Is There an Easy Way to Make Money Online?

December 21, 2013 6 Comments

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The growth of the internet has given us many opportunities, and changed our lives so much that it’s very hard to imagine how we can live today without it.

However the internet has brought not only good things to our lives, it has also brought some bad things as well.

Among bad things are a large number of scammers that scam honest people out of their hard earned money.

When we browse web, we come across many attractive ads or names of internet marketers, so called internet gurus that promise folks a quick buck.

But in this article I’m not going to look into all the pros and cons of the web, because our subject is different. I’m going to investigate online money making opportunities that the internet has given us.

Many folks are thinking today of making money online because it does seem easy and attractive. Due to economic slump many people lost their jobs and a large number of them are now hanging out on the internet trying to find a real way to make money online.

Let’s try to figure it out if making money online is real or another myth that we should forget?


Easy money myth explained

No doubt, making money online is not a myth. To list a few real success stories, such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook would be enough to easily prove that the idea is not a myth.

Every year millions of people turn to the internet in the hope to build their own businesses but most of them leave highly competitive web zone totally disappointed. Let’s try to find out why this is happening.

Because there are many scammers on the internet that promise people to make them rich in a day or two and most folks trust those scammers. Why do most people trust them?

Do people not know that easy money concept is simply a myth? There is no easy money, either in real life or on the internet. It is so simple and clear but some people still believe that it’s real.

As I said, the internet does seem so attractive or even illusory to most people that they start to believe that get rich quick or magic formulas can really help them earn thousands of dollars in a day or two. That’s the main reason that so many people turn to the internet trying to find those magic formulas because it is their last hope.

But before they come to understand that all those magic formulas are a waste of time, they lose their money, buying magic courses, eBooks, etc. They waste their time, money, energy only to realize that there is no button to instant wealth and finally they leave the internet totally disappointed.

The truth is if you want to be successful either in real life or online, you MUST be patient and ready to work hard.

But since most people have lack of patience and are not prepared to work hard, they continue to believe that get rich schemes or magic formulas can help them in what they are looking for.

This is a nature of a man. Instead of focusing on what he really needs and work hard, he trusts scammers because they promise fast success.

One thing you MUST remember – you will never succeed until you CHANGE your mind.

So, let’s do a little research on making money opportunities and what is required from YOU as an online marketer to be able to succeed.

make money through hard work


Is making money online really that easy?

1. The first thing that is required from you as an online marketer is to choose a niche you are interested in and start to learn a lot about that niche. It will take you hours of research on the internet if you don’t know what a niche (product) to choose.

Or if you have specific interest then it can be much easier. Then you need to make a plan and set your goals. You need to build a website and start writing content for your website about your niche or product.


2.You need to create a lot of content to make your website a source that other people want to visit again and again. You can’t create 5,10 pages of content and start making serious money. To make money online you need to drive a lot of traffic to your website but with 5,10 pages of content you can’t do it.

Writing content is not difficult at all. I’m writing content for my site and I’m not a professional writer. Just do some research (15-30 minutes) about your product on the internet and you will get a lot of ideas.

The more well-written and optimized pages you have the more of them will probably get ranked on Google and other major search engine’s top search results.

That’s why as an online marketer you need to create a well structured and informative website so that visitors from search engines can find it helpful enough to stay on it.

Or they will leave your website and never come back again. According to statistics, very few people buy on the their first visit to any website.

Most visitors buy only from websites that they trust. To gain that trust you must help your visitors/readers, and provide them with the information they look for. Web is a bit different from the physical world. In the physical world, people go to a shop if they need to buy a product.

On the web, most people look for the information about products and read product reviews to make an informed decision before they buy.

Finally, they buy from the website that helps them get that information.

If you provide your visitors with objective information and don’t lie to them then you will be able to gain their trust.

To reach that level you need a few months of hard work and patience, or one year at least. This alone allows us to understand that making money online is not easy at all.


3. Once you have your website up and running you need to promote it. Create Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest accounts and communicate with people every day, build relationships, participate in discussions and share your content without being too promotive.

You’re not allowed to spam on social media. It will not work! You will need 6 months at least to build your presence on social media sites. This requires hard work and patience. If using social media the right way you can bring a lot of traffic to your website and make more money.


4. You need to learn how to create videos and add them to your site and YouTube as well. Remember that YouTube is an excellent option to drive traffic to your website and is going to grow in the next few years.

Creating videos is not as difficult as you might be thinking but still requires time, patience and a bit of your effort. But if you don’t want to create videos on YouTube you don’t need it. You can make money from your website without YouTube. So, it’s up to you.


5. Once you have your website up and running and bring traffic, you will start receiving emails from your visitors. Some people will leave comments on your website and you will need to reply to all those emails and comments to build more trust and this requires time as well.


6. You need to browse web every day for fresh news in your niche and sign up for Google alert (for the latest news based on your query).

You need it because you are required to write new articles for your website 2 times a week at least to keep your website fresh.

Search engines love websites that are updated often and it will help your website keep rankings on Google and other major search engines’ top results for a long time.


As you can see, you need to do a lot for your website to be successful. My goal was to show you that online business doesn’t mean easy money as explained by many so-called internet gurus. But if you’re willing to work hard, you can expect a great reward for your efforts.

To make money online you need to do many other things as well. If you want to learn how to start making serious money online then read my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate below.

This program has helped thousands of people including me to build a successful online business and I’ve been a premium member of it since 2000. You can leave your comments below or feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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  1. Tina says:

    It is a very informative post. You describe all the information in very detail. I also do feel that people need to know what they will be expecting when they wanted to make money online. It is not an easy path but it is sure a path that will be rewarding if we are able to persist in doing it. Good efforts will pay off. Thanks for your highlights on some information that gave me much more ideas for my website.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you Tina for your comment. I agree that people need to know the truth about making money online before they join a program. Unfortunately, poor programs have created misconception about making money online by promising people quick buck or tons of wealth with little efforts on people’s part. Plus many programs don’t even explain to people how they are going to make money until they purchase the program. Those programs are shady ones and that’s why I decided to write on this subject extensively to shed some light on this topic and allow people know the truth and give them the opportunity to make an informed decision before they get involved in internet marketing. I believe my article will open their eyes to this internet money making thing and I hope I will be able to save some of them from falling into scams.

  2. James says:

    Really awesome information on the potential scams out there.

    Also appreciate how you acknowledge there is no such thing as easy money, despite what I expected from the URL!

    So many affiliate sites out there aren’t going for real, helpful content, just looking for traffic, which ends up making many of them sound cookie cutter.

    But, I enjoyed the unique voice you put on it.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you James for your input to my post. I decided to write about this subject because I felt that it was necessary to explain to people that making money online is not easy at all. A lot of folks are struggling online every single day in search of real opportunity to make money online and they believe that when it comes to internet, it must be easy and fast.

      One of the reasons that lead people to such thinking is that they come across many poor products out there that promise to help them make money on autopilot or promise to show them a magic button to an instant wealth.

      And I see the major problem in such advertising and that problem is that after all this false advertising, when you try to tell people the truth about making money online, they don’t believe you. This is a paradox. They go to sites that make false promises instead of taking your honest advice.

      The truth is that making money online starts with building a website first. Then you need to find a product based on your interest and write content around your product and it doesn’t stop there. You need to write consistently to gain an authority in search engines and trust of your visitors and this process of course takes some time. But once you’ve done it, it will pay off in many ways and you will be able to build a business in the long run.

      That’s why the idea of easy money is absolutely wrong idea and it’s one of the big misconceptions about making money on the internet.

  3. Rufat says:

    Thank you Doug for your valuable comments. Yes, you’re right about putting together a lot of no nonsense information. I really had to work hard on my website. Unfortunately, many people still believe that some programs can make them rich overnight while it’s not true. But before they understand this simple thing, they waste a lot of energy and money. With my site, I hope I will be able to help folks build their real businesses online.

  4. Doug says:

    You have really put together a lot of good no nonsense, no hype information here about the real work it takes to create a good business online. As a user of Wealthy Affiliate for my own business, I can say that if you follow the information presented on this site, you will be successful. Not an overnight success, but a true success.


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