Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Is it a Scam or a Real Opportunity to Become a Millionaire?

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Product name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Program creator: Anthony Trister

Price: $37 per month


Verdict: Legit but not recommended


The Coffee Shop Millionaire program was started with the idea of helping internet folks learn the secrets of internet millionaires, and how to become rich. At least that was an intention of the program creator, Trister Anthony. The intention is good but unfortunately, theory and practice are not always the same.

I don’t mean that the program is a scam. But making unrealistic claims is of course wrong and if you fail to deliver on the promises you make to people it’s definitely not in your favour. Let’s take a look at the program to see if it can really help you become a millionaire.



Is Coffee Shop Millionaire legit?

Coffee Shop Millionaire works and it’s legit. But the problem with coffee shop millionaire is that like many other scam products, it makes false promises. If you expect real results from a program or a product and it fails to deliver them, then that is a big problem.

I’m an experienced internet marketer and know what works and what doesn’t in most cases. And what Coffee Shop Millionaire teaches people can be applied and results achieved, but you won’t be a millionaire. Out of 1000 people starting an online business only few people can achieve success.


Is Coffee Shop Millionaire for a limited time only?

When I visited their website, the first thing that caught my attention was the ad saying that they would give me access to a system that made him (Anthony, the program owner) $21.000 in 21 days. And the next ad was saying that their offer was for a limited time.

As for a limited time offer, many internet marketers use that kind of deceptive technique, and it doesn’t really mean that the offer is for a limited time. But even if you visit their site a few months later you will see the same limited time offer. In fact, it’s unlimited 🙂

In my view, these two misleading techniques shouldn’t be used in any program, let alone a program teaching people how to make money ethically.


Can you repeat Anthony’s success and make $21.000 in 21 days?

And even if it’s a true story ($21000 in 21 days), this in no way means that someone can repeat his success. Trust me, it’s not true. There is no such a thing as overnight success. Success never comes easy, NEVER.

You can watch this 7 minute video from Gary Vaynerchuk who is a successful internet marketer and in this video he proves that success involves a lot of hard work. BTW, he has over 110.000 subscribers which means a lot.


Is Coffee Shop Millionaire price affordable?

And then while you stay on Anthony’s website the pop up window appears saying that if you want to make a lot of money, the opportunity is right in front of you. And even more, you can get $197 value membership for only $27! One thing I know exactly – if a program has a real $197 value it can’t be sold at $27! And believe me and my experience, you can’t expect a lot from a program that is sold at this low price.


What does Coffee Shop Millionaire include?

  • Coffee Shop Millionaire training and tools include:
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Local marketing


Pros of Coffee Shop Millionaire

  • The good part of Coffee Shop Millionaire is the affordable price and for that price you can get a lot of training materials.


Cons of Coffee Shop Millionaire


The bad part is that your initial payment is not the only payment. Each month you are expected to make some additional payments.

Just as an example, once you pay $37 and start to feel happy that you are going to start making money, you will be asked to upgrade to another program “Six Figure Success Club” and pay $297.

But this price doesn’t include a website building or a hosting, i.e. two things that you’ll definitely need for your business.

As I said above, their promise to teach you to make millions is obviously what they can’t deliver.


No real support

There is no support once you’ve made your payment and joined the program. This is very bad because you can never succeed online without a proper and timely support. In fact, most people fail online because they buy products or join programs and then are left alone in the dark trying to figure out things on their own.

As I said, there is no quality support for this product. They have some kind of a community that is ideally supposed to help members, answer their questions, but in reality you can hardly get any support. You can send an email but it is not the best type of communication nowadays.

Members of the community need their questions to be answered on a timely manner. The same thing happens with a Coffee Shop’s Facebook page, where people ask questions and wait for the answers within a few days.


Coffee Shop Millionaire Training

Some of their training materials are out of date which is the problem of many make money programs. They release the product and then never update it which is very bad. A good product should be updated regularly to reflect all tendencies taking place in online world.


Unhappy customers

There are a lot of complaints on the internet about their program. And the reason is pretty obvious. People are not happy with Coffee Shop Millionaire because they don’t get from the program what they have been promised initially. If you continue your search in Google you will find more complaints about this program.



PLR content is the Achilles’ heel of the Coffee Shop Millionaire

Once you’ve joined the program, you will get from Anthony a free website with PLR content. But you should know that a duplicate content is not going to be of any help for your website ranking. It is useless and outdated strategy.

The truth is that there are some companies that sell a limited number of PLR articles so that your content is not total BS.

But even this type of material should be rewritten properly in order to avoid Google penalty. Successful internet marketers never use PLR content for their business and this is a fact. I think it’s not a good start at all.

coffee shop millionaire.com_



Is Coffee Shop Millionaire training helpful?

While there are a lot of training materials inside the program it is not a strong point of the program. All their video lessons are not as helpful as you might be expecting.

The problem with their teaching method is that they don’t explain in details the strategies mentioned above.

By methods I mean SEO, email marketing, article marketing, video marketing. Each of these methods should be explained in details and in fact it should be a step-by-step training which is not when it comes to a Coffee Shop Millionaire.



Coffee Shop Millionaire and Reality

But if you are new to internet marketing you need a different approach.

To be able to apply the strategies they teach you and start making serious money, you need to work hard and learn some skills. On average people start making decent money by the end of their six month period of going online and a few hundred bucks, up to $1000 by the end of the first year.

This is realistic approach. But some people don’t make even a dollar and I’m talking about people that work hard. So, there are no guarantees online. Success requires hard work and patience. This is what Coffee Shop doesn’t tell you when you visit their website.


Final word on the Coffee Shop Millionaire

Finally, I’m not going to convince you that this product is good or bad. In mine and other experienced marketers view, the program is legit but not recommended because there are many other quality programs out there on the internet you can benefit from. Coffee Shop Millionaire is not the best program and this is a fact.

Some of the programs are cheap and some are expensive but when talking about the quality of their training material and what they can really offer you compared to a Coffee Shop Millionaire it is much more valuable and helpful.

I’m talking about communities that have a great support, easy to follow, step by step video and text tutorials that will be more than enough for you to build your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is the program that helped me to build my business online and it helped many other internet marketers that I know. I’ve been a premium member of WA for two tears now and recommend this program because I know that I recommend one of the best programs on the internet.


Summary on the Coffee Shop Millionaire:

1. You should expect additional payments within the program

2. You shouldn’t expect overnight wealth even if you apply the knowledge

3. There are many unhappy customers who tried the program and reported about their bad experience

4. You can’t expect real support from the owner of the program which is a big red flag

5. I’m not really sure if Anthony’s training is being updated on a regular basis which is very important when it comes to SEO and making money online.

6. There are much better programs with a much better training and approach with almost zero complaints.

Please read my #1 recommendation below. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.



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  1. Sheila says:

    Great review! I agree the program does offer some value but , as you pointed out, it is certainly not suited for everyone. Their constant attempts to upsell are very annoying and unethical. Sheila

    • Rufat says:

      Thank you for your comment Sheila. There are really very few make money programs on the web you can trust. Though Coffee Shop Millionaire is not a scam, but the programs has some serious flaws I have to mention about. First off, they teach folks legit methods, such as search engine optimization, email marketing, video marketing, article marketing, but they claim to show you the method to make $21.000 in 21 days which is absolutely ridiculous and laughable. This is especially bad when comes from people who know all the truth about making money online and how really hard it’s to make money. Another bad thing that I hate the most is about upsells. Most programs that I know on the web try to get you in and then start throwing tons of upsells on you. I’m always of the opinion that upsell means that the product is not complete and you have to buy to pay more to be able to use the program to its full potential. I personally don’t like such approach and think most people are of the same opinion. Finally, they have poor support which is really bad especially when it comes from people who know what internet marketing is all about and how hard really is to be successful with the program that has poor support. That’s why, to be honest, I would recommend to try another program that I recommend in my review as #1 recommendation. Many people have tried it and are very happy with it, including me.

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