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April 10, 2015 10 Comments


Product name: Income Society

Product owner: Adeel Chowdhry


Price: $9.95 + upsells

Verdict: Recommended? Yes and No


Income Society by Adeel Chowdhry is just another program that teaches you to make money on “autopilot”. When you land on Adeel’s Income Society website you will watch his promotional video full of BS claims.

He will show you the payments he’s received for the last 2,3 hours and that means he is not fake, he is making money. That’s true. But does it mean that you will make money if you follow his training and learn from his experience?

If you are new to internet marketing you might be thinking that if Adeel can make that much money then I will make too. I would say, Yes and No. If you follow his training, most likely you will make money IF you are willing to put in the work.

But my main issue with Adeel’s Income Society is that though his program is legit, he makes some bold claims and false promises, like he can help you make money on autopilot. This is not true!

I guarantee that you WON’T make money on autopilot! It won’t happen. Ok, let’s take a closer look at Adeel’s program to see what exactly we can expect from this guy.


The main idea behind Income Society

Income Society is a video course on internet marketing that teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing or how to create your own product and make money from it. Both methods are legit and the overall quality of the training is good. But it takes some time before you make your first buck and it’s not as easy as Adeel is trying to convince you.


Pros of Income Society

  • Good training course
  • Money back guarantee


Cons of Income Society

  • Some false promises
  • Exaggerated earnings
  • Weak support




Inside the program

1. First off, the overall quality of the training (video and text) is really good and if you are completely new to internet and affiliate marketing, you can benefit a lot from this training. You will learn how to find a product on different digital product marketplaces, sell it on your own website and make money from it.

But one thing you MUST understand that there is no shortcuts to instant wealth. Even if you get trained in the best program you still need to put in the work before you can achieve even a decent success, not to mention huge profits.

That’s why, I really don’t like that Adeel uses some misleading marketing tricks in his promotional video to lure people into buying his product, though he knows that there is no guarantees that someone can repeat his success.


false-promise (4)



All people are different, 10 people can be trained in the same program and apply the same strategies but their results will be absolutely different. That’s why, the fact that Adeel claims that anyone can clone his exact Income Machine that pumps out $455 per hour on autopilot is absolutely ridiculous!


2. Also, Adeel promises that he will give you a website valued at $1997 for free. This doesn’t mean anything or that its real price is that much. Just as an example, you can buy a website at for $2000 that already has some traffic and makes sales. As for Adeel’s free website, it doesn’t make any money and is not getting any traffic. That’s why, in this case Adeel is trying to sell you a dream.


3. Also, Adeel is trying to sell you a bunch of videos (first upsell) about successful online millionaires though you can easily find tons of such motivational materials elsewhere on the internet, especially on YouTube. And his second upsell is a affiliate commission website for $37 which he claims to be free, but actually it’s not free.


4. Once you get access to the members area you will be offered an extremely expensive private coaching that might cost you from $500 up to $50.000.


It is not realistic at all. Just as an example, I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate ( a much better and cheaper alternative to Income Society) and have access to a much better training than that offered by Adeel, have all necessary tools, 24/7 supreme support, live chat, access to many successful internet marketers, Kyle and Carson (the founders of the program) an many more and I pay for my membership $29 per month.

I can contact the founders of WA via live chat and get support from them almost every day.


5. The training inside the members area is absolutely well worth the price you pay for it. The training includes modules such as:

  • SEO for beginners
  • List building creating opportunities
  • Email marketing master class for list building
  • Squeeze page integration in list building
  • List segmentation and split testing and many more


The quality is very good and Adeel is an excellent presenter. The main training consists of 22 modules and there is also a ton of extra training. The members area includes “main training”, “vault” (25 lessons about YouTube) and “special training”.


At the end of each lesson you have to pass the test (get an 85% score at least) which is really a good feature. It seems Adeel has really put a lot of effort in creating this training that makes a big difference compared to many other trainings available on the web.


6. If you are new to internet marketing, this course will be a good start for you, but if you have some experience, I don’t think it’s a good fit for you, especially because the training was designed in a way to not allow you to skip lessons.


7. Adeel also suggets that you use Market Samurai keyword research tool which is very important for your online business. Using keyword tool is extremely crucial because before writing content for your site you must do some research to know which keyword can bring you a good traffic while being not too competitive.

I’m personally using Jaaxy keyword tool and in my opinion it’s better than Market Samurai. While Market Samurai has more options, Jaaxy provides more precise data, especially in regards to competition metrics which is extremely important.


8. My main issue with Adeel is the support because it’s really not as good as I was expecting from such quality program like Income Society. There is no:

  • 24/7 support,
  • Live chat
  • Active community where you could get assistance whenever you need
  • Access to other experts (successful internet marketers)

The only way to get support is through Zendesk which is useless in case you have any question related to the training in particular or internet marketing in general. If you want personal coaching you will have to pay Adeel and it’s not cheap at all.

Compared to this program, I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and my membership fee ($29 per month) includes absolutely everything: Top quality training, website, keyword research tool, weekly live webinars, 24/7 support, live chat, access to hundreds of successful internet marketers, access to the founders of the program via live chat etc.

Though Income Society is a good program, it does really have some flaws compared to a program I’m a premium member of.


Final word on Income Society

Adeel’s Income Society is a very good training course and a good fit for anyone starting online but has some flaws as I mentioned above. My main issues with the program is that Adeel uses some misleading tactics and makes false promises and there is no real support and without support you will certainly get stuck at some point.

If you are looking for a legit training that has the same quality that Income Society does provide, BUT with much better support which is extremely critical, I can honestly recommend you my # 1 program I’m a premium member of since 2013. And the best part of it is that you can try it for free. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.



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  1. Carolyn says:

    I don’t believe in making money easily. Everything in life happens with a certain amount of effort. Sometimes it’s easier because you like what your are doing. For that reason, I wouldn’t choose a training that claims you can make money on autopilot. Is there a training that you can try without having to pay right away before even knowing if it works?

    • Rufat says:

      Success never comes easy and this is a fact, but like you say, when you do what you love to do it becomes much easier to achieve success and that’s why it’s always better to build a business based on your passion. Although Adeel Chowdhry’s training is really good and you can find a lot of quality information about starting online business, he promises that you can replicate his success and start making money on autopilot. Of course this is not true and you shouldn’t take it literally. Anyway, if you are willing to spare some time and apply everything exactly as Adeel teaches in his course, you probably can get some results. The only concern I have is about Adeel’s support. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get anywhere without support. I recommend you a program that you can find in my review and the program is exactly what you are looking for. It’s free to try and you can see the program in action before you pay. I believe you will love it because you can hardly find such options elsewhere.

  2. Ante says:

    Great review you have there Rufat and from looking at it i agree that this program looks good and legit but one thing that bothers me is that it says, money comes on autopilot. Anyone who is involved in the internet marketing or any kind of business knows that there is no autopilot income without putting an effort.

    Either marketing or adding content and constant creating value and also lack of constant 24/7 support which is crucial for the beginners to learn is a very big missing element of this program alongside it’s many upsells.

    I understand that creator of the program is trying to make as much money as he can from the upsells but if the basic stuff don’t bring money I don’t want to buy any uspells.

    I will gladly buy anything which will bring me more money but they have to keep the promise on the effectiveness of the basic training.

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and although this program does have a lot of good stuff it cannot be compared to WA which offers a lot more with the constant support.



    • Rufat says:

      Hi Ante and thank you a lot for a great comment you left here. Yes, you are absolutely right and the truth is that Income Society is a good product and it does offer some good value. But like in many cases with other programs Adeel makes some unrealistic promises which is bad. The idea of making money on autopilot is absolutely ridiculous and I don’t even want to further comment on it. Like you say, though the product is good but without timely and quality support you are going to get stuck at some point and finally quit. Upselling makes things even worse. Yes, I understand that Adeel wants to make more money which is very understandable. But if the main product has some flaws it makes no sense to buy other products. Finally, Income Society is good but compared to Wealthy Affiliate it really sucks. Thank you for your interesting comment Ante. Best of luck.

  3. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hello Rufat , I like this title – Income Society , a society that cares for the income of its members , I guess , right?

    I really hate when they claim earnings on autopilot.No company can make money this way , not even Google.In fact every company that makes decent money is simply because they keep on working towards their goals.

    Too bad they have a decent training but they lack on support.If they were not claiming these huge earnings I would have checked them out.

    Is there a website builder or they provide only these ready made websites?

    So in overall how would you rate this opportunity?

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Tasos, thank you for revisiting my site and reading my reviews. I think you are right, it’s a society that cares about our income 🙂 It’s a dream only. Like you, I hate programs that promise that you can make money on autopilot and I agree that anyone who makes money it’s because of working hard rather than clicking magic buttons. Adeel’s training is not bad and it’s a good option to start online but the problem is that there are two upsells, no active community to ask a question, expensive private coaching which makes this Income Society not so attractive to most people. I think though this program is good the overall rating is not good at all and in my opinion there are programs that provide a much better value for the same money.

  4. Chris says:

    It’s hard to see how people like this Adeel guy manage to twist people’s arms with exact quotes – ‘make such an amount of money in a day’ etc etc.
    There’s just no way this sort of thing works on an exact science is there?
    I see you have give the overall product a yes and no vote – could you elaborate on why this is?

    • Rufat says:

      Hi Chris, I can only agree with you that if someone promises or guarantees you any type or amount of income in a certain period of time most likely it’s a scam. But it’s not the case all the time. Sometimes a particular program can be legit but not free from some deceptive tactics. Of course I don’t like such things and in my opinion it’s wrong. In this particular case Income Society by Adeel is not a scam because he tries to provide a decent support, his main product is not bad and you can learn certain things from him.

      I can’t say that his product is a scam. But he makes some false promises as to how much you can actually earn and it’s really bad. The fact that he makes $455 in one hour on autopilot doesn’t prove that anyone can do it. I have an article about the importance of email marketing in which I explain that this type of earnings is in most cases the result of using email marketing. I firmly believe in it. That’s why Adeel’s attempt to show that it can be done easily is a bit misleading in my opinion.

      Plus there are two upsells which is not good. Private coaching that will cost you a few thousands of dollars is the worst part of this program because there are many other programs that provide excellent support, active community, training etc and it will cost you less than $50 per month.

      Finally, you ask me why I rate this product in this way and give two different votes, yes and no. It’s because Adeel is not a scammer and he has created a good product which has some major flaws. That’s why I can’t say that his product, Income Society is useless. It’s a good product but still I can’t fully recommend it. In my opinion it’s a controversial product.

  5. Rufat says:

    Adeel Chowdhry’s program is not about automatic blogs and it’s legit program. He provides a good training and if someone is completely new to internet marketing they can benefit from his program. But my main issue with Adeel’s program is that though the overall quality of his training is not bad, he doesn’t provide any real support and there is no active community to get support and assistance when you need it. Since you have tried Wealthy Affiliate program as I did too, that means you understand what I’m talking about because without support it’s almost impossible to achieve even a decent success online, not to mention some great achievements. That’s why, to be honest, though Income Society is not a scam and absolutely legit program, I can’t recommend it when I know of existence of such programs like Wealthy Affiliate. But if to speak about Income Society as a standalone program then anyone can try it.

  6. Giuseppe says:

    Hi Rufat, I agree with you. I must say that I do not believe in automatic blogs or systems that promising you to become rich! My experience is that you need to work hard in building trust with your audience and finally you will be able to profit from your business online.
    I built my online business around writing reviews of products that I have personally purchased and I must say Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best program I ever joined.


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