands of people that join this scheme in fact only very few people actually make some cash. 

In fact, if you ask a classical question: Can I make money with Club Cash Fund? My answer would be: Yes and NO. MOST LIKELY you will never make a single dollar but there is a small chance that you can make some money.

If you ask me: Is Club Cash Fund a scam? My answer would be: It’s hard to say if it is a scam or not BUT it acts and looks like a scam. I would stay away from programs like this one.


Final Rating of Club Cash Fund 

Rating 3 out of 10


My Top Recommended Program

    Program # 1 – Wealthy Affiliate





About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Aparna says:

    It sounds like you’ve done some thorough research on Club Cash Fund and its associated programs. Based on the information you provided:

    Business Model: Club Cash Fund operates on a cash gifting scheme where participants pay a fee to join and earn money primarily through recruiting others. This model often raises red flags as it resembles a pyramid scheme, focusing on recruitment rather than selling actual products or services.

    John Stalvey’s Associations: John Stalvey’s involvement with other programs that have received low ratings or criticism, such as GiveOpp Numis Network, Infinite Leverage System, Traffic Authority, and Finish Line Network, might suggest a pattern of involvement in controversial or questionable ventures.

    Lack of Product: Unlike legitimate MLMs that offer tangible products or services, Club Cash Fund seems to lack a tangible product. Participants are essentially paying for the opportunity to recruit others into the same scheme, which can be unsustainable and legally dubious in many jurisdictions.

    Your caution about such programs is well-founded. Typically, schemes focused solely on recruitment without a genuine product or service offering tend to face legal scrutiny and are often short-lived. It’s important for individuals considering such opportunities to thoroughly research and understand the business model and potential risks involved before getting involved.

  2. Annastasia says:

    Club Cash Fund, founded by John Stalvey, operates as a cash gifting scheme where members pay an $80 fee to join and earn by recruiting others to do the same, without any tangible products or services being exchanged. This model heavily relies on recruitment, resembling a pyramid scheme rather than a legitimate MLM structure. Associated with past questionable programs, the system lacks transparency, with users reporting minimal returns and a high risk of loss. The program’s website lacks essential pages like ‘About Us’ or ‘Privacy Policy,’ further raising suspicions about its legitimacy. False claims and the absence of skill acquisition further undermine its credibility. Overall, Club Cash Fund receives a low rating due to its unsustainable and potentially dubious practices, making it advisable to seek more legitimate and transparent opportunities for earning money.

    Based on this review of Club Cash Fund, what steps would you take to identify and avoid similar schemes in affiliate marketing or online business ventures?

  3. Starlight says:

    Hello Adam, 

    Thank you for the thorough review of Club Cash Fund. Your insights into its business model and the associated risks are incredibly valuable for anyone considering such opportunities. It is concerning to hear about the lack of real products or services, heavy reliance on recruitment and the association with questionable past programs. 

    Your warning about false claims and the overall scammy appearance of the website reinforces the need for caution. I appreciate the clarity in your conclusion that while it may not definitively be labeled a scam, the resemblance and operational methods suggest otherwise. 

    It is crucial to explore legitimate ways of earning money that offer transparency and real value.

    • Adam says:

      I always try my best to stay objective when writing reviews like this one. At least I hope this review will help people and save them from falling into scams or questionable programs like Club Cash Fund.

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