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December 30, 2014 3 Comments

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Want to Start Making Money Online? I Can Show You Real and Proven Method!


If you visited this page you’re probably looking for a real way to make money online. I don’t know whether you’re completely new to internet marketing or have some experience BUT I suppose that most probably you’re new to this.

If you’ve been scammed in the past then you will probably understand what I’m talking about here and if you’re new to internet marketing, you’ll probably don’t trust me or even leave my site. But before you leave, I would like you to know that I’m really interested in helping you achieve your goals and saving you from scams.

I’m an experienced internet marketer and have been involved in IM since 2000 and trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Your success online completely depends on what type of program you come across. If you find the right program then you’re lucky, and if not, you will be desperately struggling for years with little or no success at all.

Trust me, I have seen many programs that promise people thousands of dollars overnight UNTIL you buy their product

Once you’ve bought their product they start to tell you absolutely different things. In most cases, after purchase has been made you won’t even be able to contact the owner of the product. And at that moment you start to realize that you’ve fallen into the wrong hands.

Most programs that promise you quick buck are pure scams. They claim that once you join their program or buy their product you will start making thousands of dollars right away.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. And I can prove it right now

If you have been online for some time you probably know from your own experience that if you need to find something on the internet you normally open your browser and search for it in Google and then start visiting websites listed on the first page. All people do the same if they need something on the internet.

And the only way to succeed online is to get your product/service (website) listed on the first page of Google. That way people find your product/service. Same thing applies to finding product/service on Youtube. In SEO (search engine optimization) world this is called search engine free traffic.

And your success online depends on web traffic. This simple fact is known to any internet marketer. There are other methods of driving traffic, such as social media or PPC (paid traffic). But the core of your business online is FREE TRAFFIC.

Scammers that promise you quick money CAN’T get your site listed on the first page of Google simply because it solely depends on Google. To get a site listed on the first page of Google requires on average 6 months.

What does that mean? That means they are lying to you


They claim that if you join their program you can make thousands of dollars with no efforts on your part. Do you really believe in this?


They promise to reveal you their secrets to making money online. There is no any secret. There is only one secret to making money online

That secret is simple:

Learn internet marketing from the right source, work hard and success will come.

make money on the internet

If you don’t trust me and still believe in the existence of autopilot system that can make you rich in a day or two then please do me a favour. Visit my product review page, scroll it down and choose any money- making program from the list of programs listed under negative reviews section.

All those programs are VERY popular on the internet and promise to reveal you secrets to making money online. Choose any of those programs, try it for free or pay for it. Most of them are paid. You can even try all of them if you want. Once you realize that all those programs are pure scams then come back to my site and start from the right place.

The place that never promises quick buck to anyone

That place is the # 1 online business community in the world that helped thousands of people to build their businesses online. This is the best program on the entire web.

But be aware that those thousands are really few out of hundreds of thousands that achieved success because most people aren’t ready to learn and work hard for their success. But if you’re ready, internet will reward you in a great way.

I know many successful internet marketers that are members of that community and they are making serious money online each and every month. I’m talking about thousands of dollars and not pennies. I’m a premium member of that community as well and have my own business.

If you want to start your own business, stay far from scammers, save your time and money and work in the right direction then create your free account and go through 10 lessons to understand how internet marketing works. If you then decide to continue, you can go premium (paid membership) and get trained.

Remember that Kyle and Carson give you a chance to try the program for free so you can see the program from inside and understand that their program isn’t a SCAM.


You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate

to understand how internet marketing works and start working towards your success 


If you have any questions, you can send me an email or leave your comments below and I will reply shortly

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My name is Adam. I'm the founder of Your Income Advisor. My goal is to help others succeed online, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your own business online

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  1. Rufat says:

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree that you can make real money online by completing online surveys. It’s absolutely legit. But the problem is that paid surveys don’t pay too much and to make the amount of money you make, normally takes a lot of hard work. You are still free to choose this option, but I think it’s not so effective. Just as an example, if you put the same amount of work in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, you would be able to make more money. But it’s up to you. I’m glad to know that you found your way online through paid surveys.

  2. Rufat says:

    Thank you Nicole for commenting on my post. Sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed in the past. You are right, there are many programs out there that promise to show you a simple way to make money online. They claim that if you can lick a mouse you can make a lot of money. Many different programs but same scenario. Many people come to my site but only few of them take my advice and the same applies to many other sites that are honest with their visitors. The truth is that many people are not ready to hear or want to know all the truth about making money online. They still believe in a pie in the sky. Sooner or later they will realize it but before they realize they will most probably waste their money on numerous scams.

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi Rufat,

    I couldn’t say it any better. As I started to get a foot in the door of Internet Marketing, the first thing I came across was “Make 10.000 over night with just one mouse click”, “Take 5 minutes to set it up and generate your first $100 in less than 5 minutes”, etc.

    I believed them because I had no experience. I bought their products because I thought this is how it’s done. I lost a lot of money because their promises were lies and so far for their money back guarantees, I never saw my money again.

    Not to mention all the upsells they shove in your face once you fell in their first trap. Before you know it you end up with a credit card in the red numbers and not a single Dollar made from these programs you just bought.

    There’s only one way to be successful online. Do it from scratch step by step and surround yourself with like-minded people who’ve been at the beginning and worked their way up from scratch. They know what works and how to overcome any start-up hurdles. The good thing is it doesn’t cost you a fortune to get this kind of help and support.

    Thanks for sharing this article and I hope that many read it, so they won’t fall for the wrong offers.

    All the best,

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