Drop Ship Lifestyle Review – To Buy Or NOT to Buy? That’s the Question

October 12, 2018 12 Comments

Drop Ship Lifestyle


Service Quality









  • Quality Training
  • Legit business model


  • Packages are extremely expensive
  • Refund terms are sneaky
  • Some complaints
  • Support is not so good



Product name: Drop Ship Lifestyle

Website: www.dropshiplifestyle.com

Owner: Anton Kraly

Price: $47 – $4.997

Overall rank: 50 out of 100


Recently I’ve started researching about drop shipping and one interesting program caught my attention.

I found mixed views and decided to do some research to see if it’s worth trying Anton Kraly’s drop shipping course.

First I decided to try it and then changed my opinion.

I thought it could be an extra income for my main affiliate marketing business. After doing some research I realized that drop shipping was not so great.

When it comes to Drop Ship Lifestyle it has good and bad sides. I decided to write my review.

From the very start I want you to know that my review is not going to be negative or positive. I just want to show what Drop Ship Lifestyle really is.

Once you see the facts you will decide if you want to try it or not. My job is to do my research. I hope my Drop Ship Lifestyle review will be useful for some of you.


Short review of Drop Ship Lifestyle

Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online course about drop shipping. Anton offers both a simple course and advanced course.

Advanced course is way overpriced and I don’t recommend it at all.

In general the quality of the course is good. It’s highly recommended to read the whole review before you decide to invest your hard earned money in this course.


Pros of Drop Ship Lifestyle

  • Quality Training
  • Legit business model


Cons of Drop Ship Lifestyle

  • Packages are extremely expensive
  • Refund terms are sneaky
  • Some complaints
  • Support is not so good


Drop Ship Lifestyle is a very attracting program. Some people praise it while others complain about it. I think it can be a good option for those who already have some experience in making money online. Plus it’s overpriced and support is not always good.





Drop Ship Lifestyle review

The good thing about drop shipping is that you can actually make money without owning products. You don’t need to store them either.

But you need to build an online store (website) and list all your products there. Once you have the store you will start attracting visitors to your website.

When someone buys a product from your store you will then purchase it from the supplier. Because you actually don’t have the product at your store.

You only list it on your website. After buying it from the supplier you will give your buyer’s address to the suppler so he can send it to him directly.

So, you don’t handle any shipping.


dropship lifestyle team


In the member’s area you will find:

  • Module 1 – Niche research
  • Module 2 – Market research
  • Module 3 – Create your website
  • Module 4 – Get drop shippers
  • Module 5 – Optimize for conversions
  • Module 6 – Getting traffic
  • Module 7 – Automation eCommerce resources
  • Bonus: 5 Fays to success plan
  • Bonus: Selling your business for 6 figures
  • International members
  • Design services
  • Training modules


Kraly’s training covers various interesting topics, such as what products to choose and what price points you should be targeting, who you should be selling to and why certain demographics convert, what markets you should be focused on, where to find drop shippers, how to contact drop shippers, what you need to know before you contact them, how to approach suppliers.

You will be listing products from wholesale suppliers and selling them.

But you can’t sell them at a price lower than your wholesalers because most suppliers have MAP rules and you have to follow them.

MAP means – minimum advertising price. So, you can’t sell fort less than minimum price.


Drop Ship Lifestyle includes several plans:

  • 10 Day advanced plan – $47 one-time payment
  • Basic Package – $1,297 one-time payment
  • Premium package (full member) – $ 1,497 one-time payment
  • Ultimate program – $4,997 one-time payment


The course has been improving since 2012 and the most recent version of Drop Ship Lifestyle is the version 6.0.

But I don’t like the fact that each improvement means increased price.

For example, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and it has been improving since then and I have never been charged more and even the price for new members has never been changed. Never!

I have been a member of Affilorama (Affiloblueprint) for the last 1 year and improved as well but the price never changed.

BTW, below you can see two screenshots of Drop Ship Lifestyle members area ( version 3.0 and version 4.0). For example, before Basic package was $997 and now it is $1297.


drop ship lifestyle version 3



drop ship lifestyle version 4


In early versions there was no training on Google Adwords (paid traffic) and now this training module is included in the course.


DSL memberships


Drop Ship Lifestyle memberships

10 Day advanced plan – $47 one-time payment:

  • Module 1: Niche Selection
  • Module 2: Market Research
  • Module 3: Web Design
  • Module 4: Supplier Approvals
  • Module 5: Optimize For Conversions
  • Module 6: Get Traffic
  • Module 7: Automation


Basic Package – $1,297 one-time payment:

  • Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint v6.0
  • Google Ads for eCommerce Course
  • Shopify Design Course
  • DSL Shopify Theme
  • DSL Shopify App
  • Fast Business Forum Access


Premium package (full member) – $1,497 one-time payment:

  • Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint v6.0
  • Google Ads for eCommerce Course
  • Shopify Design Course
  • DSL Shopify
  • DSL Shopify App
  • Fast Business Forum Access
  • Lifetime Access to Drop Ship Labs
  • Priority Support
  • Selling Your Store Course
  • Paid Social Traffic Course
  • Supplier Directory Outsourcing Course
  • Doing Business Abroad Course


Ultimate program – $4,997 one-time payment:

  • Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint v6.0
  • Google Ads for eCommerce Course
  • Shopify Design Course
  • DSL Shopify Theme
  • DSL Shopify App
  • Fast Business Forum Access
  • Lifetime Access To Drop Ship Labs
  • Priority Support
  • Selling Your Store Course
  • Paid Social Traffic Course
  • Supplier Directory Outsourcing Course
  • Doing Business Abroad Course
  • Annual Retreat Recordings
  • Done For You Shopify Store
  • Done For You Social Media Pages
  • 1 Year Of Private Coaching
  • Bali Retreat Ticket


DSL training


What I like about Drop Ship Lifestyle

I would like to say a few words about things that I like about Drop Ship Lifestyle in particular and about drop shipping in general.

Generally speaking drop ship lifestyle is absolutely legit method of making money online and there are many people that have been doing it for years.

If you want to start your own drop shipping business you can do it.

But you must keep in mind that drop shipping business may look as an easy way to make money but in fact it’s very difficult.

It involves a lot of things that you need top learn and then practice. Anyway drop shipping works and can make you money if you have the right mentor.

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a good training and Anton Kraly has created a quality training course on drop shipping.

He provides support and tools and with Kraly you can achieve a certain level of success in drop shipping business.

Advanced 10 day course is sold for $47 which is very affordable for most people wanting to start a drop shipping business.

Sometimes you can earn more money per sale in drop shipping than in affiliate marketing.

It’s not a secret that Amazon doesn’t pay a lot on most products, approx. 5% per product. In drop shipping you can earn 5%-15%.

Some members of Drop Ship Lifestyle share their positive experience with this program and even claim to make a solid income as a result of following Anton’s drop shipping course.

I like that Anton Kraly will personally approve your niche selection before you start building your drop shipping store.

It’s really important because if you choose a wrong niche your business will fail. Anton’s support in this matter is priceless.


What I don’t like about Drop Ship Lifestyle

Now is the most interesting part of my Drop Ship Lifestyle review and some people may not like it. But I have to show these facts so you know what you can expect from this type of business.

Though drop shipping business is real and legit I don’t feel fully comfortable to recommend Drop Ship Lifestyle and I will try to explain why.

First of all there are many upsells in this program. The first 10 day course costs $47. This is very basic course.

I don’t think you have a good chance for success after competing this simplistic course.

Drop shipping field is highly competitive and requires gaining many new skills and knowledge.

The course designed in such a way that forces you to pay more and buy other course, such as Basic Package, Premium package and
Ultimate program.

While basic and premium packages can be affordable for some people, ultimate package is hardly affordable for most people. Who can pay $4,997?

I mean it looks like Anton Kraly hides valuable info and opens it as you pay hime more and more. I don’t like this type of approach.

I believe it would be much better and fair to charge one fixed price, let’s say $1000 and provide members with everything they need for their successful drop shipping business.

It looks like Anton Kraly is constantly increasing prices for his course. First he had packs: $197 and $497 and then increased prices to $1,297, $1,497, $4,997.

But this is just my humble opinion and may be wrong. Anton Kraly has the right to create his course in a way that he likes.

Also, my research shows that Anton’s Facebook community is not that great at all. Many members copy other members’ sites which is not so good in terms of ethics and competition.

Some experienced members complain that Kraly’s course doesn’t include some important advanced stuff and they have to look for this info in some other places.

Anton’s course also puts much emphasis on paid traffic which is not a good option for beginners.

Paid advertising can easily eat all your budget without any positive results and you may end up With zero $ in profit. Some people complain about Anton’s course on Google ads.

They say it simply doesn’t work. Plus remember that besides paying for the course you also need to set aside a few hundred bucks per month for advertising.

You also need to pay for your Shopify store which will cost you at least $300 per year. So, you see it adds up.

There are many hidden costs that you may not know at the time of watching Anton’s advertising videos.

Some people who tried his course for $47 complain that this course is very basic and doesn’t contain useful stuff.

Plus Anton Kraly sends you a ton of emails trying to sell other expensive videos on drop shipping. As I said above, it looks like Kraly is mostly focused on making more money off you.

Unfortunately, you can’t promote Drop Ship Lifestyle as an affiliate and earn a commission. In order to earn a commission you need to become a paying member first and the promote.

This reminds me of MLM programs where you must become a paying member before you start earning a commission.

You can’t ask for refund from Anton Kraly. You must prove that you followed the steps and applied and it didn’t work for you.

Otherwise you won’t be able to get your money back.


DSL refund policy


Anton doesn’t teach SEO (free traffic) which is and must be actively used in any online business. For example, my main income comes from free SEO traffic.

I used to spend a few hundred bucks per month for paid traffic. Now I spend around $200 per month. Most of my traffic is free.

Free is always better than paid because it works. Paid traffic is not affordable for everyone.

I mean if you don’t have extra money for paid traffic then joining Drop Ship Lifestyle doesn’t make a sense for you at all.

I also found out that you can’t start your drop shipping business if you live outside USA. I’m not sure if this info is correct.

Maybe because drop shippers ask for this info? Maybe some other reason. I don’t know.

Just make sure to ask Anton Kraly personally or from his team about this issue. Ask him if you can start a drop shipping store if you live outside USA.

If yes it’s great. If NO, let him explain why.

At least, as I know, if you live outside USA you will need to find a company that can open for your a US bank account from overseas so you can open your store. Only this way you can have your merchant account setup for your store.

In fact, you will be competing with other DSL members when it comes to listing products in your store.

Because you will be contacting same drop shippers that many other DSL members will be contacting like you. This will lead to an obvious competition among DSL members.

Some DSL members complain that when they ask for consultation from DSL coach regarding their chosen niche sometimes that coach steals your idea and opens a store in the same niche.

Some members complain that Anton doesn’t teach how to create a professional looking store because their main idea is to sell you a done for your store.

Some people complain that DSL support is not always helpful. It’s very difficult to get a timely support from DSL team.


Try My Favorite Program Free! No Risk, and No Credit Card Required!


Complaints and positive reviews about Drop Shipping Lifestyle

Drop Shipping Lifestyle is definitely not a scam. It’s totally legit program. I explained both positive and negative sides of this program.

First I didn’t want to put screenshots of complaints and then decided to put them here. It doesn’t mean that Drop Shipping Lifestyle is a bad program at all.

Just I want you to know about pitfalls that you can face if you decide to become a member of Drop Shipping Lifestyle.

Read both complaints and positive reviews and see for yourself.


complaint 1 complaint 2 complaint 3 complaint 4







Can you become successful with Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Yes, definitely you can become a successful drop shipper because this opportunity is very popular and people have been profiting it for years now.

As I said, achieving your goal with a 10 day simplistic course for $47 will be extremely difficult because success in this business needs way more knowledge that you may think or get from this basic course.

If you can invest in Basic Package – $1,297 or Premium package (full member) – $ 1,497 then chances for success will be way higher.

But it still requires a lot of work to be done. Probably it will take months, a year or even two before you can start making money from this business.

I don’t know how much you can make to be honest. Maybe it will be a few hundred bucks or maybe even $2000 or $3000 per month.

Maybe even more. Maybe you won’t make money at all. But I tend to think you will be making at least a few hundred bucks if you stick to it and do the work.


Final word on Drop Ship Lifestyle

As you can see from my Drop Ship Lifestyle review I really did my best to provide as much information as possible.

There are mixed views on this program. Some people claim they are making money while others are complaining that they can’t make a single $ and consider the course too overpriced. Anyway, Drop Ship Lifestyle is not a scam. It’s legit.

I still believe affiliate marketing is way easier than drop shipping. In affiliate marketing money can be made on autopilot to some extent.

In drop shipping you have to handle orders, at least you have to control them. It takes your time and keeps you busy.

If you get many orders it means you need to sit in front your computer and handle the orders the whole day.

Anyway both business models are legit and can be profitable. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is easier than drop shipping.

You don’t need to handle orders, product returns. Plus drop shipping is mostly relied on paid traffic.

When it comes Drop Ship Lifestyle, the program is good but Anton’s advanced courses are very expensive.

If you want to start affiliate marketing business you can try my recommended program.

It’s free to start. If you like drop shipping then go and try Drop Ship Lifestyle.

If you have any experience with Drop Ship Lifestyle please leave your comment below and I and my readers will be happy to learn from your experience.


Final review of Drop Ship Lifestyle

  • Quality Training
  • Legit business model
  • Support is not so good
  • Packages are extremely expensive
  • Refund terms are sneaky
  • Some happy members
  • Some complaints
  • Overall rank: 50 out of 100


This program is WAY cheaper and better than Drop Ship Lifestyle and helped me and many others make a solid income online. Find out how you can too!


About the Author:

My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Jewells says:

    I purchased DLS COURSE , I am so ashamed of myself for falling for his ads. I paid 1400 dollars. Not worth it at all. He leaves out all of required information to be successful, I’m
    sure to upsell. I asked for my money back before the 30 days and he refused. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY

    • Rufat says:

      I’m really sorry to hear your story. Unfortunately, I can’t help you. I hope others will avoid it after reading comments like yours. Thank you for the comment Jewells!

  2. Steve Brenner says:

    I recently signed up for the course naively believing they would honor their Money back guarantee. Unfortunately, this was not so. Although the webinar indicates some steps have to be taken to receive the refund, they are not spelled out and after going through several of the modules I determined this was not a business model I wanted to pursue. After requesting a refund I was informed of the requirements and when I went back to the course to look at them determined that to complete all of the requirements in a truly meaningful way would take one past the 30 day refund limit. So, basically the course is set up to take your money and prevent you from receiving a refund.
    Now to be fair, the course material is thorough and if you are truly interested in this business model it could probably put you on the path you’re seeking. But, before spending the kind of money they’re asking knowing a refund is unavailable, I would due a lot of due diligence as well as look at other courses available and compare them. In any event, look very deeply into any refund policy so you don’t get screwed.

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you very much for the insightful comment Steve. BTW, I mentioned in my review that refund terms were sneaky. In fact, I warned people like you. It’s really bad to hear you are having not so good experience with the program. I hope other people will read my review and comments and think well before they pay for the program. You are right Steve. We have to be very careful and think twice before spending money.


    $4 997 for a pack?? Hmmmmm. By the way, what’s the fun with drop shipping, when it seems the responsibility of the respective stores have been completely transferred to the marketer? 

    This is an excellent review of drop shopping. I’ve heard a lot about it, but never given it a second thought since affiliate marketing has taken all of my time. I’m glad I didn’t find drop shipping first. I would never love to handle complaints related to orders, or intervene in any of the supply chain process. There is just no way this program is going to work for me. Your review brought to light very important facts for any reasonable person to fully apprehend what awaits you with this program, and above all, what your financial engagements would look like in the long run. Seems like a program for rich people. 

    Great review and I enjoyed the read.

    • Rufat says:

      Yes, drop shipping takes a lot of time just like any business or affiliate marketing. But I think drop shipping takes even more time than affiliate marketing. Because when you start getting a lot of orders you have to be ready for that and be able to handle orders, complaints etc. Plus it involves paid advertising I’m not a huge fan of. You will probably lose a considerable amount of money before you turn your advertising campaign into a positive result. Regarding your saying drop shipping will not work for you it’s hard to say. Maybe it will work. Who knows? But it’s definitely for those who have money to invest.

  4. Princila says:

    Thank you for this interesting post, Rufat.

    I had seen Drop Ship Lifestyle ads on Facebook and had even attended one of their webinars. Although I was subscribed to their email list, I had never taken the time to find out more about their training and offers.

    I know many of these courses have upsells, but geez, $4,997!!??? Even Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops that claims to teach you how to make $1000/day doesn’t cost this much (unless the price has changed).

    I’m glad I read your review. I definitely won’t be trying this course anytime soon (unless I start making $10,000/month).

    • Rufat says:

      This is Anton’s method. You subscribe to his list and then he starts sending you multiple upsell offers ranging up to $4000 or even higher price tag. I’m not a big fan of uspell strategy to be honest. Maybe I will try it later but for now it’s too expensive for me because I have my other online business that I’m busy with.

    • Jeremy says:

      Rufat, I signed up for this course about a month and a half ago and haven’t had any offer for 4000 or 10000? Are y ou sure or are you just making this stuff up so we spend money on your affiliate offer? Seems sketchy

    • Rufat says:

      Jeremy, do you think I took this info from the air? Many people already tried this program and shared their experience. I collected all the facts here including complaints and feedback from real users. I’m not sure about Drop Ship Lifestyle but sometimes payment plan may be changed. I think you should wait for some time and then you will see some upsells inside the program. I hardly believe it has only one basic package for $47. You can leave your updated comment later on this blog.

  5. Andrea says:

    When I started Online Marketing years ago I was looking into the drop shipping side of the business and it just didn’t work out for me.  This might work for some people but not me. I like the extensive and detailed review on the company. It doesn’t seem to me like a good idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Rufat says:

      You say you tried drop shipping and it didn’t work for you. I would like to know about reasons why it didn’t work for you. Can you share your experience so my readers be aware of the pitfalls that we may not know.

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