Digital Millionaire Mastermind Review – Go from a newbie to 5 figure a month earner

March 16, 2015 4 Comments


Product name: Digital Millionaire Mastermind


Product owner: Alex Jeffreys

Price: $9.95 + 3 upsells

Verdict: Not recommended


Digital Millionaire Mastermind is just another “amazing” product from the desk of Alex Jeffreys who is also the creator of another product called Digital Product Machine. Both products are very similar and if you have one of them you don’t actually need the other one.

But to be honest, I don’t think you need any of these products in order to understand how to make money online, though I don’t want to say that Alex’s product is absolutely useless. No, it does have some value and you can learn some good stuff if you plan to buy it. Let’s take a closer look at Jeffrey’s product to see if you really need it or not.


The main idea behind Digital Millionaire Mastermind

The main idea behind Digital Millionaire Mastermind is about creating your own product and selling it and also Alex teaches you how to get an army of affiliates who will promote your product and you just sit back and collect the revenue.

And he claims that he will reveal you his brand new business model that can turn any newbie into 5 figure a month earner. This is just another bold claim that I’ve seen many times on the internet and none of them have come true so far.





Pros of the Digital Millionaire Mastermind

  • Price is affordable
  • Some good stuff


Cons of the Digital Millionaire Mastermind

  • This product is not much different from his previous one
  • Many upsells
  • 5 figure income is just another empty promise


Inside the program

1. If you decide to buy Digital Millionaire Mastermind you will get access to Alex’s seminars, some worksheets which can help you create your own product and start making money. The idea is legit and having your own product is a real deal. In that sense I totally agree with Alex.

But the problem is that you will not learn any special secrets from Alex and I don’t think you really need Alex’s product to understand this simple thing. i.e. making money process.

Yes, having your own product is a good thing because you can sell it and keep almost 100% of the profit compared to products that you don’t own and get a tiny affiliate commission for selling it.

But even if you have your own product it doesn’t mean that you can start making tons of money simply because most probably there are already many other similar products available on the internet for a lower price. Anyway, there are thousands of people that have their own products and still they fail to make enough money.


2. The price $9.95 is affordable to most people but it’s only a beginning of the story. Alex has some other upsells:

Membership site coaching – $47

Ultimate bundle – $27

Building a million dollar business – $17

Total: $100

If you buy his first (main) product ($9.95) you will most probably buy other products too because I’m pretty sure you will be told that having them is very important for your success. All internet marketers that sell incomplete products (main product +upsells) use the same strategy when selling their products.


3. Also, if you visit Alex’ site you will see this announcement which says that his site has been taken down and he offers now his new product called Super List Method for $9.95 and promoted at – a complete sales pitch type of website that I hate to see, not to mention read it.


On his website he claims that with his super method you can make thousands of dollars every single day. All I can say it’s NOT true. Just imagine how laughable it’s to believe that you can buy a product for $9 and then start making thousands of dollars. Really laughable.


4. Digital Millionaire Mastermind gives you access to Alex’s seminars and all I can say they have some value and you can benefit from them. You will have access to 8 videos and 2 bonus ebooks. You also have worksheets where you can write down your own ideas or how you plan to create your product and how you think you can help people with your product.

All this information is very basic and I don’t think it has much value. I don’t think I need worksheets to create a product. If I have some knowledge in a particular field and feel I can create something valuable I will do it and I don’t need to watch seminars or write down my ideas. That’s it.



5. Two other ebooks: Super List Cheat Sheet and Alex’s Black Book Resource Guide contain some valuable info and it’s very basic, but you won’t find a step-by-step instructions there.

He just tells you general things, such as how cool it is to have a product and then get other people to sell it, i.e. affiliates. The idea is good but the only problem is that it’s not an easy task to get a good number of those people (affiliates) who will sell your product.

You can add your product to a Clickbank digital marketplace network to allow other people to find it and sell, but it doesn’t mean that tons of people will sell your product.

You need some time, a few months or maybe even years before you can sell a good number of copies of your product to get high gravity for your product and then people will pick your product whenever they see it on Clickbank.

So, in most cases it takes months or even years. Alex also gives you some resources which you can use to create effective sales page to promote your product or create videos, i.e. video info products. So, it contains some useful stuff.


6. In general, like I said, if you buy Alex’s product, you can in some way benefit from it, but it won’t make you rich simply because there is no recipe for that. It all depends on level of your knowledge in internet marketing, some skills and experience.


7. Unfortunately, Alex, like most other self proclaimed gurus makes false promises and that’s really bad. He claims that with his product you will learn how to:

Create a product buyers will love in 60 minutes

Write sales copy that converts better than 95% of the rest

Attract hundreds of affiliates to promote

Maximize productivity

How to make 1000 sales in one day

How to generate MILLIONS of hits of free traffic

How to create sales funnels on the fly


It sounds really cool! Trust me, I’ve seen tons of such promises and stories and none of them have made me rich. Take it with a sense of humour and that’s it.


8. In the members area you will get access to some of the materials, such as:

The Homeless Millionaire System – Value $47 – a fantastic story about how someone went from zero to a 6 figure earner.

The $58,000 Honeymoon Method – Value $47 – a fantastic story about how someone went from zero to $58,000 in just 11 days.

The ‘Next Day’ Job Quitter System – Value $47 – another fantastic story about how someone went from zero to making $12,500 per week working from home.

And I want to ask you a simple question: Do you really believe that after watching or reading all these stories you will become one of those lucky ones making money on autopilot?


Final word on Digital Millionaire Mastermind

My opinion on Alex’s Digital Millionaire Mastermind is that I don’t want to say that his product is a scam or absolutely useless. But I’m sure it contains very little value. But keeping in mind the price ($9.95) Alex’s product is not that bad. To be honest, I don’t recommend it because to me, it’s a waste of time and money.

If you want to start making money online without having your own product, I can recommend a program that has helped me start making money on the internet as well as many other people.

All you need is just create your free starter account and try the program within 7 days and then if you feel you are serious about making money online on the internet you can upgrade your account to premium.

The program is highly reputable and very well known on the internet and has been around since 2005. Read about my # 1 program below and feel free to ask me any questions or leave your comments below and I will respond within a day.



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  1. John says:

    Great review Rufat!

    I think the problem with a lot of these programs is that they offer huge riches, where as in reality there maybe some useful information but the hype does not live up to expectations.

    That is where Wealthy Affiliate is so different to 99% of the training online, not that they really under-promise but they certainly over-deliver!

    Great job.


    • Rufat says:

      I totally agree with you John. There a lot of poor products on the internet created by dishonest people only to scam people out of their money. The same applies to Digital Millionaire Mastermind as well. Actually, I don’t mean that this product is a scam. But it fails to deliver people real value and it fails to help them learn how to start making money online. It contains some basic knowledge and I can easily find similar info elsewhere on the internet for free. Instead of creating a good product and selling it for years they create some crappy products only to make quick buck. And I agree with that Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely different from most programs out there.

  2. henry says:

    Thanks for your detail review about Digital Millionaire Mastermind product, lucky me… i didn’t buy the product before i read your review here…. its very useful ! good job, thanks again

    • Rufat says:

      I’m glad to know that haven’t bought it. The product is not that bad and it holds some value, but it fails to deliver you a real opportunity to succeed online. You actually don’t need it to understand how to make money online. If I can create a product and sell it and will do it and I don’t actually need a Digital Millionaire Mastermind to understand how to create a product at all.

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